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[SUBMIT] The three musketeers

Title: The three musketeers
Sever: Telsiai
Team Name: Amani
Me and my 2 friends, all of us a fencers main wanted an art about three of us as three musketeers without wearing musket (for real, original musketeers are actually fencers)
three characters in the pic are: (from the view point)
left side: Amani from [Eminence] guild (outfit: fencer default)
middle: Pendragon from [Y&N] guild (outfit: halloween red fox)
right side: Nepenthe from [Y&N] guild (outfit: pink school uniform)


ooooh~ Neppers and Penpen X3

oooh speaking of neppers Owo

made an avatar of her

tested it with the squir expression X3

isn’t that an ahegao face :distinguished:

noooooo~ neps always wear heart eyes Owo;;

it’s supposed to be this owO;;


true, nep’s character race always looks lewd with that heart eyes.
still, that pose does make it look like an ahegao face

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here is another version, without the sparkling :haha: :satisfaction: