[SUBMIT] Assassin, Musketeers, Centurion & Outlaw


Title: The New Savior
Server Name : [SEA] Telsiai
Team Name : TSHM

  1. Cant wait to see Assassin and Outlaw class and try that class!!!
  2. We have seen the Centurion class that is useless and not many people use that class hope in Tos 2.0 IMC can make Centurion more on PVP or PVE class and can match with Murmillo and Retiarius class.
  3. Really2 hope in future to see musketeers skill can be use when mount pet that would be awesome and i really hope to see that its like rifles cavalry that would be so so so awesome!!! if u can do it with Bullet Maker also cool 2h gun cavalry.

( The background is resemble royal musolum and why i choose this place because this place look like an ancient design suitable with assassin costume maybe the history is from there we never know )

So we only need new artworks like this?
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i am not aware of these new mechanics Owo i might try them out as well owOb


Well this is FAN art event after all hope its acceptable to enter :blush: i just edit what i imagine to show to everyone. :smiley:


oh nono~ when i said mechanics, i meant musketeer skills used while riding Owo

though now that you mention it Owo there was one time an entry didn’t make it due to fully using in game material

though there was another one that got in due to creative editing Owo

so i myself really don’t know the boundaries of using in game screenies owO


Hi @STAFF_Ines @STAFF_Yuri @STAFF_Amy @STAFF_Bob @STAFF_Letitia @STAFF_Ethan
Just need a short clarification, is that qualify to join the event by using official art and add background?


All Classes with the riding attribute were moved out of the Archer Class tree, so the chance is high that Archer will be forced to light infantry like Wizards.
Given the changes, it will be very likely that only Swordsmen and Scouts will be able to ride as even Mergens Parthian Shaft was removed with the update, foreshadowing that there will be no more riding Archers in the future.

Welcome to the infantry from the Clerics and Wizards :slight_smile:


well i really want to see 2h gun cavalry :weary:


yah sure can :thinking:


Yeah using in-game resources is fine and does not go against participating rules :slight_smile:


but since OP’s made three entries… he’ll need to pick one we can’t have multiple entries from single person


Seriously, you should pop out earlier to clarify about this fact.


he still has 2 entries up in the current voting thread as of this posting.


so i need to choose one and delete other entries ?


i already delete others and i choose this one bcause i really hope to see what in my description and expectation for the future class in centurion same as goes with musketeers hope there 2hgun calvery that would be hype.


What about using art from another artist not related to the game?


The background is resemble royal musolum.


is it of your making or found in the game?_?