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Small Community survey

Nice thread. We need people like you. Here and everywhere in the world. Specially here, lol!


Shhh… dont bust our secret. My lodge is full of male chars because i dont have to spend as much as other people on costumes :tired:


& @amberrei
They used to, but what about now ?
Or what about the fact they listen to half of what people say and don’t actually solve the issue at heart ?
Every examples were old things… IMC being a direct publisher, Steam, the founder’s packs, they’re all from April 2016 or before. You can’t take examples from almost 2 years ago and say “they listen to us”.
For example people have been complaining about the slow updates and only receiving gacha updates regularly for over a year, and you don’t see it changing. That’s the kind of things people refer to.
Sure, if you ask me “Did IMC listen to the playerbase 2 years ago ?” I’d say yes, because they actually asked about our opinions on the forum, made polls, and told us about what was possible or not possible. Now ? They don’t. You don’t even have any idea if they read the suggestions most of the time, actually.

And for female characters you take classes with a cute base costume. Hello, Taoist, Chronomancer <3


Do you remember last halloween event? Let me tell you, they didn’t listen to the community, people almost begged for them to cancel the event, did they listen to us? NO!


regarding halloween event. not everyone share that request though. if they don’t listen, then they would disregard the players who still wanted the event.

a lot of people seem to misunderstood that when their request gets denied it’s an automatic not listening, while not considering the standing of others. and imc would have to listen to those people as well.


For question #4, I chose other because I also do quests to get exp cards to level.

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You’re right, i just forgot to add the option since i did all quests and explored all maps on my main.
It could be a topic to explore with a future survey

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Agreed. But they do listen.

Players complained about Diamond anvils from event and it was removed.

Although it wasn’t fixed/fixed that fast @STAFF_Letitia was on threads helping people with problems to advance to certain classes after the R9 update.

In the same way you can’t only use examples from the past. You don’t just use only “hey, IMC doesn’t change gacha”, “hey, IMC doesn’t make update faster” to say they don’t listen to us when they actually listen in some other things.

I understand that you’re complaining about the issues that mostly affect you, yeah right, that should have priority. But shouldn’t ignore the other things. They do listen on their limits but it isn’t that bad to be said “they never listen to players” when they actually do on some things even if they have A LOT of room for improvement there.

As for things like gacha, they can pretty much listen to everything, look at their income data and decide it’s better to keep gacha. It doesn’t mean they didn’t actually listen to players, just that decisions after receiving the feedback didn’t go the way the player wanted. :x


And this is how I discover you aren’t even playing the game, because the mechanics overhaul was in may 2017. And they’re CONTINUOUSLY adding/modifying stuff in game, based on player tickets. Have you already forgotten how many modifications got the Halloween event for example? Every week they fixed up stuff because the player base was bitching so much. And that’s October. They have modified saalus, dungeons, et(later on) listening to the player base. Things that some of you guys will never notice, because you enter the forums just to write up your screechings and then disappear. Many of the people who complain the most obsessively don’t even play the game.


Yes they did. I guess you didn’t participate at all in the discussion. For me it sucked simply because I wish PvP was erased from the face of earth, but that’s personal taste.

Tos never had pvp in it to begin with. It was something they threw together and thought it wouldn’t be important. Fast forward to now and all you see is pvp balances that make no sense.

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I do not want to discuss on a personal level with you, but why do you say the majority of the voters isn’t active?
I just see a 15% of players that do not log in the game while 65% of the players think, more or less, IMC is not listening to them?
Also why 76% want more Q&A with devs?

Would it be better if they reply a bit more under suggestions, feedbacks or generally show a stronger presence in the forum? That’s what i’m asking myself too

Imo Imc does listen to players… Korean players only tough, hence why i voted the disagree option.

Global players are left in this limbo where we know what will happen, plan accordingly, but only get the change 6 months after.


I don’t know what you’re talking about because 90% of the community didn’t like the halloween event AT ALL! Maybe you’re part of the 10%…

pics or it didn’t happen

says the newbie player, get real…

where did you get the idea that i’m a newbie? ‘w’?

ok, the newbie forum user

EDIT> here, 87% (just one of the many threads you can find) [Vote] Shall IMC remove Solmiki as halloween event major reward?

well, i do admit i was forced to interact with the community(after happily living the solo life in-game for more than half a year) eversince i got this bug

Snow Rolling(Sinking) Bug :tired:

the poll you provided isn’t about removing the event though ‘w’;;

though if you want to talk about removing the rewards. 13% is a fairly huge number to be taken into consideration. i mean, not everyone has disabilities, but there are parking spaces for disabled people ‘w’

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you can use the search tool if you think i’m wrong, have fun.