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Steam TOS Service Improvement Plan

True. I hope this will calm the others.

Thank you IMC for making us feel like our feedback is invaluable. <3

Great news!

-Token prices
I don’t even remember how long ago the last time was when I’ve suggested that Token prices really needed to be halved for what they do. And you’ve done exactly that! I’m sure plenty of people who otherwise didn’t ever intend to actually buy Tokens with TP instead of through the market, now will.

Yes please, one of the biggest issues everyone has been wondering for ages if it will ever be improved or has been given up xD

Very good to hear that, even this news-post itself was really nice to see.

-kTOS skill balance
This is the one where I personally feel like we should be getting the most information and thoughts from behind the scenes from.
Also, while it’s understandable that you find it better to wait for kTOS-player-feedback and readjust again and again before deciding on a bigger serious patch to bring over, I think that there are some of the more crucial changes (which likely won’t be readjusted again) that there really shouldn’t be a reason not to get to us ASAP ;D

Love news like these!

Question, those who bought Token per market will receive 99TP as compesation?

I may be wrong here, but I don’t think any bot is actually playing the game through the client, they are probably injecting packages, it’s way more optimized than running more than 20 steam and tos clients.

Is there a way to repel that ?

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you obviously dont know what “Everyone” means

Nice :slight_smile:


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That’s the kind of explanation players that actually care about the game were expecting from you IMC.

Good job.

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So glad to be seeing this. I think this kind of thing is exactly what players have wanted all this time. Please, please keep this up. I hope it’s smooth sailing from here.

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1 time DLC, they will open a steam inventory vault soon and allow you to direct purchase TP. Of course you can only buy the DLC base on the region u are in.

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Are one of those poor souls that need someone in youtube to say an opinion for you to feel it’s worth something?
Oh my, oh my indeed.

Why haven’t you applied to iTOS the same patch as kTOS?

The regions for iTOS are more and diverse and applying a patch for
each region takes some time. Our previous patches also had problems of
that sort. Such problems resulted in the updates and the game access
being unavailable. Also, after we update the Korean version and receive
feedback from the users there, we sometimes end up making changes to it
again, so getting a final version of the update that we can apply to
iTOS can take some time. That is the reason why we were unable to apply
patches frequently.

Okay, that’s reasonable for some things, but what about the balance? Multiple class trees are borderline useless right now and have gotten considerable buffs in kToS. A class being too weak to be played is basically a class that doesn’t exist, so in that sense we are lacking a lot of playable game content via class diversity that has been improved in kToS. I don’t see how it could take that much effort or be that risky just to patch over some numerical changes.