[SUBMIT] Guild Gear GO


Title : Guild Gear GO

Server Name : Telsiai

Team Name : The_Bluesorrow

Description :

I’m excited for the templar remake, so here’s a comparison for the old and new templar costumes Owo/

As you can see, they’re pretty much excited for their new toy as well >w</


Still a WIP owO;;

But I got a bit excited to post for the new year X3


Love it! To think it’s still a WIP. It looks good to me tbh… Kinda have that rustic look. :blush: Like an old sketch from some old notebook from some adventurer.


aw thanks XD

ah i just need to add some minor elements and tone adjustments Owo but this is about 90% done :3

it’s an inspiration from Akihito Tsukushi’s works like Gears Maiden, and Made in Abyss owO


the detail is amazing, so good :open_mouth:


No wonder it feels nostalgic… I just finished that a few days ago… :sweat_smile:


cool XD cant wait to see the complete one


@DrRM thanks XD i usually draw like this but on a leisurely manner Owo for relaxation |3 good thing i was in the zone to finish the details on the templars XD

@Neiru ooooh nice nice X3 i heard season2 is coming owO the manga pace is good enough for a 2nd season Owo

@Revenant6th this is almost done though >__<;; just need to add some stuff given i can finish them on time owO (i just remembered why do digital coloring instead of my usual traditional thing owO;;; )

here’s a doodle that i used to draw the tank though Owo/


Also it just hits me. Those 2 Templar pose… was that base on Chito and Yuuri from Girl’s Last Tour? :rofl:


YIS OwO!!! i forgot to mention that here X3

i originally planned to call it “Girls’ Guild Tour” but it’s kind of too obvious XD considering the artstyle is not derived from it owO;;

the current title is based on this Owo

because the tank reminds me of crush gears XD

the tank is their kettenkrad Owo

i plan to draw a “nuko” for this too X3


OMG I love this 10x more now. :heart_eyes:


i have another earlier entry that’s directly inspired from girls’ last tour :3


Thank you very much @phantom.mikado @Neiru @Hmmmm @DrRM @Revenant6th @BrewMagist @necly1001 @Leitress @Hillgarm @xDrHellx @Entwy


@Pokart @moons7er @hubertorito @Ersakoz @MattBR @hazimsyimir @kiazzed @manolopassini @ShiSeptiana @TheOtherTyra


@trombini.vinicius @Tazel @Zeucleio @Csiko and @syncronz for showing your support on my entry guys X3

here is a zoomed in version on the image in the flag pole owO



Watches silently from afar


wha? why? what’s the matter? Owo;;;


Will this be colored later? :distinguished:


hard to color traditionally shaded stuff >w<;;

it’s possible but the result is not how one would expect it to be Owo;;;


it is a great entry, also, the baby horse there haha