Tree of Savior

Secret of the Solstice old players


Ah Solstice, was the first mmo I took part in waaay back. I was a CBT and played quite a bit in its early days. Fun fact: I’m the creator of Solstice’s first guild: Solstice Brigade. It wasn’t the first guild created when the guild system was released, it was created before that on the event forums(around Jan-Feb 07). Not long after Remnants was formed, along with the rest of the guilds slowly. Never really got to 2nd class nor play much when Reborn came out but it was nice. My time with Solstice Brigade and our sub-guild Canard was unforgettable.

Not the full roster, just a meet up between SB and Canard members.


99,999,999 Kron for a Puppet Nose. You crazy bastard…

If I ever get rich I’m going to track down whoever has the rights to SOTS and buy it.


They’re handing out Beta keys in the home page go check it out and register if you didn’t guys :3


Idk what to do, i don’t want to level too much because it will feel bad when it gets wiped, i might try a cleric or something, also a tonne of people are talking about re rolling their characters but keeping their inventories how are they doing that?


I got my archer to 66. Decided archers such so made a swordsman. He’s lvl 68 right now. Might try a cleric or something in a few days.


IGN : BukubukuChagama , Lodge Name : LonElyNeko

Meet ya there guys x3


i know u im kanonfury we are in the same guild so many memories


Hey all! Mordea here, I definitely remember some of you. Miss the SoS days so much!


I miss SoS so much. it was my favorite MMORPG game, I had quite a few characters on the game. One was a mage lvl 75+ I think when I stopped playing. If I remember correctly at one point i made a character from each class but my healer was my favorite and the highest lvl one. I remember playing with my high lvl friends in really hard areas and having so much fun trying to survive while they fought and while I healed them so they wouldn’t die. I remember the awesome friends I made playing SoS. Knowing everyday I would be fighting monsters with my friends even when we where separated by countries. I also remember I married my mage character to another character on SoS, and while it was unusual for it to happen we had a game master officiate our wedding. Those where some awesome days and nights spent playing an awesome game. I didnt get into playing Reborn because I had already stopped playing SoS when reborn came out. I played it alot for old times sake but then they closed everything done. Good luck to all with this new game I didnt get invited to beta so I will hopefully see you all in the new game when it opens up.


Check your Messages i sent you a beta key


HI ALL im a old SOS player, name was ZIRXA… found this thread when i was trying to find what happen to SOS, i soooo miss this game i GIVE EVERY THING IN THE WORLD to have it back, any ways i see you all playing a game that might be like SOS? if so whats it called?


It’s Tree of Savior , You’re in their forums now lol .


well i feel silly now lol, i just figured this was random forums LOL, i shall check the game out now, is it like SOS?? i ragnarok was like SOS … DAMN i miss SOS


any idea when beta testing ends?


Awwww so miss miss miss Secret =( Was the best kind of game. All the players I played with I missed. I dont how i get it to there was 11xlvl Assassin kinda hard and slow for a player not using special items from the store. My in game was “galadreel” and i had a few more. Our guild was Absolute zero. If anyone from it is readying this after maybe more then 5-4 years or so we had the best times and i miss you guys. Good luck.


Sup! :smiley:
Ive been played little time SOS durning christmas break from school in 2008(or 2007 i dont rymenber exacly)
I dont rymenber class of my charachter, but i am 100% sure its was blue haried female ive named her after Dawn that pokemon trainer from anime :smiley:

This SOS was not bad but playing alone without any friends quickly bores me, So ive switch to Last Chaos where most my friends playing, Today i dont play MMO games but one of my friends wanna play Allods Online with him, but i refuse him because dont offer anything in excange not counting joining his* guild.

*Acutally its not his, but he is now current leader because founder leader stop playing allods online game and give leadership to my friend.


man seeing those pics makes me sad, i swear SOS was best game ever, wish some of those beta testers would let us know how this game is lol, if its some thing like SOS then i will be a happy man…


Same here man, I totally I agree


I love reading all your replies. It is heart-warming to realize that so many people loved Sots and have such great momories. :slight_smile:


I mean it kinda looks like SOS, but that’s about it. There’s no “main” ability you can spam over and over again like Magic Thunder/Wind Blow from SOS, You’ll find yourself auto attacking a lot of the time tbh, but i still find it fun. It has actual boss fights though, which SOS was lacking, aside from a random hippo that would spawn and one shot you and a dragon or something on the last map? I don’t remember. Not much grinding either until you reach around 145, at which point you grind in two spots to around 165. Other than that it’s all questing, which is like the complete opposite from SOS, i remember doing the library quest for decent exp in SOS and that was like it lol. If you have any specific questions feel free to pm me or post here.