Share your re: build experiences


On 6th day of Re:Build I can say - it’s amazing :smiley:
And ToS is still a perfectly legit solo-playing action-RPG. The only places I I need to play with ppl is legendary and unique raids, like before RE:Build. All other content can be easily solo-cleared, and some of it - even faster than before.

Re:build really need some time to evaluate, get used and adapt. But once you are over with that process, it’s fun af.


Its ashamed so many people feel required to do that, I get that folks want to min/max but the games still easy and comfortable at +6 and a high trans level with all your potential and sanity intact.

Both times I quit ToS it was over the same thing, bricking months worth of hard work on the broken enchancement system, its just not worth it.


True story, bro. I’m with you.


CMs are harder, mobs are hitting like trucks - can no longer solo a +5, which is a shame but I like it somehow.
Saalus is harder but I simply opted not to do it.
Saalus being harder + transcend event made Shards and Gems cost 3x more than they were costing 2 months ago though, so that’s a real shame.
Raids are still the same difficulty.

Class-wise people are complaining about SPR usage but I have to disagree here. Before patch I played all 4 classes, most notably Exo and Doppel, and SPR usage on doppel+Barb+X build dropped significantly, like I don’t have to spam pots every CD anymore, which is good. Mana usage for archer builds though, oh boy those were completely ravaged and I have to agree with those people if they’re all archers, but everything else is ok.

Again on class-wise, I like the new builds, somehow it feels more diverse now that we can only choose 3 than before when we could choose 10.

Overall I like the change but I still want something like Grifts to exist in this game so I can keep playing and farming it at my own pace, right now I feel like I’ll end up quitting the game for the 10th time again, but its w/e since I love its atmosphere and will come back to it later anyway in case I quit.


I had an awful experience with earth tower yesterday and today. The monsters are overtuned, if you don’t have a transcended weapon to +9 or 10 you damage seems mediocre.

Other than that, I feel like the game seems pretty good and diverse, I found the build I wanted and if feels good


I had problems with et as well just wanted to go to 25f. Was running Cryo-Kino-Tao. I had around 8.5k matk with full Solmiki gear and struggled initially with some less geared party. Didn’t manage to kill the boss.

But I tried again ytd with a bunch of more gear players and we manged to clear it. My damage to the boss was the lowest but I was focused on CC-ing the bees so that my team had an opening to hit the boss, which Cryo-Kino does great at.

You really need some decent gear to clear it now


I have currently tested the following swordies:

  1. pel > hop > goon and ret > hop > goon
  2. fen > mat > templar and fen > mat > rodel
  3. dopp > barb > HL

Dragoon is really, really disappointing, in more ways than one. If you guys have suggestions on how to make it viable, please tell me so.

i am quite fine with both fencer and doppel. Do note that i am testing with a T9 +11 Black Horn, T1 +11 Sarkmis and T3 +11 Primus 380 Spear with lv 50~60 damage attributes - and my doppel seems to easily decimate mobs than my dragoon


At most 8 from the event. That maybe gives me another +6.
Also farming hasn’t yield me a golden anvil in a long time. My stock come from sweet old days.

IMC should get rid of the potential system. It’s bad and doesn’t do anything but punish people with bad luck.


It took almost 3 years for them to remove attribute’s learning time, I don’t think potential is going away anytime soon.

I share your same feelings on the matter, it’s a really punishing system that drove away many players and now enchanting to a decent level matters more than before.


Anviling actually contributes the lowest ever since the start of the game. They have made 2 big changes to the base dmg of weapons to have transcendence and weapon quality to mean more.

The gaps between +6, +11, and +16 are a lot closer after you T10 your gear.

People get so upset about anviling (me included) until you start to really see how much it actually contributes in the long run.


The gap between +6 and +16 is still abyssal, T10 or not.
If you’re unlucky and get stuck at +6, you may as well not bother to transcend that weapon.
And I’m not even considering high enchanting levels (over +20).


+6/T10 Velc bow: 9961-12057
+16/T10 Velc bow: 11274-13370

~10% increase. You’re telling me that’s “abysmal”? That’s like 4red gems. Lol.
I’m not downplaying anviling, but people thinking that it makes a huge difference in rebuild are just blindly complaining.

There are clearly more important issues in this game than anviling which they have addressed twice already.

  1. Certain subclasses still feel weak or lack synergy with others.
  2. Sp usage is still not the best, but I’m managing.
  3. I feel dmg taken is still a little high.


So 1313 more min-max attack does not make a difference for you?

It’s actually like 5 level 7 red gems, if that’s such a small difference for you, then they may as well remove all sockets but 1 (for monster gems) and set the max enchanting level to 6.

And if you do not spend potential to open sockets, you can’t even use gems (to compensate).


The gap between +6 and +16 is still abyssal, T10 or not.
So 1313 more min-max attack does not make a difference for you?

1313 patk/matk is not abyssal by any adequate standards.


Ok, then, as I said, they should set max enchantment to +6 and remove sockets since, as you claim, they add negligible attack.

Edit: I’d be perfectly fine with that solution as alternative to removing potential.


why the f should they do that lol?
+ing your weapon to some ridiculous number is an epeen booster

they want people to cum when they see that extra 1k attack after they spend millions of silver and time grinding it out


Its funny b/c the same people saying that extra 1k PA or MA is so important are the same people moaning about how staves are gimp now and that 1K MA doesnt matter or telling people that after re: build 1 or 2k PA or MA isnt important due to new scaling etc.

I will be leaving my velco at+6, I am not some poor scrub whos had bad luck on 2 or 3 wpns, I have bricked 100s of millions of silver and months of my time to only ever ONCE get a single weapon past 10 before 0 potential, and the only weapon I ever got to 15 was a grand cross in the old, old days, and that took a dozen gold anvils.

Unless you are 1 of the ultra whales or blessed by rnjesus its not worth it, period. I watch people every day in town start enchancing a +8 full potential velco wpn and within 2 minutes its +6 with 1 potential and they make the walk of shame to list it on the market for pennies on the dollar.

Dont do that to yourself unless you really need that epeen to validate yourself.


I never got a weapon to +10 with Potential left. But I still feel you.

I don’t get how other people have multiple new weapons with +21 and still potential on it. I just don’t get it. And if I do the math I get it even less.

Now every time I get a golden anvil I will slap it on the weapon and see how it goes. it’s sad. I don’t even have goals like +16 (a shiny weapon would be really nice but this doesn’t exit in my world) but +11 would be nice. It just took a lot of motivation out of me so I am on a little hiatus again. ■■■■ this game. :smiley:

If golden anvil weren’t super rare and more accessible it wouldn’t be that much of a problem. But the core problem is still potential. Completely retarded system. It’s fine if unlucky players would be punished with silver loss. Unlucky players learn to accept and deal with it. But being powerless against bad luck just feels bad.


No one said it was negligible. You realize there’s nuance in the game right? Things aren’t abyssmal or negligible. While it does help contribute, its not as impactful as it was before their changes. I don’t understand how you cannot comprehend that and are just continually crying out a ~10% difference (even lower for +11, which most people are very happy with too now)


First, I’m not crying, just sympathizing with what @Sciguma said
Secondly, in the topic about staves they made a big deal for way less than 10% (and not even half than 1313), go bother them if you’re looking for real tears-