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Secret of the Solstice old players


I remember finally hitting lvl. 112, getting ranger, and then not even like 3 weeks later they shut it down and migrated everyone over to Reborn… My ranger was “^jay^” on Adeline. Didn’t care much for reborn, so it was r.i.p from there.


Awwwe I miss SOTS. BranBran here. I was a priest. I played it for a couple years when I was younger and I loved it very much. There will never be a community as strong as that one. Forever wondering why the flourishing SOTS committed suicide and switched to Solstice Reborn.No logic among the gamemakers unforunately.


i remember you!!! ; u;


amg this is beautiful. all these events were total lag festivals.


lol xen stoner…snort


I remember you poderoso :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure we have battled for an aoe spot (on my disciple kaitoucoon)

My main characters were Pon Farr (paladin) and Lucemia (wizard) on Adeline. I miss that game x-x and I miss my ig friends!!!


Hum, I does not have good memories of Secret of the Solstice, since the game were all empty and were boring to grind.
And after the update that changed the game, the game got better by some percent, but there were a level that were unbearable to level up on because the quests vanished, making the grinding return.

Beside, at least the gameplay were kind of interesting.


Yo this is D Boss from Sos. Was in so a from start to end. I was always in arena though lol. Also I remember Jay because I killed you a few times in arena. On a different note nice to see some SOS players😄


Most people who played SOS loved to mindlessly grind. And with such a small player base it made the game seem more friendly. Was a few good years.


Yeah i surprisingly enjoyed the massive amount of grinding, it felt more rewarding when you finally made it to the next class change, looking forward to this second closed beta test so much, i’ll see you guys there maybe if you signed up for it! :^)


I was an old SotS player too nice to see so many old Players here i will never forget the awesome Community this Game had.Made so many friends there that i still miss to this Day ;_;


well i’ll be playing in the next beta so if anyone from SoTS wants to play i guess I’ll post my IGN here when I have it


Cool. I guess I will go for Poderoso, if not available, Poderoso SoTS. I’ll post it it here, too. :smile:


Hi guys , How are you doing?
When i read this post i was like O M G i couldn’t believe my own eyes cause i’ve been in a search for years for other old SoS players like me who played and enjoyed that great game that sadly was shut down.
Anyway i hope this game lives to our expectations and make us feel home again cause i swear that no matter how many games i play nothing could fill my heart with joy and excitement like SoS did .
Btw we should make a guild for old SoS players >w< and when the game is out post another post with your names so that we exchange them together :DDD .

So sorry for typing too much i was so hyped and happy >w< See ya in ToS guys :'3 .


And you have to tell us which server we should gather in cause we were already separated for 5 years QwQ
i don’t want us to be separated again >w< let’s gather in one server so choose wisely :3 .


Welcome home :slight_smile: In CB1 there was just one server if I recall right. Should there be more than one this time, I will post it here as soon as I log in :smiley:


Ya totally going to pick Adeline server.


Yeah there are 3 servers it looks like, Laima, Zemyna and Gabija, where’s everybody gonna go? :^)


Lamia Server is in New york
Zemyna Server is in Los angeles
Gabija Server is in Paris

Im closer to the New York server but the LA one should be fine too. Just can’t choose the Paris one.


Someone pinged all 3 Servers and they where all located in Virginia Ashburn so i think that was false information until IMC states something otherwise.

Anyway i will be playing on the Server Zemyna