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[SUBMIT] Capitulation

Title: Capitulation
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Kissel
Description :
Sometimes revelation comes when someone’s fire is almost out and sometimes it’s from the one you didn’t expect.


ohoho~ unexpected indeed Owo!

Welcome back to the Page of Artistry~Retold :prince:

oooh~ this reminds me of this story and song :satisfaction:


Thanks blue :satisfaction: . I was listening to Striker and Symphonia bgm while working on this

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can i has links owO?

Blue it’s from ToS bgm, you can search bgm player. :haha:

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i realized that after thinking the titles does sound familiar XD

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Always this dark xP <3

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This looks good. :smiley:

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lmao thanks Montz :haha:

Thanks :satisfaction:

i love this. originally i was going to strafe the edge of realism with mine, but i worried about if it would fit the game based on previous chosen loading screens, so i went heavily cartoony, but this wonderful piece of art makes me want to with the next contest.
great work!

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Thanks, yeep even before I was submitting this type of style. Just do what is comfortable for you. :haha: