Share your re: build experiences


Dropping this here for future me

PD: I ate the last cookie…


Erm anyone tried ET? I mean I don’t know how hard Velco was but at 8k matk I’m barely tickling the mobs now. It’s worse than Saalus. 25F mobs are 2mil hp each


Yes, as I said in GC: for me Feud is a funny mess atm. Everyone gets his success somewehre and gets rect somewhere else.


I got overwhelmed with too many events and changes at the same. I struggle finding if there’s optimal crit rate formula I need to know.

I like the new class system tbh though there’s more work to be done in the previous lower ranked classes. The availability to play some of these previous high ranked classes together now is nice.

The new UI for everything is neat. It’s sad though that market is still dead even though we got more options to search now.

I don’t like how shinobi and corsair are no longer on swordsman tree. It seems the devs can’t make their mind up. They’ve tried hard to integrate shinobi and corsair to swordsman builds over the years too lol.

The RNG layers to the game is still a turn off for me. I would like it if I can quest, adventure journal and/or farm mats to improve my equipment then just get rid of enhancement and ichors.

As always, experience may be bad if you can’t solo stuff and you don’t have friends or guildmates to play wth.


Anyone notice your keyboard/controller hotkey gets filled up very easily? Way too many usable skills now…


Seriously? I’m using less skills with almost every character of mine, Cleric and Swordies in particular.
The only classes/builds that still have a lot are: Cryo-Kino-Pyro and summoners in general.


Interesting… I actually thought summoners would have the least skill, since they mostly just summon and forget, except maybe bokor. But honestly I dunno much about re:build yet.

I know from experience highland-barb-doppel, elem-rune-onmyo, and the variants of outlaw-assassin-corsair have lots of skills!


i wanna enjoy the new scout class

but this scout class change+TP hairstyle exclusive bug is getting in the way


the hair colors keeps blocking the eyes when running and in combat mode

some external players can see this, some don’t, some initially doesn’t and then can see it after some time


Having lots of fun so far just messing around with builds. I feel less sp starved than before on most classes but the negative is that the balance seems out of whack. Ill never refute the fact some combinations or classes are better overall but trash like sage or shadow should be brought up to standard. Also crafting classes need real skills more than ever now, stuff like alchemist is a small step in the right direction.


I cannot decide a build for most charcters.

My main turned into Musk - Sapper - Wugu and it works for me. Ive seen ppl with more dmg (at least in videos) but I also dont have the best gear so Im okay.
Towns are crowded currently and Im glad. But I still miss content that doesnt scream “grind your ass off”.
PvP is still a meme, I wont play it.

Miko circle barely has enough skills for a c2 and new skills are garbage (buff duration 10 sec, havent you revamped most short skills like Steady Aim like months ago because the player repetively told that it su*ks? wow).
Scout circle is weird somehow with all these buff classes. Ah and Thauma was completely trashed.
I havent tested it but according to the skill describtions you still cannot use Cloaking being mounted. So you are forced to pick Scout as base class to SR and the base class has no synergy with the advanced circles. Good job.


Got my Velcoffer Weapon to +5 with 0 potential. 23 Golden Anvils later it’s +9. Re:build sucks, no new source for Golden Anvil.


Yes, there is.

You can get them by exchanging rebuild coins in town and I got 2 golden anvils yesterday from farming in Baubas Cave.


I’m not sure if you can really qualify me as a summoner, since I have Featherfoot and not Sorc… but:

We have lots of skills! Maybe too many.

My fingers hurt.



Somehow, i there are 12 buffs. I think it use more than a quarter of my SP bar to use all of them lol.


Oh yea, that is quite alot. I’m in an even worse situation since I am too used to playing with a controller. Controller has less hotkey I believe, unless you are dexterious enough to switch back and forth.


Yeah, I made the same build and necromancer can literally maximize all his skills execept one, and bokor is almost all utility skills


I usually put all buffs on the # and the materials on the S+ slots

but our skills orientation is usually the same down to pots been on bottom right…

except for 0, I reserve that # for the warp stone

@gexmnlin13 do you use the shoulder buttons?_?

also controller slots have 1 advantage over any other :wink: but I cant tell…


And I still can’t decide if I want max Corpse Tower or Flesh Hoop. :confused:


Okay so what the ■■■■ is up with Shinobi’s AI after Rebuild
The clones now won’t even follow you, they just wander off and attack a random spot even when there’s only ONE enemy nearby




Fisherman ever…

Who would have thought that all you needed to catch fish was a bait for catching Fish with Collection items…

I will let you know, all those fishes have items inside them…

the game said so :tired: