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Secret of the Solstice old players


Hello everyone, I created this thread in hope of finding ex-Sos players. My ign was Poderoso, a templar. I really miss the game and I hope Tos brings back a little bit of the heart of SoS. I am really looking forward to playing it soon!



I played for a few months on the Adeline Server then switched to the Marian one when it came out. I was usually near the top in terms of level on that server. I had many characters but I only remember 2 names. My Archer was Lucifer and my Warrior was Jesus…

Just watching videos and seeing screenshots I can tell that there are some monsters and design choices that are very very similar to SoTS. Which is friggin’ awesome.

So i’m very excited for this game.


Hi, I’m Sue-Akane :grinning: and I played a priest on the Adeline Server. I really miss SoS too and think the same like you. I hope that I will get with ToS my lovely game SoS a lil bit back. Unfortunately I never reached my last class and I hope that I will get it this time :blush:


Wow, it is really nice to hear from you guys. I haven’t really enjoyed any other mmo as I enjoyed Secret of the Soltice. When I think of it I get sad xD really. So many adventures and good times. I hope to see you in-game. :smile:


@sue_akane I’ve been trying to remember for a day now. But I think I remember you from Secret of The Solstice. I have brief screenshots in my mind…


Marian player here! Used to go by the name of CrimsonWolf over there. : ) Also played Reborn a bit before it closed. It was my first mmo too and I’ll always miss it, even if leveling was bullpoo xD


@KornmanGobbles I think I remember too. Your Archer name rings a bell.

@unpocodeaire I really feel the same. I tried some other games like PWI but it wasn’t the same like Solstice. I think Solstice was so familiar. I never found it in an other game… I miss Solstice and the nice people.


@NaviWolf Did you play just on Marian or on Adeline too? think I have seen you.


Only on Marian :smile:

I posted a LOOOOT in the forums though. Like a looot.

When the Reborn merge happened it was only one server, so maybe you saw me running around there. xD


@NaviWolf I 100% remember seeing you around


@KornmanGobbles I remember you too now that I read you IGNs xD


All of your names ring a bell to me xD I spent so much time online hahaha. Do you remember the precious sound of a Xen drop? :wink:


@unpocodeaire I remember friggin’ everything. I lived that game for a long time. I had outstanding luck when it came to xens, leather, strawberries and fragments. Good times

Would be cool if we could import sounds into this game. Like the sound of a xen dropping.


Oh yeah the Xen sound, I will never forget ^^
But I loved the sounds of the areas too :smile:


SOS Soundtrack:


oh ;-; I miss SOS I use to play it then when it shut down i played reborn but not as much >w<.
I was only a scrub like like 50 archer T^T


I just cried xD Didn’t know they were out there. :slight_smile:


Did you guys get a Beta Key? I DID dances--------


@unpocodeaire nope :frowning:


:frowning: I think that you can check also at the HOME page of this site. Give it a try. (I am downloading the game as I write this).