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[Special] Lucky Clover Package

Greetings Saviors!

We have made an announcement regarding ‘[Special] Lucky Clover Package’.

You can check the details at our official website from the following link.

Link :

Thank you as always for your continued support, enthusiasm and love for Tree of Savior.


IMC Staff

[2021] Weapon Set Stats Scroll

[2021] Armor Set Stats Scroll|

possible for apply set pvp or not ?

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Level Jumping Card (Lv.450)
[2021] 16 ENH 10 TRA Savinose Dysnai M.Weapon Selection Box
[2021] 16 ENH 10 TRA Savinose Dysnai S.Weapon Selection Box
[2021] 11 ENH 10 TRA Savinose Dysnai Armor Selection Box
[2021] Main Weapon Vaivora Enchant Selection Scroll
[2021] Sub-Weapon Vaivora Enchant Selection Scroll


Took me 4 years to learn the game and I don’t even have this on my main. Now you’ll get a bunch of level 450 newbies with better equipment compared to veterans who just paid $100 for it that will have no clue what to do in endgame… just great…

I’m sorry but without the above, the three packages would have been great by themselves.

Like to know as well if pvp set is available or if its only the pve ones like the event. This will make or break this pack for me.

So you reduced the silver income of a usual player but put out a package that can earn you a weeks income, and you can purchase it 10 times?

What’s the point of flooding the game with 700+m silver again per whale after trying so hard to reduce the silver amount?

It would be better to sell Arch Stones/Vaivora weapons so they can be put on the market and take out silver from the market rather than putting more silver on the market instead.

Not really sure you know how economics work. Silver don’t appear out of magic just because players put up stuff on market for a certain price. If people aint get some, the prices will drop as well.

But not sure what you mean by reducing silver income of usual player. They removed the field silver drop to make it harder for bots to gain silver that they later on can trade for real cash to players.

Either way you look at it if its whales that buy the tp packs and try and sell or if a casual player buys it so they don’t have to farm the money. The cost of the products will go down and be easier to get hold of by the casual player, so they don’t need that massive amount of silver you claim was so easily obtainable before.

The number of weekly CM reset vouchers was reduced, players can no longer craft DS reset vouchers from mercenary coin shop CM resets, CM multiply tokens cannot be crafted anymore, CM silver income has been reduced by 30%.
On top of that, the costs of enhancing 440 legendary gear was increased to drain more silver, Full repair kits were removed from the mercenary badge shop and the difficulty of CMs was increased so alts have a harder time to clear it.

And yeah,there was the removal of silver drops from fields, and level dungeons no longer earn you good amounts of money either.

So a lot of sources for silver income were reduced/removed while the costs for endgame equipment were increased.

If you sell two and a half months worth of CM/DS, you not only generate resources,but also silver.
This silver is well over 700m if you buy all 10 reset packages, which can then circulate around the market unless the whale player decides to spend it on Goddess Grace or solely on upgrading his lvl 440 weapon/armor (possible, but not very likely to spend all the money on these two things).

Now, if the whale player would be able to buy an Arch Stone or a vaivora and sell that instead, the silver to purchase it would have to be generated by other players,thus not affect the market that much since F2P players don’t generate additional money, only the amount they are soft-locked to earn by the weekly purchase limits in the badge shop and lucky drops in the fields.

The question about inflation is always dependent on the amount of people buying these packages, but with many people possibly buying up these packages, they can cause an inflation (700m silver vs the majority of players who have much less than that in their storage), and this so shortly after prizes adapted to the new silver shortage.

IMC has the data and decides, but only god knows what will happen to the markets in the next few weeks. I’m just saying that directly creating rare items (which are consumed for equipment) is probably much less risky to do via TP than indirectly introducing huge amounts of silver.


What 700m are you talking about?

Edit: oh nvm ur talking about the cm and ds resets. Well thats alot of time investment as well. 300 cm runs and 100 ds runs.

But the raw silver cost for things aren’t really that steep.

But take me for example. Sure i can spend some cash once a while for the game, but i’m not near a whale. And i manage just fine on the tiny server i’m on, im nowhere near the equipments of people on the other servers. But neither is anyone else on my server.

If you are just f2p moocher of this game that’s fine, but in my opinion, yours doesn’t matter.

I have no clue what time machine or rock you came out from but IMC/Nexon have not cared about casual- people who cant afford this x10-f2p since May 2016.

You are basically screaming into the void with all these complaints on every pack ruining the “Market” like it hasn’t been 5 years of this and people still use said market with no problems lol.

Well said.

Stop complaining about the status quo or leave so you can be replaced by a player who will actually buy this, be better gear wise and support the game.

Remove farming from game

Readd farming, but you pay for it instead

Good work guys. Perfect marketting. Incredible game design.


Lol, first of all, I’ve spent money on this game, sure, I’m nowhere near a whale, but I’ve spent roughly a 50 Euros per year, which is the amount you usually spend to buy a game.

Secondly, I’m not against people buying items for money. What I’m against is how IMC limited the normal player to small amounts of silver per week and then sell enough resets to earn big time if you spend a lot of money.
268 TP is not a small sum (about 22 Euros), so you convert about 200 Euros into 700 million silver + items.

The past 5 years these packs were not as problematic because there wasn’t such a hard limit on silver gain. If they wanted to limit silver generation, then why do they sell these reset packages?
Isn’t that contradictory?
Either they think that not many people will spend money, thus this package will not affect the economy, or they deliberately starved the markets so they could sell silver through the backdoor this way.

In my opinion it would be far better to sell item packages, even if people would call it P2Win, rather than content packages that might affect the economy when bought by large quantities of players.

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i don’t get it. This type of package have been appearing quarterly for years…and appeared several times since silver drop is removed. Why people still complaining??? This is not even a game breaker compared to those leticia cubes with Archstones.

I mean, you answered your own question and it doesn’t seem contradictory at all.

It’s been profitable not only for them but all mmos to sell ingame currency for premium currency; even gacha games do it.

I dont see your “problem” at all. If a normal player wants to spend cash to get ahead of the weekly quota then they have been free to do so ever since these packages were introduced.

What I dont understand about your point is how you can make an argument against limiting silver generation. When silver generation was unlimited IMC was literally bleeding profits because of bot players that inflated the price of silver to astronomically dumb levels by easily abusing it and f2p/casual players that could profit freely off of the same lack of restrictions.

At least now they are able to offer players a profitable solution to gaining more silver instead of being left out of the cut.

This is why, for me anyway. I can’t speak for others.
If I could farm, I wouldn’t complain about anything as I have an extended source of income. However, because there’s a softcap on how much income you can make in a week, if you’re unlucky (much like me, and god help you if you are) you wind up spending that income to progress.

Even if you play it smart, spamming grace for a chance at fair payout, using the materials gained like enhancement coupons on enhancing gears, selling anything you lay your hands on, etc stuff like that… you wind up losing overall, because you also need that money to progress in pretty much any other fashion as well. So your growth stagnates unless you’re lucky on drops. If not, you’re SOL.

And then packs like these come along after silver drops were removed, which effectively raise that income softcap to “however much you’re willing/able to spend”.

Don’t get me wrong, Archstone cubes are even more ridiculous.
But these 268 packs give you an entire week’s worth of income runs in one pack. Which also include every area you make good income from via rng, as well as the primary sources of raw silver.
I have, and do buy them because I want to play the game, but I’m going to call them out on their bs. There was no reason to remove silver drops “bc bots ecksdee” and untimed cm resets at all, if they were going to turn right around and begin monetizing the exact same thing they took away from us months ago.
In fact, I’m honestly more surprised that more people aren’t upset about the fact that they’re literally making you pay for what they took away.


Hmm, maybe … play with the market? I get my extra income in there from the loots i got from the weekly/daily runs

First off buy a token … makes life easier to sell without that 30% tax … sell everything that you don’t need … my fave part is getting rush sellers like cm resets and bg’s (lately this is going down O.O tels ) … Forget about briks and savi mats … its free right now so sell them off also XD

One thing i hate from this game is that they removed the player shop option ( which was really popular in the beta phase for quickly offering what you have ) and you can transact with the said seller on the spot … now its all on the market zzzz …

TFW you play a game to escape reality by having fantasy adventure with friends,

and later on scrutinizing ingame’s economy by applying real world’s law of economy.

Can’t really tell you how to play the game. But if you can manage to do all daily and weekly content tos offers for mats (that you can sell) and currency and still have tons of idle time left. I would argue you are spending an unhealthy amount of time into this game. I have to skip a lot of content cause i just don’t have the time (or don’t want to spend all my time is more accurate). So the cm packs, sure i got the economy to buy all those 10 packs if i want to. Time to use em all though, that i do not have or willing to put down. :man_shrugging:

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Isn’t this what we all mad about though? I thought of that in the first place haha.

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That’s fine and very understandable. Not everyone’s time per day or preference will mesh well at all with daily-play design. Personally before this whole thing began + Burning was supplying 14 day resets, I would stockpile every timed and untimed cm reset for 2 weeks and then do every single one of them on a following weekend.

But it’s also something to keep in mind, that as they are untimed, they also offer a luxury you do not have with Merc Coin resets as well as the extra money: the freedom to use them whenever you please.
So while you may not want to use all 300 cm + sing asap (or however many you want to buy), that’s still an extended source of income to dig into whenever you need it, or just feel like it after you’ve used that week’s timed ones.

Yea true. But still, i understand why the company is doing this though. They try to figure out what the players need in order to sell a service. It is a business, and a business can’t survive on hugs and kisses. People say that they should only offer cosmetics and such for real life cash. But seriously come on, its not a game like LoL who has 22 millions of players.
You need a development team to make new cosmetics that a handful of players want to buy, won’t even cover the costs of their paychecks. It doesn’t cost them much figuring out a different pack with a bunch of stuff that already exist in game and more appealing things at that. This team and game needs to be funded somehow to be able to run for all people who doesn’t wanna chip in even once. So why shouldn’t the people who actually fund this game get a little cherry on top for it? Im positive that this game wouldn’t even exist in EU if their market strategy didn’t look they way it did atm. I’m sure this is the only way they can keep things running and if people don’t like it and quit. Well then its dead and they can move on to another project.