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Somewhere in the quiet town of Klaipedia Ch3 2021

I just wanna share this artwork my friend Koneko commissioned from me a few months ago.

All my six years of playing Tree of Savior, I met friends, experienced heartbreaks and found my true love in this quiet town of Klaipeda Ch3. I have so much memories here that I will cherish forever. Some of us may part ways, some quit or go on a hiatus, but you all have a precious space in my heart. Without you guys, its just so quiet in here right now xD I miss you all.

Thank you for making Klai Ch3 a fun place to chat and chill around.

Love and Peace y’all. :heart:


oh noes there are man boobs … :laughing:


It very cute gang!
I very love your art style :heart:

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Very adorable art and message :pleading_face: I hope you guys still interact even if some has quit already. I’ve made a lot of friends in game too and each memories are precious. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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:sob: Makes me miss a lot of my friends i met on both Fedimian and Klaipeda server. Lovely artwork, very comfy.