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[SUBMIT] Merry Monster!

Server: Klaipeda
Team Name: Ramen-II

The only “winter-theme” monster I could find, Saltistter. We have defeated this boss monster at some point, right? Poor Saltistter, his icy personality is misunderstood by the revelators. His only wish for Christmas is to have friends! :persevere:

You can see the rough sketch here!


omg <3 u did an amazing job!

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Love this art style! Adorable soothing concept and wish I had this boss monster to celebrate with on Christmas!!! (So boss monster is only nice on Christmas eh? This is the exception till then…)

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Really awesome! I like the idea and your style a lot :heart:


So cuuute~ Really like it, good job!

They are always nice! They even drop cubes after you finish defeating them, as a goodbye present.:santa:

Sup could you check if you have received the rewards?

I like the redhead one~!!!

yes i have! Thank you so much! :hugging::hugging:

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