Share your re: build experiences


Its not worth an internet fight over honestly.

If you have the extra velcoffer weapons to gamble and its what you want go for it, chase those +16-21s, I honestly wish you the best of luck.

However for the majority of normal players, its just not worth the drama and really not needed to comfortably do content. 1k PA or MA is going to have absolutely zero impact on whether or not you can clear Velco, Asio, Wastrel, Ignas or Solmiki content. Endgame content basically comes down to a weapon 350+ with transcend t8 or higher now to comfortably do it, the anvil aspect is irrelevant since they boosted the base damage.

Then again, you may be “that guy”, you buy 1 blessed cube and open a christmas sled box, you id your 1st primus armor and it has 5 green stats, you anvil to 11 without a fail, everyone else hates you. If you are “that guy” then again, have at it.


I’m not trying to fight, but as I said in the staves topic they are making a big deal about 300-600 attack difference and here they downplay a 1313 difference (w/o considering gems).


Np, trust me man, id love to have a +16, im in no way saying I wouldnt take it. For the average player though a Velco weapon is like 3 or 4 weeks worth of work, and the odds of getting 1 to even 11 with potential left is abysmal.

All im saying is, and ive done it, is the contents still comfortable and very doable, aslong as you transcend to a high level, get a good ichor, awakening, and put effort into your gems, dont just t6 them and call it good.


Oh yeah I forgot to mention but I think Shields are way too OP right now, they can be up to 1/2 of the total armor someone has, which greatly makes it necessary as well as reduces physical dps’ power in PvP significantly.
IMO you can nerf shield’s current armor value by 50% and it’ll still be very powerful.
Seriously, an Emengard Shield (lvl 315 shield) gives as much armor as a full Primus Unique 380 plate set, that makes no sense at all.


Ya, we had a guildee last night hit 60,000 magic defense, we got the notification in guild chat, seems a bit silly.


I’m not trying to fight. I just think the overblown +6, +11, +16 is unnecessary. Like I said, they’ve done two things that have made anviling less and less impactful. Which is a step in the right direction. I wouldn’t recommend going above +11 (the gains are pretty small), unless you like your weapon to shine and you don’t care if you brick it (because chances are…you prolly will)

The staff vs rod thing is another whole issue.


Thanks for that.

But still ■■■■ IMC and their stubbornness to keep retarded and frustrating systems.
Well but that might be their plan. The client can’t handle many players so it’s a good idea to make people quit.


I regret going for cloth (pve only) every damage seems to be physical. Even the boss monster spells. :joy:
In the end I should have gone for rod and shield. Whatever.


Right now I’m wondering what to do about armor (pve), all high spr crafted armors are robe + no shield (summoner)… So heavy it’s then?


Plate with SPR and CON random stats.
With shield and rod.

I hate that style so I go full retard and play hard mode. I won’t play much anyways as rebuild still didn’t take major frustration out of the game.


Hey! Earth Tower run count is now separated from Velcoffer raid! Yey! :star_struck:
Now I can run both ET and Velc!

wait… why is ET much harder than Velc raid?
Why does it takes 5 well geared players, some of which has +16 or more weapon,
less than 30 seconds left to clear the 1st stage and 4th stage? Even the ET boss are now hard af!

If this is how ET will be from now on I hope they at least make the clear time much more longer as if people are having a hard time clearing it with good equipment then much worse for those who are just starting to do it. :persevere:


My Archer.


Hmm, the worst part is that now you need all 4 piece of heavy for bonus and not 3 as before, so I can’t go for boots with +1 speed. :confused:

Also changing from staff to rod will take a lot of time lol :slight_smile:


So far re:build feels kind of meh to me. Pretty much every class is useful to some degree but almost everything feels really bland, uninspired, or lost its identity.

Wizard feels like it got hit the worst of it all, especially with losing so much of its support options removed, and some classes, like Shadowmancer, just don’t really do anything anymore.

I’m sure that this is the first step of overall balance, and thankfully class switching is so much easier now so when patches come it won’t feel as big of a problem to make changes.

So far I’m having a blast on a few of my characters though, like my Tao-Ele-Pyro/Chrono, Priest-Oracle-Diev, Inquis-Pala-Zealot, SR-Ench-Cors and Dopp-Barb-High. No idea what to do with my remaining Archer though.


Thats been my take aswell, just felt like for every buff there was 2 nerfs. Is the game still playable, can I do what I need to do, sure but in no way does any of it feel better to me.

I dont understand why they increased the difficulty of content either when this game has literally 1 of the smallest player bases of any remaining online game atm, not trashing ToS, I like it as a casual, niche farming game. That being said when you have an active player base of 1-2k people its pretty unrealistic to think that the majority of folks have access to optimized partys at most times.


I’m also bad with RNG but even I managed to get one weapon to +11 with 5 potential left.
You just have to do it outside of towns, towns are really bad for RNG-related tasks like upgrading via anvil.

I’ve always failed in town, but so far I’ve always had good rolls outside of town, reaching my goal within the limits I set myself.

