Tree of Savior

Secret of the Solstice old players


I guess I will go with an Archer then. I only remember 2 of my SotS names ( Lucifer and Jesus). So I’ll be Lucifer for now.


I’m stock with D Boss of nobody steals it lol


Then Zemyna it is , sorry for the dumb question but when is the game officially out
and not this beta crap >w< and is’t optimized ?


@LonElyNeko There’s no ETA on when the games out yet. Were hoping for around April 2016


Yo, for those of you who plan on hardcore grinding this ■■■■ out and need a group, add me on Steam, bonus points if you’re down to get on mumble with me.


@Russel We’re all gonna guild up and become together then we’ll decide what’s happening and grind >w< .


hello all,

Another ex sots player here. I was called viking skull (templar) and Timmy Mallet (knight), I recognise a few names.

Looks like ive missed the beta boat by a bloody day lol…so i will wait and hopefully join you at the next beta!


I think some fan sites were given extra keys to give out a few days into the beta, you could look into that if you want to join :^)


Now i have a question , will the characters we create and level up be wiped out after beta or will continue to exist even after CB ??


Also will there be another beta test? cause i didn’t get one of the keys =/


It’s not confirmed but they said that the characters would most likely to be wiped after the beta finishes.


That would make sense and i like it that way cause it would give advantage for the beta testers over the new ones and beta is meant for testing and looking for problems in the game while enjoying it .


Remember everyone to post your character names here when you create them. I’ll add you guys as soon as I’m on.

And were gonna be on the Zemyna server

@Russel I plan on hardcore grinding but I work random hours so If I don’t work for a few days i’ll be down to hardcore grind with you


Anyone who wants can add me on Steam


add me on steam, homie.


Add me instead , i can’t add you >3<


I added @Russel and @LonElyNeko

anyone else who wants to play TOS add me aswell:


Well here’s mine, i added you all anyways.


Made a quick steam group. Nothing special, just to more easily see whose online.

just post your steam account URL here and we’ll invite.

#141 Soon :^)

Also decided i’m probably gonna go for an Archer -> Rogue build.