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Suggestion to Remove Token Maximum Cap Price

  1. Server : Varena

  2. Full Name of Item : Token (30 days - Premium Item)

  3. Current Price Range (Minimum / Maximum) : min 1m/max 3,5m

  4. Reason for Suggesting Change :

Varena server has no token at Market for a week. People were shouting to buy at desired maximum price but no one replied. In the other hand, some people shouted token to trade with items worth more than 7m. Since Token has maximum price cap 3,5m and untradeable via personal trade, no one could sell or buy Token or we could say ‘deadlock’ happened. One of the reason could be the TP limitation, but another interesting reason is because of the inflation of server economy due to gold sellers offering lower silver rates, meaning people would rather buying from gold seller than selling token. If I calculate the worth the silvers rate from gold sellers to match the value of 100TP, it should be 7m worth of silver in-game.

What I am suggesting here is to remove the maximum cap of token price, so player could freely decide the price range. Hence, the server economy would flow fluently. Person who is willing to gain silvers via token selling still benefits and free players could still buying token by silvers via market.

NB: Seems not only Varena server has this problem, another servers also have the same problem. You could refer here:

5… Screenshot of Item on Market (Evidence) :

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I second this! There’s no point in selling tokens now.

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im with you om kleintol


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Aren’t caps range on market based on the price the first and majority people are selling it for…

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I am for this as well

Shoutout to Snow :heart_eyes:

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Please reset it today IMC!

I don’t know what to say. Players in this game seriously have conflicted mindset themselves.
When token price was jacking up players were whining to " cap the token price".
Now when there is no token bcz its less profitable “remove the token cap”

Why not decide it once in for all what you guys want. Seriously this issue pisses of every player.
Later on suppose like what you said, IMC caps the price at 7m. So it means new players will have no chance of buying it from market. Also then later on again some stuff will be released which will make token profit minuscule or non-existent. Then again players will whine about extending or removing cap limit. And later on it will turn out new players are less willing to even join the game.


Rather than removing the cap while not make token not resell-able and make it 1 token per team until it expired. I used to sell token in varena server in 3M or less depends on the demand but never goes more than 3M. But I only see people taking advantage of my cheap token since they buy more than they need and try to hoard this token until no one sell it and re-sell it high price. So I learn my lesson and only selling tokens to my friend because of this. Also please make a white list/ black list in market so i can blacklist those abusive people in the game so they wont benefit any of my cheap token in the market. They want it high price then fell free to buy it in high price. I would like to blacklist all of them during my market sell of token so i can sell cheap token to deserving one.

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I agree on the not resellable idea. After being bought, it should not be marketable anymore.

Still, i think we need to remove the cap to let the token price to follow the server economy. Since, there would be a fluctuation and changes on demand and supply. The cap removal ensures that token still worth to be sold and bought in order to support IMC policy on marketable token.

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I second this. I just bought a token today intending to sell it in market… 5m is barely worth it when the rmt equivalent for the same price is 15m. I tried to ask if it can be refunded so I can just use it on other things like team name change, but I doubt they will. I’d rather let that token rot in my Telsai storage than sell it for 5m.

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Why don’t you guys ask for Solmiki items to be purchasable in the TP shop too?

Since removing token price cap is pretty much turning Tree of Savior a pay-to-win game.


1st 350 orange on DLC, next could be solmiki selection box. Mind you that this DLC costs USD 30. Wonder how much for solmiki selection box DLC. Perhaps USD 60? :tired:

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And yes, token right now is irrelevant because of cheaper RMT sites selling silvers, then because of few packs or DLC. That means, IMC encourage you to buy TP instead or do gacha like a madman for 5x/10x token. Pretty okay for ppl who willing to pay with tp but might hurt for real f2p players. It’s either they buy tp for token or stay un-token-ed.

U wanna buy tokens for 50kk ea? :haha: