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Stuff I can do with chrono?

So I picked the build ele > tao > chrono because it seemed good and some people recommended it. I’m having fun with it but chrono seems like one of those classes that can have some clutch plays and perhaps different interactions with skills so I wanna know any strats with chrono skills if there are any?

You can backmask your storm dust to increase its duration when its nearly over.

you can pass to reduce all of your skill cds, especially useful for bursting with creepy x 6

you can reincarnate to save your allies and yourself when you are nearly dead.

you can revive your allies when they are dead with backmask, an efficent combo with reincarnate to bring them back to full hp too.

you can quick cast to have faster cast speed.

you can interrupt enemies that are charging up deadly attacks with stop to save your allies(like ignas)

you can stop yourself to remove offensive debuffs as well as buying yourself some time.


Hey, not sure if this is the right place to ask but do you know what other skills can have their duration increased with Backmasking? Also, I assume it is better to use Backmask only when the skill duration is almost going to be over?

Also, how would you allocate Chronomancer’s skill points?

its magic circle type skills like storm dust and flame ground.

yes usually use it when the magic circle’s duration is almost over to get maximum effect.

allocation depends on your build but i use this

You can revive dead allies with backmasking? Also what do you mean by an efficient combo with reincarnate? Do you mean you revive them twice or does backmasking and reincarnate have some synergy?

yes you can bring back allies to life with backmasking, which leaves them with 100 hp,

you can then cast reincarnate right after so that if they fall below 1 hp they will become full hp again.

hence the combo reviving them and putting them back at full hp.

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So I only just got chrono. Reincarnate is like a buff is it? Just gives you so many seconds to die and come back at 100% hp (like my Friday every week after work).

Backmasking can be used after death in a certain aoe around yourself. Is there a time limit for reviving them Or as long as their body is there?

Also thanks for explanation. I can see how coming back with 100hp is probably not gonna end well

As long as the body is there you can revive them with backmask.
yes reincarnate is a buff.

so maxed reincarnate gives you 20 second buff.

within those 20 seconds if you fall below 1 hp you will restore back to full hp again once.

Does reincarnate damage your gear like death would?

no because you never actually die.
its more like a full hp heal instead of you dying

Thanks for the clarification. I may be back as i level this chrono up

You seem to be on top of wizard knowledge. Whats your rotation for AoE vs ST in this build? Want to make some good habits instead of bad ones as I level from 300-380

it mostly differs from situation to situation.

generally for ST theres a setup and non setup rotation.
Setup = creepy x6 then lightning charm + hail + tridisaster + lethargy + storm call right before your creepys start to connect.

non setup is start off with tri-disaster + hail then lethargy + lightning charm into storm call into creepy x3 then pass and stormcall + creepy x3 again. with lethargy being refreshed if its gone

you can use other spells like fireclaw, eradication if you have time in between or after casts.

as for aoe its hard to say other than
use tri-disaster before anything.

storm call into elec/or divine for more damage.

use flameground scrolls into meteor for more damage

storm call into eradication if you can, otherwise not as important.

try to cast flame ground scroll + storm dust together. then cast meteor ontop of it to activate multi hit meteor attribute. after you cast meteor u can back mask to reverse the duration of your flameground + stormdust making them both last 10+ seconds.

you can also pre-emp slow for your magic missles too.

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Knowledge is power. You use lightning from elementalist alot?

Yes electrocute is extremely useful in mass pvp and pve

Nice nice, I assume fire claw is only used for filler if needed?

yes but its mainly a bossing skill, does alot of damage if you shotgun it.

when the ktos changes come to itos, fireclaw will have another OH and be aim castable which will make it super powerful.

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So when that happens will you allocate points from something else Into fire claw?

i’ll probably divert points off storm dust into fireclaw like this

Do you know what skills do Backmask work with?
I just tried it with Hail and it doesn’t seem to work, although lethargy, which bursts “magic circles” damage, worked just fine.