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Orsha Rooftops ✨

Orsha Rooftops

Inspired by Somewhere in the quiet town of Klaipedia Ch3 2021

People I’ve known throughout Tree of Savior usually chill at the rooftop on Orsha ch2 in Telsiai. We may part ways, adventures, guilds, or games, but these memories will forever remain special to me.

These are some artworks we have commissioned throughout the years. I hope that it would bring you joy too! Originally I wanted to post this on the Aria thread but seeing as some aren’t in the guild anymore, myself included, I thought that having its own thread would be more appropriate.

:sparkling_heart: Artworks by HaKamii :sparkling_heart:

Rehgidor, -dark, Awiaaa, Penda

OreoOrange, Penda, ArsGoetia, Rehgidor, theJOKER, -dark, Awiaaa, -Maple

:sparkling_heart: Artworks by ovekeii :sparkling_heart:


Aeonggie, Ozwald, LemonTea, Penda, -dark, Awiaaa, Chippyxzi, GOTMEOW, BetaTea, and OreoOrange

-Maple, Kiikae, TeamRocket, Zein


:sparkling_heart: Artworks by raii:sparkling_heart:

theJOKER, Awiaaa

:sparkling_heart: Artworks by meropotato:sparkling_heart:


I hope to add more to this thread in the future! TOS is a cute game. Huge props to all the wonderful illustrators, fan artists, and content creators in this community :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


we’re qts :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Hakamii OP

Check out her other works at HOME | Kamii (!!

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Ahhh all art are very cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I saw all of you in orsha rooftops everyday
it cute party :heart:


so many familiar faces owO

wonder if they know me though Owo;;

i feel like a stalker for knowing them and they arent aware of me oxO;;;;;;

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Just hang out at the roof we don’t mind haha.


More sketches by HaKamii :star:

Featuring saviors BetaTea, StickyWicky, and Rhoss!

Just a note that I did not draw any of these; these are artwork commissions!
Let’s support artists, especially the ones in the TOS community :hugs::heartpulse:


now do orsha 3 rooftop

omggg we look like characters of an anime series :sparkling_heart::tea:

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