Tree of Savior

Secret of the Solstice old players


well that sucks… ya some 100% legit information would be nice


Let’s be sure of the information and go inside one server :3 don’t screw up guys >w< .


HAHA I remember playing this. Never really got that far but I liked the graphic style and it was quite fun to play. Man the days when MMOs were coming out of the woodwork before the browser MMO boom started.


If we are to choose, I’ll pick the least populated server. :smile:


Secret of the Solstice my god it was so boring and no full screen option the gameplay absolute ■■■■


We didnt play for the outstanding Gameplay we did play this Game because it had the best Community i ever saw in any Game


That’s your opinion foxchild and i respect it but we felt home and special , we were like a family and that game made us feel the adventure as if we were sucked into another world C: too bad you didn’t get to feel that .


Damn, if the servers are actually located in different areas i may need to join one of the other ones since i’m in the UK… :L
Still, i guess it depends on how bad the ping is.


All 3 Servers will be the same

Even confirmed by the Staff

Some of my Friends are going to join Zemyna so i will be found there


I have to say this holds true. SOTS was my very first MMORPG with an excellent community and it has left a void when it shut down. Love that game.


I’m ok with joining Zemyna, i get the feeling a lot of people are gonna join Laima just because it’s the first server on the list and they want to get ingame fast ^^

Zemyna for Secret of the solstice server then?


Zemyna sounds good to me


Aaaah, trying to make a build that will scale well later on is hard >_<
I’m probably gonna go down the archer tree, what’s everyone else starting with? :^)


I will start with Cleric into Krivis and then see how it goes. I have some builds and will pick the one i will feel best about.

Cant wait to see you ingame all :smile: .


I’m going Archer > Ranger > Ranger > Scout > Fletcher > Fletcher


I was thinking of going Archer > Archer > Ranger > Ranger > Fletcher > Fletcher but from what i’ve heard from a class thread i was reading Ranger is pretty weak :^(
That’s pretty much why i’m trying to rethink the classes i’m picking now.

@finaty That also sounds nice, haven’t seen much of the cleric branch classes yet so i don’t know too much about most of them still :smile:


@CarteFinale well ■■■■. I don’t know what i’ll be then


I guess it isn’t completely confirmed, there was a thread about how it was really underwhelming and didn’t do much damaged but other people said it might be because they assigned their stats awfully so who knows ^^


Let’s agree on Zemyna then?


Also going archer class. Will try and use my old ign. Also Yea, Zem sounds like a decent server.