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Secret of the Solstice old players

  • I can’t wait to see everyone in game!



I don’t have any idea where to get a beta key HELP Dx


They gave them all out, best try for next beta phase or when they release the game.


Oh well =w=’’ i guess so , thanks for answering c:

#146 :smile:


Hey guys,

ClepClep here. See you all in game.


are you guys all EST/Central/PCT (America and Canada time)?


EDT +1 (Santiago Time). Btw can you add me to the group you made on steam? thanks!


GMT (London Time) Here.


00:45 local time. 3.45 hours to go, I’m getting sleepy xD


it’s 11:50pm here. I’m going to bed but will be on around 7-8am


I think I will hold on up otherwise I won’t be on till whatever time I wake up tomorrow, well, this morning. :smile:


well odds are the servers will pretty much blow up for the first hour or so. So you might have to wait even longer.


I thought of that, too. In CB1, it took me around 30 min to get in. This time around there will be more people, so yeah you are right xD Sleep tight then! See you tomorrow.


Oh, could you add me to the steam group? I have not received any invitation yet. It would be awesome if you could. :slight_smile: Thanks.


Used to play SotS a bit, though never reached a high level due to not playing with people D:

Still unsure as what server to pick, but would like people to share thoughts with about the game.


How’s it going guys :3 ? Are you doing good? Just came by to check on you hehehe .


It’s awesome, once all the bugs are ironed out this is gonna be an amazing game, it already feels a lot like secret of the solstice. :^)


Omg can’t wait x3 …too bad can’t play cause no key DX and i lost every contest for winning keys my luck sucks @3@ .


It’s pretty good so far. They still have to fix the lag and movements (attacking, walking buggy) a bit. But so far pretty solid.