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Secret of the Solstice old players


Haha hey Kid you were always in and out of that grind fest of a game i still cant figure out why it still has me wishing it would make a come back. Think you missed most of my shadow master days. How have you been?


Outspark wasn’t that great of a publisher anyway. I’m just glad y’all found a better game.


I had a lvl 75 rogue, and a perma cloak of love which I spent SO MUCH money on trying to get… toobad its all gone now


Hi hi, loveheal here :3

Solstice was one of the first games I ever played, and it was sad seeing it go, but getting the very last “The end” egg on JP helped me feel better about it xD

Gonna be playing ToS with some friends from some other games. I wonder if I’ll find anyone I knew from SoS.


What sever is the guild going to be on just to recap so we all on same page?


We are all on Klaipeda


Invite me, mates :smiley:

Honestly this is my first message/reply on here, i’ve just been keeping an eye on the comments sience the end of Feburay :smiley:


Add Me aswell, i’ve allready added you :smile:


Sholten here \o/ Add me in-game?


That’s pretty funny considering SoS was supposed to be the spiritual successor to RO, as ToS is said to be.
I played a bit of SoS but my computer was terrible at the time. Due to constant hanging from my low specs, I never got far at all. I forgot my outspark login info on top of that and by time I started to care again, the game was closed down.
I just went back to RO private servers.


Hi everyone, I used to play SoS… It’s great to know that there are SoS players in ToS. My chars on SoS were Alucard_W, etc, depending on the class. If there is a guild of old SoS player, add me… Now it’s Alucard_Krad


Adeline server.

Assasin by profession
PvPer per instinct
Slacker by heart
Troll as a hobby
Sexy as my unavoidable destiny.

Licgenier reporting in.
Nice to see so many known faces here :smiley:


Apologies for intruding, but I’m currently in the process of helping a relative find information about Secret of the Solstice/Xen Online and would appreciate it if there’s anyone here who could help me round up information about the game. Right now I’m trying to compile a historical archive of Secret of the Solstice guilds, so if anyone has any information about guilds there, could you help me fill these pages out?

Guild Archives

Much appreciated. Feel free to also make use of the forums there if you wish. Obviously vandalism is not welcomed.


Whoaa the feelings! I can remember so many names.

Did you guys get together here on ToS? this topic is quite old :slight_smile:

My mage was called Twix Me on Adeline but never made it that far, I think i stopped at lvl 73 then tried other classes. I came back a year or two later on Marianne as andrei_ndi and made it to Archer.


hello there i am skadi65 from adeline server gathering priestess lvl 126, :slight_smile: i miss sos too like a lot, now known as skadi65 or skadi icebold i can be found at ragnarok valkirie uprising, server harpy, i made a guild named solstice, if u wanna join me there u are welcome, lets revive the sos spirit :slight_smile:


omg cool its been ages since i last saw u :o


if u r interested into joining me at ROVU, plz send me a message in whatsapp at this number, +521 5523175942 ill be there


So happy to find old SotS people here! My main was MiracleSeed in the thief class. I don’t remember what server, (maybe Adeline?) but I always hung out with a group of friends in the top left corner of the plaza where we’d fight to sit on the posts and joke around instead of leveling up heheh.

Hmu if you were in that group or remember me! I’ll be joining under the same sn. :grin:


Meant to reply sooner, but got sidetracked trying to find all my old SoS screenies. Recognize some names here from my life on Adeline … My most well know character would be my scout NVIDIA_LORD. I don’t visit here much anymore, but if anyone here remembers me you can always hit me up via Skype @ raine.angel.1992 just let me know who you were back in solstice


I remember you baha, we spent allot of time in the PvP Arena