Share your re: build experiences


Soon, alche will gain a lot popularity because the SP Regen skill…
and maybe, swordies with a high CON stats too…

Welp, either way… IMC push the players to socialize each other,
No more solo play, unless u got decent gears.

Also, BM AA Build is a “META” for current patch.


OK so , after two days of gem feud, I have to say, 1 hit killing the “powerful monster” boss is dumb. One hit killing the base NPC is also dumb. Not sure if this is a bug. Hopefully.

I can see making them a bit easier to kill. But one hit is ridiculous.

I tried with my sapper to protect our NPC with traps, Pavise. But the other team can just 1 hit kill it from off screen, so there’s zero point.


Get this attribute. As long as it’s on, it stops ABE from removing OoB.


try with chaplain and inquisitor and monk


It makes 0 sense the current gem feud, I’m almost certain its badly tuned atm and they will fix it. It’s just pretty crap atm.





Just played today!

The SP is not as bad as I thought. I played highland-barb-doppel. I generally just use 1-2 SP pots per dungeon run. I know before the patch I usually use just 1 or even none per dungeon run, but I don’t think the SP drain is so bad that the cooldown is too long in comparison.

The SP drain for scout on the other hand is insane XD

Edit: oh by the way, I only played swordsman and scout as of right now. I’m yet to find out how bad the SP costs are for archer, wiz, cleric…

I am really hating the dungeon bug right now. I can’t even see enemies’ HP…


Got a Nukella from Octo’s today


Where can I get some Octopussys? :smiley:


She sells them

Only got 15 Fish yesterday tho. Still random


how dare you have better luck than me, how could you :sad:



I love everything the re: build has to offer and only had three issues; one is disconnections when i was trying to join a dungeon and the other one was i did not receive my 3k point to change class immediately on one character(had to relog) lastly the repair shop bug other than that it’s all good, oh yes saalus is pretty hard to beat now don’t know why they would do that it was already hard to find group for it now i can’t solo anymore.


Oh yeah… haven’t tried saalus yet. Hope it’s not as bad as I thought…


I really like Re:Build really…but it’s like the first day of Warframe’s new big update patch…everything goes wrong and I’m too scared to venture out.

On the side topic of that, I still need to lvl up to access the 3rd class slot. What level do I gain access to that? Also does NOBODY use Mercenary post anymore? And how come when I matchmake for Siaulai, and I see someone else matchmaking in there, I’m not actually seeing them in the party slot only in the numbers?

I guess my “real” Re:Build Experience so far was that I found out from someone on reddit yesterday morning that the Wind Runner boots were the culprit of the bugged inventory (however the guy didn’t say it was the Wind Runner Boots only said they were unique with +3 MS so I was confused,) eventually I figured it out, so I started sending out shouts and posting PSAs all day and making a thread on Reddit and Steam Forums. Making sure everyone got the word. Some other people in game also had problems still trying to access the Equipments to toss the boots, and I realized that the Assortment addon helped see the Equipments area. (I’m pretty sure there were other ways I didn’t know about though.) Then eventually someone in one of my reddit posts told me there was another corrupted item in the code which was the Steam armband. He/she didn’t know what it affected in game, but as I was playing it, it eventually dawned that the armband affected the mouseover details. I went over it with the person and said I was right. So I updated my bugged inventory posts to include that the armband was also bugged. Assuming that the majority wouldn’t delete that because it’s an exclusive item, so they had to wait for a patch. Luckily, maint. is here so crossing fingers that that gets fixed. Now enough people know to help others, I’m pretty sure.


Saalus is not that hard but it is less easier now.

Today I went into saalus, then two other party members left our party so there’s only three of us.
It took us longer to finish but guess what? I never expected to enjoy the dungeon more compared from last time. The three of us were helping each other, looking for opportunities to exploit, and we try to read each others decisions without chatting. It seems we’re connecting more thru intuition. it was a fun experience. haha.


Why do you need to see a GM online?

I personally dont think a GM should get paid for sitting and socialize ingame.
If you need help from the staff, use support ticket.


If I can recall enough things then lets goez…
I’ll tell you my story while I watch Maximillian Dood kill people in MKX.

I logged on to my main character; SR Appraiser BM. SR was moved to Scout and there were no classes that used my I have a +10 Lv 315 Practonium Pistol and Crossbow so I had to decide which one to sacrifice since IMC thinks my time spent making them doesn’t matter. I decided to change one of my alts to Appraiser and just go back to SR as a Scout. I couldn’t equip my Pistol though which was upsetting, it was marked as Archer weapon still so I sent a support ticket. I found my old Manamana in stash I used for now and a Event Catacomb 30 days. My inventory vanished forever though so I stopped playing till someone found a fix the next day on Steam forums.

I tried SR, BM, Outlaw first I think. Outlaw was pretty cool but I was sad the Bricks weren’t throwable from mounts cuz throwing bricks are one of my favorite weapons actually. SR ate through SP even faster than it did before~ still hate that change~ which made BM pretty useless since the skills weren’t worth wasting SP on over Lemoncon.

I wanted to use bricks cuz bricks are cool and all so I tried BM, Shinobi, Outlaw. I unlocked Shinobi long ago for my Nak Muay but since he can’t use it anymore I wanted to make use of it on someone so I tried it on my Scout using Class Unlock Box…
(…I also changed that Swordie back to Nak Muay but I thought they gave me those voucher boxes to relearn the class after reset… So I tried to use a Nak Muay voucher on him and it didn’t work cuz he still had it unlocked. So that was wasted.)

Anyways, Shinobi was a complete embarrassing (@the dev’s) disaster cuz the clone AI is horrendously broken. I made a video so me and my friend who was considering returning could make fun of it (he hasn’t returned yet). After lotsa testing in an intensively laggy server environment while shooing away random dueling request while I’m trying to relearn and re-equip gear I eventually went back to SR cuz I missed it …BM’s running and shooting animation looked stupid so how could it ever be cooler… I tried Enchanter for Buffz and Squire for SP sandwiches. Squire being unable to teleport to Camp anymore unless he was already in the zone deeply saddened me. Sandwiches were tedious to make and impossible with controller mode. I had to switch to mouse mode to use table… TIL a slice of bread weighs 1 pound in Korea.

Sandwiches helped a little… not enough that I wanted to go on. I realized I can build a camp for my SR using an alt so I dropped Squire and made an alt sandwich slave. Enchanter was great overall so I went back to Outlaw cuz it was a cool class. I had 3 Evasion skills now from Scout, SR and Outlaw but for some reason it all stacks but caps out at a number that makes the SR’s evasion buff a waste of points. Caracole kinda sucks anyways though so I’ll probably just leave it at that in case it’s a bug or something. The class setup is fun, at least till I run out of SP or overdose and die from the aspartame they put in SP Potions.

My Druid used to use Kabbalist and Krivis for perma werewolf, high HP and invulnerability for world bosses and SP restore for the insane Werewolf SP cost but Lycanthrope took a lot of abuse and was the final draw that made me quit after the patch that nerfed it to death. Well, none of that really changed for the better. Krivis damage felt weaker for some reason, idk. The buffs felt meaningless and Kabbage has no SP recovery from Ein Sof which horrified me. Dunno why they bothered keeping the lame Henge Stone concept. Transform is still a useless novelty that I’ll continue to waste points on anyways.

[edit addition] I wanted to try Kannushi on my Druid who used to be one and has it shown as unlocked in his stats. The game said no for some reason though. The notes said gender change wasn’t required if you unlocked it already and for some who replied to me in shout that was true~ they didn’t even need to be one before patch reset them apparently, but my character is specifically hated then and can’t. Mirrors and fragments didn’t exist on the crappy barely existent Market at the time like every crafting mat I ever need. Plus that stuff is expensive both now and back when only oracle needed them and not me. What a dumb shop design both before and after. And why do men have to pay extra to be a class? That’s downright sexist. If it was the other way around pink haired SJW women who don’t even play the game would flip their ■■■■.

I dumped everything for Druid, Oracle and Exorcist for now since it’s the hip and trendy thing to Death Sentence everything now. It’s okay but certainly not as fun as my old Druid by a landslide. I tried out the new Druid Carnivory skill at Lv.1 to see what it does but the minions did 0 damage to everything. So I maxed Sterea instead which felt very unfulfilling with how short the duration is so I dumped it for Lv.11 Carnivory to see if maybe Lv.1 is just bugged but haven’t tested it yet.

My Sorcerer, Featherbutt, Shadowmancer, Cryomancer is my next character I care about, which wasn’t really doable anymore. The Riding targeting issue on Sorc I complained about often was fixed, which surprised me, and Desmodus, Evocation and Salamion are actually really good now, but at the expense of Familiars since they replace the fire Salami as the 1 pointer.
Overall after testing a lot of classes on alts Sorcerer ended up being the one I felt most satisfied with. At least till during a dungeon run where Riding glitched me in the air unable to move, use skills, dismiss summon or anything at all to unstick me so that wasn’t very cool. I also still hate the anti-cat-fun Empty Spellbooks.

I added Featherbutt back to my Sorcerer, which didn’t need Shadowmancer to prevent Blood Sucking from being interrupted anymore which is nice. I hate spamming consumables so I like being able to heal myself while doing damage ofc. It has Synergy with Sorc and Necro still and being able to suck off any type of mob with the new debuff is a good improvement. Necromancer doesn’t really feel too different but I added it for the SPR and extra damage from Desmodus which may or may not work with Necro minions. Who knows.

I don’t really know what to do with my Nak Muay. He is Murmillo and Barbarian for the defense and AoEs and attack speed. It feels like there aren’t many synergies for him anymore. He just has extra attacks that I don’t have SP for. …and a really annoying Frenzy sound effect.

That’s probably enough for meow. I tried a buncha random crap on my alts but nothing was too exciting. They will just end up shop slaves. I only care about my first 4.


you sire, just make my day! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


All in all you are writing bullshit. The Thaumaturge still has its value even besides Swell Brain. The SP-Consumtion is just problem when you are a brainless Skill-Spammer, because all builds I have tested so far had never an issue with the SP-consumption. Sure you need more SP-Potion if you use a lot of skills, but the most people exaggerating because they haven’t adapted themself to the new system. I have no BM, because it’s a fanservice class, but I have my doubt that the class is that bad as you claim just because of one missing class-external skill. And to Saluus; yeah, it is harder to accomplish the mission but that is okay because it was to easy Pre-RE:BUILD.

You kiddies are simply annoying because all you can is whining. I have seen this behaviour a lot in the MMOG-Scene. A new patch is implemented which occures some changes, which forces the player to leave their comfort zone and adapt to the new things, but all the kiddie can do is whining and your whining scares new and returning players off.

If your want to complain than pick some real issues like:

  • crashing channels
  • repair-bug
  • tradeable items which cannot be traded
  • useable items which cannot be used

  • Change my main weapon
  • Try to put gem in it
  • It automatically discarded
  • There’s a maintenance that gives back weapon that discarded while equipping gem
  • After maintenance, IMC gives back useless weapons. Not my main weapon
  • Thanks IMC for making my main weaponless.