It’s powerful exactly because it needs to be worth the investment. You realize that getting a good shield + ichor + transcendence is a lot of work,right?

It’s also not necessary, you can always use plate armor for physical defense. I have both a shield and a two-handed weapon, so I can swap for additional survival while I heal back my HP.

In my opinion, the changes to shield really made it worthwhile to equip, and it helps to promote leather and cloth armor, which naturally lack physical defense, and provide the survival in content and PVP since the majority of Classes are now with a focus on physical damage, so a shield can protect you no matter what armor you wear.

With the upcoming armor attributes, it will greatly help Cleric, Wizard and Archer to survive, so it needs to provide at least that much armor value. Also, let’s not forget that block was nerfed from maximum 80% to 50% block chance and it only halves damage instead of nullifying it.

As for Re:build, I really like it so far.
Demon Lords finally no longer take forever to kill, Velcoffer got easier in a way or another,
Cleric buffs are finally really good, Healing is still okish if it weren’t for the stutters/lags of the server that make it a pain to use.

Damage skills now feel a lot more powerful, the mobs just die on sight, and maxing the strongest skills enhancement attributes no longer costs 250+m.

The one thing I dislike with Re:build is the notion that you’re done with only 3 Classes. Given parties are only 5 people, there’s only so much you can have.
In my opinion IMC should consider adding one more Class in the future so the builds can be more balanced once they’ve overcome their fear to give buffs a 5 minute duration in general (with a few exceptions like Arcane Energy and Prophecy for balance&mechanical reasons) and we can can see more diverse builds in action.

Currently you’re pretty much limited to one certain Class to rake in the damage + x, where x is mostly either another damage Class + utility/support or two damage Classes.
That said, you’re limited in what you can do.
It’s not bad, but I feel as if something is missing in terms of the game, maybe because I always had 4 or more Classes in my builds since they’d work together quite well.

The absolute need for damage to do anything is what suffocates the build freedom a lot in my opinion, you are limited to 2 or 1 Classes of your choice at most since you absolutely need that certain Class (of course you have several options to choose from, but that doesn’t change the fact you need them to be of use in e.g. Demon lord hunts or Velcoffer & Boruta slaying).

This is also a reason why a lot of Classes that only have 1-2 good skills right now (e.g. Pardoner) are completely overlooked on general builds.
Other Classes like Hunter require high additional investments to be viable (char slot + equipment + TP pet for 2 weapon & armor slots), which currently limits their use by a lot.

Re:build could do a better job by offering a 4th Class for builds (especially if they still plan to bring more Classes for every tree, e.g. about 20 for every tree in total) and by creating more support-focused Classes so every Class tree can offer more than one option of support for the team in the future.


After almost a week and a lot of thinking up builds, Rebuild is somewhat given me a meh feel too.
Combinations or weapon restrictions make taking some classes very poor choices in comparison. I feel that Wizard got the best card out of this update, though. Maybe Swordie too. Swordies were sooo bad before this update… but now feel much better/enjoyable to play.

My least favorite thing about this update is that a number of classes can almost max out their entire skill tree save for 1-2 skills. It takes a lot of the fun and preference out of skill choice.
A lot of “but y tho” design choice moments too.
Like making Tri-disaster a really good buff, but then making it able to be detonated w/ Begone.
Making Hunter a better class than what it was, but then not fixing the AI, or changing Growling to stop Hunter from becoming Growling: The Class once again.
Giving Barb mounted synergy, but not giving you another mounted skill you can stick those other 15 points into. Etc etc

I’m going to say this update was very, very needed though, just that the final mile of it felt really off-putting.


Not sure if I’m mentioned or maybe I mentioned it on other threads.

ET being hard is fine but not this hard. I failed twice with full solmiki set with a +12 T6 rod on Cryo-Kino-Tao. I count myself pretty on geared considering I rarely played even before rebuild and only played to farm Solmiki from the past 2 events whereby ET had x2 cubes. I think partly was because my other teammates were pretty weakly geared. Cleared it again with teammates with good gear (maybe around or slightly better than me. The entire time I was just running around trying to CC the bees with my CryoKino skills to allow my team to hit the boss better because literally dozens of bees are chasing us everywhere and we could not even hit the boss properly. Managed to clear but oh boy was it hard. Getting Solmiki shouldn’t be that hard and that is only 25f.

Classes wise I like wizard quite a lot. Just that a lot of classes are overshadowed like shadowmancer and Featherfoot.


it was released willy nilly for us lol
their main focus is obviously Ktos and Itos is just side hustle

is probably balanced for korean overlords and their korean ping and dps lol

also i kinda hate stamina on scouts, that sht gets depleted way too fast, basically have to chug stamina pills on cd(lucky they are cheap now) to avoid getting cucked.
i dont get why we get additional punishment for running out of stam(slowing down to a snails pace), having no stam to dash with is already enough…


Waiting till feb 12 to get new slot and get to start another adventure D: