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Speed abusing or hacking

  • Server : telsiai

  • Team Name : Linh-Don

  • Location : Mokusul chamber

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 11 April 2019

  • Evidence

I using object detectors addon, pleases notice the blue dot in mini map, my MS is 55 with haste buff but that blue dot move triple faster than me.

Another time is at tenants garden but I failed to capture video due to he suddenly appear behind me and kill boss in just few second


Greetings Purpur,

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention.

We will further monitor and investigate the reported account. We will take necessary actions once we have verified that the account is committing violations in the game.


Also he/she probably will see this thread and move the stuffs around to alt account. Or to his/her acquaintance or something with similar name. Please track the transaction log as well.


I started trying field boss hunt and I too have experienced his Instant Transmission. This guy is a super saiyan. Be careful. and pls look into it thoroughly.


You have any recent videos of this?


For the past 2 years, various threads and reports have been submitted. It all ended with staff requesting for more and more evidence.

If you think the abusers are blatant exploiters who are easily caught, you are wrong. They are smart too

Catching them on footage is like catching a yeti or Bigfoot footage. :tired:

It has been a Long time , and yet not one staff came down in SEA, simply Dedicating just 2 hours camping on the bosses at a random time to catch them. If they are really clean , why would player bother reporting for the past 2 years


Hi GM, thank you for reply.

And for my case, I didn’t expect that linh still alive and using hack to farm field boss so I didn’t ready to capture video during first time I meet him or her.

Please see the screens shoot that I provided above, field boss spawn beside me at 1221 server time and linh sudden appear behind me and killed it instantly with rank 1.

The video and screen shoot in this post is new and captured this month 2019, really need your help to investigate.

As they are using hack or speed + cloaking, you need to understand this is almost impossible for player to capture the evidence. I am just lucky that I have object detector installed in my client, personally think this is very strong eveidence video already. They are doing hacking / abusing for 2 years, but imc never do anything ever since 2017… Please help.


Feel sad for you. Same for me. I will not so sad if this is fair compete. But even with 3 man party still not possible for me to farm field boss. :tired:

If you still wanted to farm field boss, have object detector installed and f12 ready, and be ready to get nothing because we have no Super power :tired:


No wonder Ominous Spirit Fragment price is so high … this is because of this player hogging all the field boss by himself … and i was told by my own guild members that they also experience by this “super saiyan” movement … i bet all the Ominous Spirit Fragment in market belong to this “player” :tired:

hacking/abusing have been part of TOS for quite long i think it is the time for IMC to take action and severely punish this kind of player…

i was also in the mode of hunting world boss and field boss during last 6 months after getting myself a frieno recipe but it seem hard for me to find a single field boss.

the fact has been revealed now that i know this “player” is camping the boss. :rage:

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Hello guys,

Took care of the hacker this morning. Banned a few accounts “associated” with his main account as well. Thank you for reporting and if you ever see something like this again please let us know with a video report and we’ll get right on it.

Have a wonderful day.


wow … that is great… thank you so much IMC for fast respond :heart_eyes:


I love you Bob. You are the best thing that happened to iToS.


After 2 years, finally you guys did something good. i forgive you all @STAFF_Bob


Do you mind exposing the associated accounts? In case you missed one or two. Who knows, the community might be able to provide help on which other accounts he/she has.


The community could help and it will be beneficial for the staff in some respects… But in the end, all we can actually act on are hard data that we have. While anyone is free to be guiding the staff on where to look with issues such as these, the problem with finger pointing is that anyone can do it. When everyone starts doing, it will only complicate matters and make the forums messy… :frowning:


No need for witch hunting. Linh-don/dan is a well known hacker, but they simply dismiss it as some kind of bug from Earth Tower from 2 years ago.


@Nekorin after 2 Long years. :sad:


Everyone in telsiai know what they have done. Now after 2 years finally got banned. Hope its not only a week or a month ban and then come to strike again. 2 years of use hack was insane.


hacker should ban forever…hack isnt allow for mmorpg!!!


Yeap. All they kept saying was, Ask IMC to fix. And then IMC fixed it by banning them. LOL