[SUBMIT] Guild Gear GO


thank you X3 i just realize how the horse’s markings made an illusion on the eyes Owo

it’s supposed to have beady eyes but with the white markings, it looked kinda different XD


Again, thank you @Queue @20.foxyrox.20 @Iriez @IlIlIlIlIlIlIlI @kyrielu127 @magsyman33 @Emyris @monomellcrie @vinicius.silva072 @kiro89


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for your continuous (and newfound) support on my stufffff >w<y


Do you have any manga made by you? I really like your drawings, if you make a manga it would be really good


aw thank you for the compliment X3

but i just draw for relaxation :satisfaction:


Oh, so sad. such a talent u got . You are better than kurumada, and look what saint seya is today… think about it


oh i don’t know about that ^^;;

most of my drives are from spontaneous inspirations and ideas owO;; i doubt i’ll be able to be as hardworking as peeps who make mangas Owo;;

but thank you ^^


U don’t have to thank me, just keep doing the same awesome work as always and you’ll make me suuper happy looking at that amazing fanarts >3<

Keep up the good work and good luck!


thank you X3 though most of the time it’s the spur of the moment thing when it comes to inspirations owO but i’ll do what i can :3


Thank you again @kannis2910 @joao_akira @wesley.shot @daitopereira221 @igor.930 @kaizaxl @Levinoth @gaming.checho @njdrfoster @verver for your vote of approval on my entry X3


here’s a bonus character care of @Ersakoz’s in-game onionbun owO

i kinna gave it nanachi-like vibe to it Owo/






might just download it now and put it in the loading screen folder


ah ~ i have a different entry that i’m still working on Owo

i call it “Prehistorian T-Rexipher” owO

hope i make it in time >w<;;

but anyway, there are some really old default advertisement loading screens that you can replace the image with Owo