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you must ask for it like a pirate…


background??? whats that??? can eat???


but i want medical eye patch not pirate eye patchhhh (



Then you must ask for it like a patient…



protect your local diev from sads today; run counter clockwise around the ausrine statue when you see it




We know your pain…

I made a Rouge and I always try to move the skills that are been unused and put them back on the boss/mob…

Sad I can only capture once and the CD feels eternal T^T

PD: useless Dirty pol = yes | useful Statues = no :disappointed:


an old topic to make a comic of already, but this encapsulates my thoughts about the butler costume.


im still not used to the white layout for this website scl.zdlvjskdz

Hewwo i'm back (for either an hour or a year, we'll see)
Hewwo i'm back (for either an hour or a year, we'll see)




my favorite miku video X3


recent-ish doodles, tons of 'em.

this is mobile we die like men


Caught up with your art. xdd


i made a slightly larger cup version of my halloween thing thong but i never remembered to upload it



that pumpkin is the same size as before :smirk:



dont annoy your local dps cleric


Dem buffed clerics scares me … XDDD


secretly posting this here because i know (hope, pray,) no one will care about it


2 hours ago lmao. Yo you gonna use this as submission for the weapon design contest? You should definitely join lol the stars are aligned.


he’s very friendly