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Since Ranger3 is wack. Whats the iToS version "OP PVE AOE DPS" archer build?

You are wrong, sir.



Again, wrong.


with a perfect min max at lvl 280 with lvl 7 or 8 gems you can get around 94 ~ 100 with archer swift step atribute. Thats 14,5% critical CHANCE. And thats it.

Flare shot lvl 5 sux, as said on Dream guide from scout c3.

That fact that you think +300 damage on barrage is a lot is actually really cute, honestly. It’s just ■■■■■■■ adorable. How old are you, like 13?

As I said here:

No, Im not.

I did barrage lvl 1 vs lvl 5; lvl 5 vs lvl 10; and lvl 10 vs lvl 15.

Its not “+300” dont be fooled by the skill description. Do the tests by yourself. I did, before I rerrol my skills so I was able to see that.

Also, 30~ 60k dmg is a joke for any fletcher, we can kill mobs in this hp range just using magic arrow. Again, your comment gives me the idea that you are not a fletcher player AT ALL.

PS: You see when the man lost his argument when he trys to insult you. Btw, Im 27 years old.

last I checked if I cast still magic arrow off CD and can still weave in +30-60k damage more than you, I’ve out dps’d your spec by 30-60k damage.

i think once Hackapell class is release, quarrel shooter might be popular?

Swiftstep is 15% crit chance at 400 Crit rate (1.25x to 500)
15% crit chance is equivalent to +7.5% average damage (excluding crit attack).
Steady Aim 15 is 20% but over a long fight it’s more like a +8% average damage (40% uptime) but it doesn’t need 400 Crit rate to contribute that.
Difference between Steady aim 5 (4%) and Steady aim 15 (8%) is 4%.
The buffs are both “small” overall either way (at least compared to Wiz 3 Quick Cast). Kind of overstating the value of A2 even in tandem.

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Scout1 adds some nifty buffs and tricks. Ranger2 would only make Barrage and Steady Aim slightly stronger. Barrage gets mostly replaced once you reach Fletcher, and Steady Sim still only lasts 10 seconds.

Flare Shot is a good AoE DoT (albeit small AoE radius) that can melt a boss or a mob of foes. Flare Shot is a poor man’s Magic Arrow, so once you get Magic Arrow, you will almost never use Flare Shot again. Also, Flare Shot cannot hit flying enemies, including flying bosses. I got 4 Flare Shot so I could max Cloaking and Camouflage.

I love Cloaking because it’s great for running places. I like to explore maps way higher in level, and Cloaking with the speed attribute lets me sail through those maps.

Flu Flu and Camouflage have their uses. However, I have not found myself using those often. 1 Flu Flu lasts 8 seconds, so 1 is plenty enough.

Swift step is +25% crit rate, so it contributes around +100 crit rate when you have 400 crit rate.

The real power of swift step is that it will let you hit crit-cap with less DEX, so you can invest more points into str if you have BiS crit gear and gems, which translates into around +100-150 more strength in your stat build.

Here’s some calculations I’ve done for comparing Magic Arrow damage for when you have A2R1 vs A1R3

can you elaborate on lv5 barrage vs lv15 barrage damage please? i’m going for A2>Ranger>scout>fletcher3 because i love scout and i was thinking that barrage 5 would still be good
thx in advance

2:1 str/dex is ok with archer 2??

The user @Dream did his math and found around 18% dmg difference between barrage lvl 5 and lvl 15. He tested with a lvl 70 dmg atribute barrage, and he said that with more atribute damge, the difference is even lower.

But in my tests it was:

Barrage lvl 1 x Barrage lvl 5

Barrage lvl 5 x Barrage lvl 10

Barrage lvl 10 x Barrage lvl 15

From lvl 5 to lvl 15 I found 52% difference in the max damage done, and 29% in the minimal damage done.

So min damage done + max damage done / 2 = average 40,5%

The tests was in a small ground mob in my level range, using a broken crossbow (0 durability), with a lvl 35 atribute damage barrage. Did 100 barrages for lvl 5, more 100 for lvl 10, and the same for lvl 15 barrage.

Dream didnt gave any info how he / she cames with “18%”, But he is a very trusted player and his infos are pretty good. I dont know why my numbers are like the double of his.

Use this infos and take your own conclusions.


Correction. I never said attribute. I said the higher my base physical attack will get, the lesser the difference will be.

There’s a fatal flaw on how you calculate things. You only look at the cover, not on the underlying details.

As long as you’re testing with low base physical attack, the difference would be larger making skill damage look like it scales well. This is due to the 100% base attack modifier that comes with every hit.

Anyways, just for the sake of making it alot more simple to understand. Here’s an example,

Every hit of Barrage should be 100%+skill damage.

Let’s say you had 600 Patk.
At Lv5 Barrage with a skill damage of 250, your damage per arrow would be 600+250 = 850.
With Lv15 Barrage with a skill damage of 543, your damage per arrow would be 600+543 = 1143

To calculate the damage difference, 1143/850 = 34.4% damage difference.

Now, using 1200 Patk.
Lv5 Barrage = 1200+250 = 1450.
Lv15 Barrage = 1200+543 = 1743.

1743/1450 = 20.2% damage difference.

1200 Patk is close to my actual Patk value. It gave a close difference to my 18% calculation and the most likely reason why my calculation only got 18% is because my Patk is 1250-ish and the calculation above didn’t consider enemy defense or any other penalties like missile penalty.

This concludes that the higher your patk base is, the lesser the damage difference becomes. I was actually lazy to show a calculation for this but I knew you wouldn’t settle for just my reply earlier.

FLoki, I suggest you should not engage on this math part of the game yet. You need to go to the damage formula thread first made by EternalDream and understand how every stat, modifier, multiplier, etc interacts.

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I see, so how you did your tests?

The problem with high base physical attack is the min max dmg diference, so I did that cuz I want to see the pure value of the skill damage, without crt attack, phy attack, etc.

I just looked at the pure value from the skill damage. Not overall dps increase.

I did the math for one hit only from the barrage, not the overall dps of the skill, just one by one barrage hit.

So you did the tests with this info?

Can you share? I also edited.

There, I edited my reply earlier. I hope that convinces you already and would teach you how to properly judge if leveling a skill is worth it or not.

I see, edited My post above too.

PS: @Dream

As far as I know the damage formula is this:


Where ATKSKILL is the base skill damage. It gets multpl. later, so it scales better than you are trying to show.

So, can you do this test, or explain in the damage formula how you get yours 18% increase?

Ok, Im doing that, with the damage formula, as above.


Thanks both of you :slight_smile:

I’d recommend getting 157 into DEX and pumping the rest into STR and CON. Ratios are hard to deal with because it changes with how good your gear gets.

@Reilet or @Lyralei can you help me explain to FLoki how these things actually work and why Lv5 Barrage and Lv15 Barrage has barely any difference on end-game.

I don’t know, I thought my explanation was already so simple here but it seems it wasn’t enough.

I’m starting to have a headache thinking on how to simplify it further.

Strong Pve Aoe Archer

A2- Sapper2 - Wu2 Cannon full str

A3- Wu 3 - Cannon full str

A2- sapper 2 - fletcher dex

you won’t benefit much from going A2 if you go full str