Share your re: build experiences


I got back what i intentionally discarded faded weapon in the past o.0?


Preparing a bunch of potions to start swimming in the money is generally my modus operandi right now. SP potions are 4000 silver a piece and are stupid cheap to make.

What’s more problematic for me actually is HP potions, because one of the materials only comes from an uncommon mob in Veja Ravine at a 33% rate. Can’t make HP potions at any decent rate because the map is too big and the spawn rate of that specific mob is too low.

Otherwise, I’m Murmillo memeing now. I’m a tank player so I had pretty limited options, and Scutum actually hurts right now.

All in all you are writing bullshit. The Thaumaturge still has its value even besides Swell Brain. The SP-Consumtion is just problem when you are a brainless Skill-Spammer, because all builds I have tested so far had never an issue with the SP-consumption.

You kiddies are simply annoying because all you can is whining. I have seen this behaviour a lot in the MMOG-Scene. A new patch is implemented which occures some changes, which forces the player to leave their comfort zone and adapt to the new things, but all the kiddie can do is whining and your whining scares new and returning players off.

Classic dehumanization of people who disagree with you. Nice.

Just because people want to be able to play non-AA-focused builds does not make them brainless. SP Potions are expensive due to demand and low supply, and to supplement this problem people are having to take multiple different stages of SP potion just to keep up with consumption with many, many builds (looking at you, Wizards).

Monsters being stronger is cool and good but at the same time the SP consumption required to deal with them is pretty nutso apart from specific builds, or unless you’re a whale, and let’s be honest if you’re a whale, nobody should care about your opinion on balance.

Yeah, the main draw for me to Sadhu was the lack of an SP cost, but the game’s classic stat stick just got hit too hard from not being able to manually add in stats and the loss of Bokor, among other things. Class is just really bad now, with no redeeming factors.
One cool thing though is you can add fire element to OOB with Krivis from what I’ve been told… so there’s that?


I always ask myself if you guys at least tested it before sugest it. Have you tested monk at least?


Has anyone managed to build nicely as an Outlaw?

I went rogue-shinobi-outlaw and so far shinobi - rogue is awesome but outlaw just lacks damage in general and feels like every skill does nothing
I haven’t reached lvl enough to get the last skill but so far i misses the point completely for my build
The one skill that i thought would be amazing (Mangle, the one that makes the character slash many times) it’s just meh

Since it’s a new class i may be feeling lost so i would like some opinions and suggestions on which skills work the best etc please help


I have two outlaws atm.

Rogue, Assassin, Outlaw.
Outlaw, Schwarzreitter

1st is doing fine so far. I did want to give it Rogue, Assassin, Shinobi but im not going through that Shinobi quest so screw that. It evades a ton, and is managing to kill things well enough.

The second also evades quite a bit, considering what to take with it for a third. Potentially Linker, Thauma or Corsair. I believe I will leave BM out as this build already has 2 classes worth of attack skills.


I like the class a lot, but I think it suffers from a thing a lot of classes have this patch where they just sorta do everything, so to compensate you only have so many skill points and only do so much as a result. It’s actually weird to say it, but I think the class is performing poorly for you because every skill the class has is actually too good, as opposed to not being a strong class.

Definitely not a primary focus class though, I would certainly say use it to support another focus class like Bullet Marker or Schwarzer-Reiter or even Assassin.


SP recovery, the amount SP for skills used are very bad. :tired:


was gonna reroll 1 of my archers to scout but turns out cannoneer is fun.

Canon- Sapper - Quarrel.
It’s kind of a Dilemma because Falconer also works in this build…literally anywhere.

Sapper + Falconner works, as does Cann + Falc.

Everything is interchangeable and still pretty much works. Wugushi would also fit in here.
I see some people using canon and hunter, although I use hunter with my Musk.

One thing I will say is that the claymore + Smoke grenade synergy is crap and a trap.
Claymore is basically useless outside of detonating for extra CDR.

You really have more than enough damage.

Kneeling shot is for small groups/single-target and Bazooka is for your CMs. That distinction is kinda where Falconer becomes considerable as double attack ratio means more when circling is in effect + Aiming.

The traps would technically protect you from needing Pavise immunity anyways. However when it comes to bossing now, Quarrel as far as I can tell is better for Kneeling shots DPS boost and that it applies to many of your traps as well.



That is a very, very large shog. Good job.


Seems like corsair is quite strong now huh? I think they hit quite hard comparing to other classes.


Oh I forgot to mention I wanted to try Kannushi on my Druid who used to be one and has it shown as unlocked in his stats. The game said no for some reason though. The notes said gender change wasn’t required if you unlocked it already and for some who replied to me in shout that was true~ they didn’t even need to be one before patch reset them apparently, but my character is specifically hated then and can’t. Mirrors and fragments didn’t exist on the crappy barely existent Market at the time like every crafting mat I ever need. Plus that stuff is expensive both now and back when only oracle needed them and not me. What a dumb shop design both before and after. And why do men have to pay extra to be a class? That’s downright sexist. If it was the other way around pink haired SJW women who don’t even play the game would flip their ■■■■.


A fanatic like you does not deserve even an answer. Consider me charitable to be responding to you. And do not get used to it because I do not usually answer Fan Boy white knight. If you doubt what I say, look at what the whole community has been saying about classes and what I have quoted. Do not just look here in the Korean community as well. And another thing, the Topic is about the opinion of each one about REbuild, you are not obliged to agree with what I said, now come to offend me and say that I am a whiner because you do not agree with my opinion, it makes me sure that You’re such a jerk. Learn to respect the opinions of others your crazy fanatic.


The patch today broke Enchant Lightning. So much for being happy about Enchanter ;o It doesn’t buff me anymore. The Tree of Bugs adventure continues.


Quite frustrated to equip an unroasted gem cause gem roasting was bugged…

And as frustrated to not being able to unequip it…

(I recorded the green gem later to check if it was working)


I wrote an exclusive topic
for my impressions about the ReBuild



Testing Assassin Skills and as a Psycho that has near mastered the art of teleportation, I have to say Instant Acceleration is close to been this game best alternative to teleport…

heck, it could surpass it will good timing and positioning…

specially cause instant accel is more newb friendly by removing some of teleport biggest limitations and learning curves…


My ReBuild experience is picking a build, going out to the field to test it, attacking an unresponsive mob, then dieing 30 seconds later as the game decides that I wanted to stand still while it beat on me. Today’s maintenance improved it a bit, but its still happening frequently, and on my maps with no one else around.


OK, so new bugs today in Gem feud.
Sometimes when i use the BM skill outrage, I can’t use any skill afterwards because it blacks them all out, and doesn’t re-enable them. The same thing used to happen with hoplites stabbing.
I could only auto attack.

In the second round it happened again, i couldn’t use any skill or auto attack for the rest of the match, even after dieing.

Also, before the first match, it took me 5 minutes of continually getting kicked out of feud, and I BARELY made it in on time before 6 minutes. Also it’s a pain in the ass that jumping up the hill eats up all of your stamina. so thanks for that.

I hope that GMs are reading our feedback because I don’t have time to be making constant bug reports. hardly got on , on time for gem feud.

EDIT: ALSO, can they change it so that you don’t have to rebuff every time you die. Or at least restore your SP? Sp costs are so high now, it’s really painful. :tired:
Even worse if your buffs cost mats


Gemstone Feud seems to be an awful mess atm: skills not working (in particular Heal), huge lag, NPC oneshotted and unresponsive (due to aforementioned lag), raining mobs in small areas (happened to me yesterday – AFKing with summoned Marnox was enough to get full load in 30 secs each time)… It’s a crapfest, but people seem to enjoy it a lot like this :haha: