Share your re: build experiences


Not much time to test until weekend comes. Settled my archer build.

Over on the cleric side hmm… going for Druid - PD - Kabbalist. Somehow I find that kabbalist is like pulling the build down with little to no synergy with the other 2 classes.


Some classes feel a bit weird, some feel a lot better. I’ve started to enjoy Swordie again after this patch. I really like Fencer-Rodel-Matador. Keeping your shield pdef with Epee up :ok_hand:
Epee removes the shield visually from your character… so it kind of looks like you’re slamming the ground with your fists w/ Targe, or giving enemies a right hook w/ Bash.

Hunter is still buggy. I hits a lot harder now, but it’s still buggy.
Scout and Archer are hard to spec without picking the same classes every time, because of the lower class amounts.
They kind of feel dull because of this, except gun scout which feels pretty nice.


CMs became harder to survive, but easier to kill the monsters. My weapon only has trans1 yet I was still able to complete stages1-5 in 9-10mins, which is something I would never be able to do pre-patch, so I like it.

But yeah, way harder to survive. Heal lvl5 is enough for stages 1-4, but starting at 5 I need to use hp pots, which is another thing I never did in the past lol

And another thing: Chaplain+Inqui seems bugged. The flames dont proc chaplain extra lines at all. Still really strong though. Also its kinda funny how Visible Talent can one-shot CM bosses lol, 999k auto attack is fun.


There’s your problem… you’re solo-ing CM… no wonder its hard for you… try and socialize… join a CM party… you might like it. :wink:


I guess I could’ve elaborated. Monsters died faster, but they did more dmg than I recall.

I consider that easier because it helps clear faster.


I prefer party play, to the point I mained linker/thaum before re:build hit. That being said, people should play the game how they want to. If they wanna do stuff solo then props to them, there’s no need to push them away from their preferred playstyle. There’s also the fact that solo doesn’t indicate they didn’t want party. They might have just been testing stuff, or maybe none of their usual group was online, etc.

There’s also stuff that should be soloable especially if you’re in like a +16/T10 legendary set lol, or if you’re doing content way below your level.


Soloing CM makes sense,though, you get to keep all the silver that drops,not only a portion.
If you can, you should try and solo instead of joining a party.


Does anyone know what causes the no fps/no interactions bug and how to fix it cause it;s getting REALLY annoying

EDIT: :anger:

Time to make my archer again… Collect cards, collect my voucher box to reclaim my appraicer status…

click click image


Check F1…




[quote=“brunoldultra, post:15, topic:395605”]
Any class I end up looking isn’t there anymore, feels like core mechanics were stripped instead of “toned down” like they said.[/quote]
Core mechanics have changed, of course, but this has nothing to do with qs. And if you like running shot you have your options in archer branch but without damage boosting running shot. Just get out of your hole and open your eyes.


My experience about REbullshit is:

1 - Mages Staff user :
Wizards who use staff, are weak in pvp, and against most bosses and some mobs as well. This class needs urgent attention because maybe it is one of the most chosen in the game. Class is Dead now.

2 - Thaumaturge:
Thaumaturge has become such an idiot class that it is no longer worth it. All he does is increase monster drop. Formerly it was a class that was extremely necessary in any content, now only an ■■■■■■■ class, that make RNG drop of the dumb itens easier.

3- SP consumption:
Normal potions are crap, they do not recover anything from the life bar, their cooldown is ridiculous too. Craft potions regen medium amount of heal, very high cooldown, and the characters are consuming a very high amount of potions due to the bad configuration in the characters SP consuption made by the developers.

4 Bullet Marker AA.
This one is dead. Nothing matches this class, just one class with bad skills and that does not complement any other efficiently.
with the end of SKILL runing shot, neither AA this class does more efficiently. Class without any value.

Years to complete, feels bad for those who have 10 chars more. could be an eternity to make it on all chars.

Anyway, is so much bad things in this Rebullshit, that i can write a book. Note Zero for this update that in my view killed the game.


I redeemed a shinobi and RC voucher in my cleric, just to do the hidden quests that give titles… Only to find out the vouchers can only be used by the correct base classes



It’s also not tradeable so it will hunt you forever. :confused:


I finally get to play tonight, kinda excited, KINDA…


im already saw a few builds of archer scouts and swordman onshoting bosses on saulus and 330 dung but with my main wizz with over 13k Mattk y happy if I see some number over 200k.


All in all I welcome the changes and the opportunity to actually work out individual builds now.

The general increase in difficulty is alright as well though could’ve been handled somewhat better instead of just nerfing classes and buffing monsters.

Which is a real big problem is the SP-costs as everyone already noticed. Not gonna add another comment towards this one.

What surprised me however was the Sadhu-class. Fckn Sadhu. Here presented itself a big opportunity to actually make Sadhu worth taking and now it got even worse than before. The ONLY synergy that actively gets promoted is with Exorzist by changing the damage type of a skill from Psycho to Holy-property.
At the same time the nerfed the attack-speed of OOB, the actual thing that made this class interesting.
The “change” I’ve read about Astral Explosion NOT canceling OOB hasn’t been made either. Sadly!
Now the class only got another skill that basically works like another Astral Explosion (with attribute both wokring on OOB and original body at least) but still nothing to write home about.
I really hope I’m wrong and there are synergies working with Sadhu now all over the place but as things are right now it’s pretty much the most worthless class right now imo.


sp cost was balanced to make more need for the SP elixirs and collect more money from the p2w players. its the same that they do about the ichor system and the same that they would do about the class reset system. surely on few monts we will have some reset point potion avaible for some tp, thats why they put “cap” to the reset point, thats why they increased the ammount of money to get a 100% attribute on their skills and why they made somuch useless 100% atributes for some skills


you can make new low level appraiser using free char slot from dina shop.

overestimate lv 5 is weaker than steady aim lv 15, tested it


What also surprised me was that an nearly dead game like ToS that had resorted to a complete rebuild of their game launched it as usual with no testing and not a single GM online.

The extent of their support through what is arguably their most important update has been occasionally flashing a reminder in shout to check your market retrieve tab.

In the 5 weeks ive been back now, playing approx. 8-10 hours a day (I know I know, im a stay at home dad, it this or watch paw patrol all day), I have yet to see a single GM on at all. In the old days they would atleast pop up for 20-30min once every couple weeks to hand out some cheap free buffs in town or pretend to have an presence occasionally engaging the community in shout.

Its no surprise that today we had about 800 fewers players log in then yesterday, most of the people that I know that came back to check things out said the exact same thing; “still a buggy piece of crap, going back to PoE or FFXIV”.


GMs are not typically in game on ANY MMORPG. They are dealing with support tickets and using tools outside of the game to resolve player problems.

Also, this update received significant testing in both iToS and KToS, and for the most part is completely functional, outside of a couple issues which they already acknowledged on the official website that they’re working on having resolved before next week.


I will use the Slot for Female Scout…

and need to think about a new Male Archer too but there is non that make the cut…

I thought Aiolos would make a good Archer…

but game doesn’t have enough gold D: