Tree of Savior

Secret of the Solstice old players


Hello everyone! A few names in here I remember. I miss this game so much and have never been able to find a game that is as good or holds my attention as much. I really hope that we can bring SoS back somehow. My name was VampGirl from the Marian server. Anyone have any suggestions on how to bring this game back?


Hi all! I remember playing SOS - a truly unforgettable experience. I played on the Marian server too :smile:


I will never forget SOS as long as I live. My brother introduced the game to me in 07. Although it’d been a long time, we still talk about it sometimes because it brought back so many memories and experiences. It basically consumed 4 years of my life because It was so addictive. I remember aoe throughout the night trying to make knight and had to accept 25% grade reduction on my Senior Capston project because I turned it in late (boost wasn’t available at that time). I eventually grinded my character Odyssey to level 150. I haven’t play any game since SOS and have been busy with life but I will deffinitely play the game again if Outspark made it available. Not going to try to get back to where I left off but hope to reconnect with some old in game friends. I found so many familiar names as I read further down this thread.


hey i was playing sos from the start and still have bee trying to find other game. been trying for years. i still miss it everytime i start a new game i relate it to sos and it is never the same;


Not sure if anyone here rememebers me but I was a cocky wizard lvl 121 named pRrue! Would love to reconnect with someo of you on this game! same name so hit me up!


Hello, is there someone who WANT(motivated to spend many time) and CAN(know some programming languages and can produce servers internal architecture) to do private server for Sos.
If people like this is exists then I can helps with packets researching.
But most and biggest problem is a data filling and mechanic because it’s not presented in client and no alive server for research.
Test img 1
Test img 2
And simple Test video


I’m glad to see everyone met each other and might made new friendships it’s really heartwarming and beautiful.

By the way how did you find Tree of Savior!?


yea but the pressure of mobs in crowded areas such as the library was insane i remember i have to forced myself to end the procces of the game or die alone down there in hell after LV.113 maps to 160 the mobs where insanely smart and it was easy to get locked by them if u dont control ur skills and distance.
Some other situation i was begging to some of my friend list to come to unlock me since i was getting 1 dmg and plenty of pots.
Those memories oh god bring me back to 2007 xD.


I recognize so many names. I wasn’t an active player, although I played almost daily since 2007 when Secret of the Solstice was still in Open Beta. I played until Solstice Reborn with some breaks playing something else, but even though I had 4 or more years in the game, I was the best noob that ever was: my Scout named Biky only reached lvl 74 before Reborn, my Rogue named Biky# reached lvl 88 or 89 before Reborn. My Acolyte named Mike Strutter was around lvl 54. My sister’s Templar was 83 or 84 (we were using the same account for the scout, acolyte and templar). After the Reborn boom I quit. My guild was named Omega Solstice Guild, I only found 1 member in this forum.

I recognize Twix, Odyssey, Alucard, KC and Nero Mystyra (which I am subscribed to on Youtube). Probably more, but it took a while to read all the thread, so there might be more names that I recognize.

Anyway, ToS isn’t Solstice and never will. I really wish I could get my hands on the server files, I would host the game myself.


Andrei, wasn’t your ign Twix2k ? :slight_smile: Also, I missed you, Hellaqueen, Cloud02, Ragu and to some extent our ex-leader from Omega Solstice Guild, CrissElla.

And if I recall correctly, you quit our guild and joined Adrenaline, you traitor ! :)) Well, who am I to talk? I quit Solstice so many times to play Perfect World (terrible game). I really wish we could get Solstice back. Tree of Savior doesn’t seem that fun (well, I don’t have friends in this game). The community of SoS was the best of all the games I ever played.


Holy crap! hey dude! To be honest I don’t remember that particular ign, might have been an alt :smiley: What is up?

Alo Cloud02 that crazy dude… Jesus Christ, the memories…


Guys we are trying to bring back solstice posting how many times we can in arcgames forums if u can help us a bit and see if we can make a miracle ur post can make a diference here is the link of the post.

u probably need to create an account to post but it takes just a few mins lend us a hand AMATERAZU lvl 152 warlord from adeline!!!.


I can’t believe I haven’t checked this thread in 4 days ! Andrei, find me on facebook: Biky Alex. Gee, so much to talk.


Huh…Never noticed this Thread! This is Manueru from Adeline Server, former Ranger. Hope some of the Old SotS players are still around


good job buddy i would love to help u but im onli good modeling and i suck coding how’s things going? btw there is a club about sos in facebook i post up ur video to show them there is people putting time and effort like u to bring back those golden moments.


I played SotS and S:R, and I was crushed when it was closed out. I remember the letter to the fans saying that they would keep character information in hopes to possibly bring it back. I’m all for this and support it 100%. If any of you are on steam, I’m Koshimaru. I’ve just started playing tree of savior. I was hyped for it coming out, but it was released while i was in Army BCT and AIT. I’m hoping this will be a good substitute until we can get the SotS ball rolling!


Hmmm, may be someone still has solstice reborn client? Or xen online client? Or any other version? Available version is from 2009


Oh my GOSH! there seems to be a fair few old SOS players here :open_mouth: i’ve literally just stumbled on to this game lol how is everyone enjoying it? i’m just installing it now and fancy trying it out. My SOS character name was DjSwift, i was an archer, anyone remember me? the only players i remember easily is Xenos, Licgenier, LadySubaru, D0rkBoi, and a few others i think. Are you all on the same server? would be nice to meet/catch up with you all :smiley:


Is there a private server of SoS available now?


Hey there I miss this game as well my question is anyone good at game developing here I know a place where you can buy a CD of the game of it and play it but I was thinking we create the game to how it was