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Steam TOS Service Improvement Plan

Greetings, Saviors.

Please check the link below for the announcement. Thank you.

IMC Staff


Are you going to change it so that people can be able to purchase TP/packs outside of their region for those that are playing on servers outside of their region?

For example I’m from the EU but would like to be able to purchase TP & Packs for Orsha but with the current system in place I can’t. Are you going to be changing that? Or was this only the case for the current DLC packs?


Fantastic! Go go IMC!

Good news. If only you posted this before the community started to riot…

Feedback and Communication from the Staff Are Insufficient

From now on, we will have a regular Q&A time with the Dev Team based on the opinions from you, the users. Also, a CM will gather up questions raised on the forum and forward them to the Dev Team and provide our users with answers.

Finally. Maybe feedback will now be effectively chaneled.

Finally some communication, better late than never.

IMC you need to apply all ktos patches, the game can’t have two versions of same skill and etc… Ktos already have a lot of skill balances, for example in all sword line.


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Excellent news, it’s good to see you guys are waking up. Can’t wait to see these patches go live. In a game with so many classes, both balance and fixes are quite important to mantain the players interested on these elements. As building different characters was the key element that defined this game.

Looking forward to it.


YES!!! Keep it up IMC. Keep working on communication.

If IMC holds the registration system here… bot can be extremely lessen by blocking email address such as and other disposable email websites.

unfortunately registration system is done by steam not IMC lol

Good start from Dev.

wasn’t they already said that you can only purchase the pack on the region you are playing ?. also, you can only redeem that region pack on the correct server region. so i don’t think trying to buy a different region pack and redeem it on another is a valid solution.

bravo IMC. way to go. keep up the good work

Thank you IMC for being transparent this time around. We appreciate it…

Kudos from me.

Truth is, what the community didn’t like is the dead silence from the management in regarding something and in fact, it’s been quite a long time you did that. Hence, that is why they’re jumping into negative conclusions (abandon the game, no hope, etc etc.). Many times as I’ve said before, communication is always the most important thing, mainly to preserve the community before they start rioting. Or quitting. CM Julie did this right as she interact with us as much as she can and perhaps, this is what I want to see with our current CM, not just through announcement.

In all, dire situations has fallen upon the game and in forum. Hopefully you can make things right this time. Preferably, I would like to see ToS going strong in at least 5 years (more is better). Maybe that’s a bit foolish of me to think things that way but this is the only MMO that I’ve decided to settle with.

I’m asking if it’s a one time thing with just these dlc or if they plan to always region lock items that you can purchase.

Swordman buff please imc ¬¬…

good news! keep it up IMC! :revolving_hearts:

SHUSH…we stick to ur banana sword =p

Seems like a nice upgrade to the game.
Too bad [SA] Silute server now is S#%@ for any SA player for undetermined time, but… Oh well… Let’s give it a time and play something else till it’s back again because there is no way to play in a ping higher than 200.
Apart from that, good news… yay.

Swordsman buff or I go archer XD