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Small ham's small art gallery


Huehuehue… same, had to hunt those Green Apparition for corpse hand just to make zalia boots to reach 100 craft for the white hair color.

Meanwhile fletchers and alchemist can just craft through the use of their skills and get the achievement w/o hunting those hands :sparkles:


Pardoners and Miko/Kanushis also can jsut make Dispelers for the hair.

Eh given how Fletcher eventualy devolves to throwing Magic Arrow and going to bed taking it with QS ain’t even half bad.


im more worried about the stats distribution, so far ive only stacked str and con ((((((she hits like a truck and run out of steam shortly after))))) do i now wanna start putting in some dex l-lol…


If our Guild’s Musketeer does perfectly fine with like 30 invested DEX at 316 puting DEX now should be fine.
But boy are we pushing him to put more DEX in, gotta use that Archer2 atribute for something ya kno’.


ahhh… thanks for the reply!!


Dat “Gimme hand” part really cracked me up! :laughing: :joy:
I so know that feel of plundering those bloody corpse hands just for the white hair :thumbsup:


make more comics small ham


long time no see.

the revelator, the chosen by the goddess of fate, the banisher of demon lords, the saviour of the world, wears a bunny suit to war.


a very long time ago when i was still playing this game a little fuq told me to “stop telling us ausrine’s cd no one cares”


This is funny :rofl:. Also there’s the chicken suit :chicken:


I am qs c3 when I have diev in ma team ill use freakin Kneeling shot. woops

btw Falconer woops


I don’t know you, but am still not sure if this crazy people are worthy :confounded:


This thread is awesome :octopus:


its been a millenia since i got myslef involved int hisbgane and i don’t know whats the situation with cash items anymore but do you know what will sound good, give the gms something to do, and cause a heck lot of popcorn worthy drama in the fan media forums??? a costume design contest. hell yeah i want to watch some sad sod stealing designs from some japanese artist and the WINNING and then get calle dout upon and then we’ll see people yelling about how crappy the gms are etc etc…

… so how’s the situation here like in case I’d like to return


Your comics are so good IMC should pay you! Marvelously done!


i drew a kabkab

@hei_1 thanks!!! i dont play anymore though, so my comics are now a lil…outdated heheh





People running away from ground skills on dungeons and missions will never be outdated :expressionless:

"Oh! NO!! the pyromancer set the ground on fire again, quick run away and protect the monsters "



HAHAHAHA I’ve had a good laugh at this, so worth it to check back out in here after a really long while :smile:


eye patch hair accessory plox