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So what's the plan IMC

I will save my profanities but what the heck guys? The bot report section is literally FLOODING with teleport/hacking bots ALL over the server of Telsiai.

What exactly have been done? Do you “we will look into it” then afterwards “look the other way”?

For a game that constantly updates its TP shops for revenue, cannot do literally anything to these bots that are infesting the server?

When the silver hack happened before, the actions you took were quick. So you guys think this is not breaking the in game economy?

To keep up players are mindlessly running CM for silver. No wonder a lot of people are getting exhausted of this game.

Freaking do something about it! Teleporting bots farming many maps with own repair shops and camps means they are prepared to run 24 hrs a day!

Honestly. ** D. I. S. G. U. S. T. I. N. G. **


what if: bot funding whale, whale funding server.
Ban bot=whale leave=server dead? (similar to 2020 new year case where almost 90% telsiai population got wiped out because abusing event)
ergo, for greater good they didnt touch bot. Afterall most whale doesnt seems to be disturbed by bot existence at all. I dont recognize any whale ever reporting bot in this forum

This simply means that they should change the rules and allow everyone to bot and teach everyone how to bot.

So if they’re allowing bots to run around to keep whales— ^

Either you eliminate bots or turn this into a stupid auto attack mobile game.

Of course, I’d prefer bots to be eliminated, since long long time ago:


Dont worry, i despise bot so much too i want them to be extinct. The core problem is telsiai player mentality, especially silver buyer/RMTer, they just want shortcut to power. It motivates silver seller to bot relentlessly.

imc ban rmt, but still do nothing with bots =)) bravo

sometime, i think about CM, what cm use for? for bot, right? all player do cm, rarely they do feild, and bot was born because that, right? imc =))

This game is just made for bots. You report with VIDEOS and nothing happens. The market is broken, because the silver generated with the bots are insane.

But, there is a lot of whales who injects $$$ in the game, so… who cares? I know a lot of competitive people who spends a lot of money in this game ($5.000,00 + EZ).

Obs: you can download a bot program, you can record yourself, report yourself and nothing will happen, because WE DON’T HAVE A SUPPORT!. Remember team, this is just another Korean mmorpg. They really don’t care.

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It’s just sad that i see the same report on forums many time, with francis addressing that he will look into it . Log on to see the same bot still teleporting around.

There is a rampant botting issue in ktos as well , and imc has recently implemented a field limit of 1m silver / day for unverified accounts.

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Got no idea which one is most populated but may it be because Telsiai is the most populated especially with the merger that a lot are being very competitive?

Anyhow still not a reason. However I feel reports are in vain, and it is like literally a cancer that will eventually catch up on everyone until the server is so inflated no one will want to play anymore.

Definitely sure if IMC really did focus on tracking where the bots’ silver goes into which accounts and bans them, many whales will be the culprit.

The playing environment is very toxic. You gotta keep trying to make silver otherwise you will be left behind. Eventually, you farm like a bot yourself that the game is not enjoyable anymore. It becomes more of a chore than leisure.

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lol there are bots on Klai. That’s a fact.

Game is dead.

Nope, can’t agree with you at all.

See those teleporting 360 degree aoe bots? I don’t think anyone needs more than 5 minutes to figure out that “feature” shouldn’t be a part of the game.

Sure sure, we brought those teleporting things upon ourselves. We aren’t the developers here.

If such an obvious hack? cheat? is being used everyday by bots, who knows what else could be used.

And as said by above, they’re already being reported.

There are only a select few people that actually RMT, I’ve said this several times, most of these bots are actually legit players botting because they know they won’t get banned. They’re whales and IMC does not want to ban them.

One more thing, if you think IMC can’t ban, you’re already wrong about it. They banned several players during new year’s event.

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Lmao go visit Central Parias, Baubas, Irredian, other 350-400 maps and tell me Klai has few bots. It’s a goddamn dumpster fire but IMC is too busy adding new cool items to the moring gacha and waiting until maint to fix game breaking bugs cause ■■■■ forbid you do a mid-week patch to address it.

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Yes they do ban, but the ban hammer is selective justice. Maybe if they trace it to a mega whale account, they simply look the other way.

Like we keep saying since forever, the game has so much potential but it has never been utilized to its fullest. Such a waste really.

IMC keeps updating gacha while real game issues are disregarded.

So many bots everywhere, everyday. When was the last time a real GM log into the game to actually even take a look at the current situation?

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Yes, this /is/ the problem. They’re capable of banning yet they don’t do it. Yet people think it’s our fault, lol.

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Yes they do ban, but the ban hammer is selective justice

Lol this is true. There was a time 1/3 or 2/3 of Telsiai got thanos-snapped because they exploited a bug during New Year’s event. It only took IMC 2 days to act and ban A LOT of those players but can’t even ban these obvious bots. And I’m pretty sure there are far less of these bots than those players they banned (and un-banned) back then. It’s most likely they don’t want to lose the mega-whales who fund their servers and salaries, along with the many backlash that comes with it.

Yet people think it’s our fault, lol

Agreed. Imagine being blamed by someone from ANOTHER SERVER who deny having bot infestations. Telsiai has the MOST population in this game. SEA isn’t just the only region/server for having megawhales in mmos. You can’t blame EVERYONE in one server just because of some megawhales RMTing. lmao


Only started to believe it was true recently. The hacked level 10 legend cards are still on Klai, the guy hasn’t been banned yet. The exploit hasn’t been fixed yet either.

They banned a low level cleric hacker pretty quick who trashed the Bernice rankings, but leave the WBR exploit alone.

Bots and exploiters will be infinite until they ban the people behind them. They have to ban the people who buy silver, ban the people who sell silver, and ban the people who exploit. They just won’t because the last time they actually did it created a shitstorm.

They just don’t see it that way. There is no culture of shame, even on Klaipeda–there’s a culture of hiding as much as possible until caught and then denying it or creating so much drama that banning even the worst offenders becomes more trouble than it’s worth, and then making sure the whistleblower takes on as many personal attacks as possible in an attempt to get them to quit.


From Silute. The repercussions of the exploit were never fixed


my lord spoken