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[SUBMIT] An unexpected revelation

Title : An unexpected revelation
Server Name : Silute
Team Name : YunaXD
Description :
So Fantasy library is a place too “sacred” for common people. Apparently Vaivora was hiding a couple of things from us.
If Fantasy library retains information about the past, present and future, will it also save information from parallel universes? fanfics? And maybe our goddess is very busy reading all that.


ESE LIBRO DE IGNAS Y BYLE. :blue_heart: :purple_heart: :eyes: Y esa almohada del Froster Lord. ¡Que genial te quedó! :satisfaction:

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Mmmm~ kepa noodle Owo

parallel universe huh owO this reminds me of ice king’s fanfic on adventure time :haha:

or maybe i’m just staring too long on froster lord Owo

(speaking of which, doncha think the cryomaster has a rather… cultish name) :hey:

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this is great, love the textures!


kyaaaaah fui noticeada <3! digo… el libro era necesario, ya sabes, si Vaivora ve todas las cosas, algo interesante habra pillado por ahi… o.o (igual a futuro me gustaria dibujar la version extendida de ese libro ;_; )
Y frosty tiene potencial de husbando <3

ahem… english mode on:
If you take into account that the cryomancer master has the name of a famous occultist then … who knows. Even more so considering that this man cares more to annoy his students and the pyro master, I feel that something is hiding. Maybe he ends up being the true final enemy of the game. And I am disturbed that his dress is very different from that of her students (yes, I demand an elegant outfit)

and~ thx ;_; ! It was a complicated job, but I feel that its result makes me happy.


i tell you that this cryomaster is the evil twin of a more laid back eskimo cryomaster owO;;

And maybe that cryomaster is locked in the pyromaster lab’s chest (?
or the cryomaster and the froster lord are the same but from different universes and that for things of “gods and demons” ended up appearing here. There are … too many doubts in this game that I feel will not be resolved with the new content.

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maybe these things will reveal itself following the events of the final revelation owO

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Síííí, por faaaa. Quiero ver más fan art de estos dos. Yo empecé un fan fic de ellos dos, pero no le he seguido con los demás capítulos. Igual es más drama que andar de jotos; pero sí se dan sus revolcadas. :joy::blue_heart::purple_heart:

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Nice! I love the details xP

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exijo el link de eso! c-como inspiración…digo (?

Te lo paso por Discord. xd

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