Share your re: build experiences


I also like how Pardoner shop is much easier to set up. I had wanted it to be the way it is now.


I been having issues with leveling with wizards I been trying to level for a bit. One is a sage/chrono and she is 165. She used to have no trouble in Demon prison but now those mobs will kill her easily even when popping both crafted and merchant potions.
This is the same issue i been having with my alch/runecaster/chrono (325) I was doing the unlock quest for FFL. The mobs were blowing the character away even in giant form and I died because I aggro’d an elite that was doing over 3k a hit to my runecaster who only had 13k hp. Even with sprinkle, crafted, and merchant health potions i was killed.

This update has went back to how it used to be that unless you are really geared or have a party leveling solo is now punishing expierance. They talked about how this opens up tons of new opportunities with new builds but really unless you choose the best build to level with you aren’t going to have a fun time trying to level.


The classes feel bland - most of them are exactly the same thing and have no identity behind them.
The attribute system is even worse than before - everywhere is just enchance. There is nothing cool to actualy make your build unique.
The weapon restrictions on classes are still enoying as they were - auto swap didnt fix a damn thing.
SP consumption is a joke, it was bad before and now its even worse.
Item stats are as boring as they were - mobile games heve better itemizations.
Cards are as boring as they were - the game compare to RO where they had really good card system allowing you to make your build yours.


Log in > cant interact with anything > walk to next map > return > all fix >

Repeat over and over again


Happened to me twice now haha. I cant even exit the map. So I just close the program. Haha


But is it a challenge when the fights are still easy, just longer ?
Isn’t a challenge when you have to be careful, think, pay attention to the moves of your enemy ?
I don’t think most of TOS is a challenge, it’s more about making the enemies long to kill while your risks of dying aren’t that high. That’s why a lot of players are frustrated. It feels like it takes time for no reason. No challenge, no good rewards.
From my experiences in games, people don’t mind doing challenging things that take one hour or two to complete if:

  1. There are mechanics, which makes a game interesting since you need skills rather than pure strength
  2. The rewards are worth it. What you did took long and was difficult, so you get great rewards.
    I feel that TOS has always failed at that on several of its contents, which is why you often have frustrated people.


I use the warp stone and walk away :pensive:


It just sucks, moreso b/c I have honestly been really looking forward to this. I came back a month early to farm and get gear ready for the exchange and thought that things would honestly be revamped.

In reality I waited 30 days for all the classes to be gutted and for the chance to read “where are all my items, all my stuff is gone” every 8 seconds in shout.




Best stats possible cant compare :smirk:

Maximum FPS :expressionless:


I just have i single thing that i didn’t like:
Necromancer lack of parallel damage. Once we have Dirty Pole, Flesh Strike and a DECENT Flesh Cannon. I miss soo much this skills. They were once unique and made my head about choosing Necromancer instead of Sorcerer. I really wish that IMC rethink this decision and bring back these skills again.


From my experience looks like we got that first rebuild patch, where koreans were complai ing about difficulty that got toned down eventually.

The sp costs are crazy high, saalus bosses hitting for a ■■■■ tom of dmg that is hard to keep up with Just hp pots, even 15s cd ones.

Scouts dagger attack still do pierce dmg and scouts in general feel very very fragile, i couldn’t keep alive during my saalus run.

So far i’m disapointed but not surprised with the lazyness of imc, since we had to wait until jannuary, one could hope we would at least get a more up to date version of the game.


The dificuly I find it to be fine, my main problem is everything going down like water cause we got less stats where we want them and less of it too…

HP SP and STA might as wll be rename to Kool-Aid Water and Piss


Daily Content:
CM is easier
Dungeons are easier
Saalus is harder

Haven’t tried any raids yet

SP usage is high across the board. Especially since Spr no longer gives max or regen, we’re really feeling it SP wise.
A lot of skills still need some more SFR and/or SP adjustments


lol more hp where? hahahahaha this guy


Pretty bad man this thing happen to me:


CM easier?

No. Sure not. I had trouble to survive beginning with CM4 and trying to Solo CM6 was ended by death even though my Plague Doc is hard to kill. Before I had no problems to survive in Stage 6. Now I am more busy trying not to die. But to be honest: I like it.


IMHO not that bad, but not good either. Kinda came at a wrong time for me since every start of the year is a busy time for me. I was only able to test a few characters yesterday, and not even a thorough one.

Sp cost surely skyrocketed. My Dragoon really took a hit because of this. I haven’t tested my falconer-mergen but from what i’ve read, its gonna be that bad too.

Saalus became harder - but not as hard as it was when Magburk mission was still live. Even the mobs who usually die in one hit are harder to kill now.

A lot of debuffs/buffs were removed (i’m looking at you Hop-goon, again) and i believe it somehow diminished my dps even further.


Agree, it’s more or less, kind of one the side of meh though. There’s good things (better class/skill window, build freedom, new classes, class buffs) but there’s a few terrible things making stuff unenjoyable for everyone.

Since people already mentioned how terrible SP usage and Saalus is, I wanna take the time to mention that it feels IMC dropped the ball on new/returning players on a big update (again). I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to implement an in-game guide/system to point leveling players in the right direction to prevent them from spamming chat. Also, probably give out basic gear through quests so they don’t complain as much about it.

Leveling got harder as a result of blessing nerf (personally haven’t felt it since most of my chars were high level) which is kind of concerning since most of the playerbase hangs out at high level content…which discourages new players and makes leveling a chore.

To tie in to the last point, it feels like leveling players were also struggling because class balance feels wacky atm, especially with wizards. Certain classes that had huge damage but huge drawbacks now have regular damage with huge drawbacks (Featherfoot, shadowmancer, musketeer, zealot to an extent) while others are damage kings that “coincidentally” also happen to have been moved across class trees or introduced in the update (taoist and assassin stick out the most).


They really wanted to emphasize team play, but they did so by simply nerfing everything globally and looking at some underused features and then applying a handicap to players so that they need to take advantage of the features (SP change).

Adding more hp to enemies is a way to promote teamplay sure, but that’s more of enforcement rather than encouragement.

They could have really taken a look at some classes and found really unique and interesting ways to encourage cross-class teamwork that also promotes the general idea of the class. Like a passive effect that can be accomplished almost exclusively through teamwork that benefits the team but doesn’t hinder the solo experience

Some examples could be say Schwartz Reiter, who is a mounted ranged unit. Historically they were about their mobility and hit and run tactics. So why not give them a passive that makes them do a powerful aoe burst if they could hit the enemy from a certain number different angles in a short time span. This would require the enemy to be focused on someone else or be locked down in a way that prevents them from rotating to face the reiter. The reiter already wants to be moving and shooting, so why not reward them for playing to the class’s strength?

The Peltasta/Matador could passively increase the damage by a small amount that monster’s aggro’d on to them take from sources that aren’t the peltasta/matador

The Doppelsoeldner grants a small amount of sp to allies after defeating any enemy they personally get the killing blow on (they’re all about killing for financial gain, so why not reward them for swiping kills)

There are alot of possibilities for benefits that are small enough that solo players can miss them, but significant enough that teamplay becomes exciting and engaging and wildly different depending on the class combinations you are with (yknow, the main selling point of this game)


darn didnt notice it was a one time change tree, thought it was every day. Guess ill go back to retirement again.