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So, PlayOne.Asia is NOT Publisher for Asia/SEA? (edited)

nah, i’ll wait.
My guild is mostly European and we’ll patiently await the International version :smiley:
If i ended up going to the kOBT and its not being wiped, id probably stay there, dont wanna risk that xD

For god sake, please no region ban. I will totally give up on ToS if they ban Asia IP on Steam.


Well, you guys started it, plus petition. With all the “I want a SEA server”, “Give us SEA server”, etc. and now? The hell? I thought you guys knew what are you doing. I knew IMC won’t host another server under their wing. I mean look at Indonesia ToS, it was given to another publisher, and same goes to other region such as Japan. They already have their hands full with Korean and International. As for the IP Block, well that’s up to IMC, probably a no since Indonesia ToS once said they weren’t sure about it so yeah, 50/50.

Long story short, you want a SEA server, you get a SEA server. Why complain now?


I’m pretty sure that the reason why SEA players never had their own server on iCBT2 (even though huge % of the testers were from SEA) is because IMC already knew about this SEA publisher so having a SEA server which is directly under IMC has zero chance of happening now. This is really lame. Only perk of this is having lower ping unless the publisher is actually good which seems so farfetched.

Also just read their “About Us” information,

Jeebus … facepalm


LMAO… that lame engrish
RIP ToS SEA :skull:

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I don’t even see any posters in here have posted in this thread. Basically the problem here is that this supposed publisher for TOS in SEA doesn’t even have any sort of reputation in the current region. Which leaves for an unforeseeable future.
Oh also ToS Japan is under a branch of Nexon ( but of course the Japanese branch.

Video is private and page is lost.


new and untested, given that they used Gravity’s RO and Poring to advertise ToS gives a huge possible legal issues and possible future mishaps P1asia might make.

IMC official announcements and interviews tend to avoid referencing RO.

Oh my god … I literally scrolled through all the replies and I didn’t see a single reply from an admin or IMC representative. I’m starting to lose hope on this x.x

I also checked the Game Masters of PlayOne Asia and omg … they are doing horrible job. IMC has forsaken us SEA players T.T left us to some unknown new publisher who will most likely just milk $$$ and let the game be infested with bots and hackers.

Basically is, if a lot players wanted a server for their region, hence SEA, IMC would grant it like it or not (or the publisher seek out for IMC). Some wanted IMC themselves to be a server (which is a no for obvious reasons) and some wanted a good publisher, as you’ve mentioned. Well you just can’t have everything you wanted can you? That’s the bitter part. Unless people go onto another rally of wanting a different publisher for SEA, but I doubt it because of the great marketing tycoon. You really need a dumb miracle for that to happen.

Like I said, they want a SEA server, they get SEA server. Minus the details.

But yeah, IP block for International Server would literally kill its meaning, ‘International’.

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This is how bad the GMs of PlayOne Asia are

SEA players are doomed.


You only said that because you don’t live in SEA region. The company is unknown and the fact that they advertise TOS with this phrase “Remember your old good memories with Poring” prove that they know nothing about it. They only have a single game running atm and it’s freaking P2W. We just find it unfair because everyone has a good publisher while SEA has unknown one.

Hm Yeah this is basically how I also have read the situation in regards to the server being hosted by IMC not by another publisher.
I guess the saying/proverb “beggars cant be choosers” treads well in this situation.
Though more details would have be great.
Although It seems like the Publisher for SEA is already leaving bad tastes just from reading the previous posts as of now.

I think I’ll stick with IMC. These guys have shown professionalism & treated us with respect. Just gotta VPN it up :wink:


@roncesvaux6 The term unfair seems a bit vague to me. Why? Because many good games are still under a bad publisher. Do I need to remind Nexon for example on how their Pay2Win works? There’s no need for the term ‘unfair’, there’s only people doing business, and a good one haul the fish. Plus complaining it to me or here won’t change the fact, that is something for you to accept regardless. If you at least want a tiniest glimpse of hope, why not send an email to IMC themselves? Or email any good publishers regarding about the game to see if they have any interest.

@Arcturce It’s all depends on the higher ups decision. Not all things can be perfect but hey, if they didn’t put up the IP Block, that’s a plus to say the least.

Here’s PlayOne Asia’s clowns— I mean GMs.

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Our complaints are not directed to you. This thread is a discussion about PlayOne Asia. If you wanna stop us from complaining at least backup your argument with an information about the new publisher. Thank You

Hakuna your tatas. I am not stopping you from complaining. Go ahead, shout out your lungs out till the moon shatter or the sky fell down. What I said and meant earlier was, if you don’t want PlayOne as a publisher so much, send an private email to the IMC HQ themselves, make an effort at least but did you? Doing it in forum will be just a ‘discussion’, no more, no less. Heck it might still continue on till the game opens, unless you do something about it than just typing away.

Make a petition or something. Like I said, at least an effort. What come afterwards is another matter.

I have a feeling that Playone Asia as the SEA publisher is nothing but a scam in an attempt to get them more players. They took down the link not long after they announced it. Not to mention their main site only has a singe FPS game. Maybe IMC contacted them and slapped then a SAD order.

We’re having a discussion here so we can share information about PlayOneAsia you can’t make a petition if you have little knowledge about the publisher . Some people got enraged because the info we gathered as of now shows how bad the new publisher is. So dont tell us that we’re not doing anything. We’re also waiting for IMC statement about PlayOne Asia. By the way why don’t you just help us gather info about them instead trying to be a smart**s.