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Secret of the Solstice old players

This might be the game client and files and what not apparently. 11k+ people have downloaded it so maybe someone can host it. If it really is it😮



This is Poderoso again. I have a different account since I forgot my old credentials. I quit playing ToS and once in a while I remember SotS and get nostalgic. I am glad to see so many familiar names in this thread. Someday, we will play SotS again, hopefully. <3


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Pod, this is Lewcfur from Pirates of Xen! Hopefully you remember Philomena and I! Let me know if you’re still playing ToS; played it a little after hearing people say it reminded them of Solstice. Take care, brother!


Lost all my later photo’s but I quit before Solstice Reborn, then requit because of reborn.
I was level 120 Holy Avenger I believe I was very popular and one of the highest levels
maybe top 15 at one point.
Known as Recycle Bin I am googling to see if SoS will ever return and it’s a bust this is the closest ive found to even a forum of us trying to find each other again.
I miss NAZTYJA0, Varn, So many others…


DAMN i still miss that game, spent a lot fo time and $4 on it, any one even know why they shut shut it down? TOS seems cool, if any of you have a guild i could join let me know character name on TOS is zirxa