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Secret of the Solstice old players


I got to level 60 on the first day and i was still only rank #96…The person in rank #1 had double my points i have no idea how they did that.


It’s taking me abit to level lol. Only playing about 4hours a day. On different not enjoying the game and doing archer c3 quest atm. Also my characters name is D Boss without the space. I will be on Tomarrow so il accept then.


Lucky bastards >3< i wish i was playing too :c .


Misspelled note cuz of auto correct. Also I’m enjoying the game a lot lol. And sux for those who can’t play.


I’m only lvl 43. Been working and playing in portions. Farmed the mines for a few hours and got my lvl 40 bow to +5 and got about 50 gems so thats nice.


I heard Archers auto attack deals zero damage even in higher lvls

I myself will make a Damage Dealer/Support Mage :3


Actually in the higher levels, most mobs are weak against pierce. But I’m talkin like 130+ or something like that.


Is’t true that after the official release the max lvl will be 600?


Two points, I’m currently level 73 archer, they are so damn weak it’s unreal, archers start off ok then they become weak around my level and get much stronger again later on

Second point is that i heard someone say archers attacks no longer deal pierce damage but instead deal their damage based entirely on the size of the enemy they are attacking so yeah.

Also yeah the max level is gonna be 500 or 600 i can’t remember, it’s gunna be awesum! :>


Also the friends list is broken at the moment so nobody can add eachother :L


Kioji here from Adeline, sad I dont remember too much about that game anymore after I quit at lv 67 :frowning:
Only people I can recall are ZAPDOS and ~{Pullen}~ (hope I spelled that right lol).
I was the 25th player to class change to mage though :3 (the guy who tracked the magician->mage list caught me) I forgot his name…Amerith…an … something T___T
My favorite moments are when free-to-play pple die right after getting revived. Ive probably lost over 3-4 lvs in that game just from dying >: O


@CarteFinale well so much for me telling that guy at 1am to add me so we can play tomorrow…


btw if your an archer. use a 2 handed bow and lvl up the mastery where you deal 20% more damage to flying monsters and lvl the fudge outta it. Then just kill flying monsters to grind. You 1-2 shot everything that flies.


Yea trying to figure out a money saving build lol. Burn to much silver on sp pots. Might switch my str/dex build. But I will give the bow mastery a few more upgrades.(might do cloth armor) know if it’s any good for archer class sp pool?


Any of you guys know about the none combat classes? and can you please mention their names and what they do? <3


i haven’t really looked into armor yet. I’m going to do that next though.

I invested around 20 points into Spr just so i would have around 700sp.

My main attack is (or was at least) Oblique shot but the sp is insane. So I only farm flying monsters, use normal attack and I put 1 point into twin arrows so every 30 seconds I can 1 shot other monsters or flying monsters. For aoe I use multi shot. The sp for that is pretty good since it can kill a bunch of enemies.

If I figure out how to span onlique shot and still have sp i’ll let you know


Planning on putting enough points into sp so I can spam lvl 10 oblique. Hopeing it’s around 60-80 lol. If it’s higher was going to switch to cloth armor for better sp pool. Then put the rest of my points into dex and focus on equips socketed with max dmg gems. Hoping it works lol. It might be a good build at a higher lvl so ima give it a shot. Going fletcher so spamming dots and aoes will be a sp drain.


i only put around 10 points into dex, the rest went into strength


Current build is about 45 in str and 44 in dex. With 1/2 point in spr/con. Wanting to switch builds because I rely on auto attack to much and skills sp sink lol. I will test new build out Monday see if it makes lvling easier or not.


Guys, do anyone of you have BGM of Aerial Forest of Secret of Solstice.