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Secret of the Solstice old players


So…anybody else looking forward to Overwatch?


Just found this thread on google looking for Secrets of the Solstice and WOW i thought i was the only other person who played and knew about that game back then, man nostalgia all day. My character was a Scout/Warrior and my screen name was: Andone71 or Basedville (it’s been long time forgive me) i wanted to play something like that ever since but today format changed and there is nothing out there like it. It was truely one of a kind. I remember the community was the best of any game and those lag fest events in the cities lol i got to get this game now. It everbody is in so am i.


all I can remember from secrets of the solstice was being 13, telling some 14 year old girl I was 16 because i felt too young to play the game, then she followed me around for an hour calling me big brother…

One of the oddest experiences i’ve had playing a game I can say.


I was watching this thread ages ago it seems and forgot all about it for a long while. I’ve always missed SoS, and refer back to it often when talking about my gaming experiences. Such fond memories, even though I was a horrible player that only got past Mage when Reborn came out, lol. I was a little Mage called Shoyahz if anyone out there knew me, I still fondly remember a few people in this thread. No idea what server I was on, though Adaline rings a bell at least.

I know ToS won’t be the exact same game that SoS was, but the similar art style can’t help but draw me in. I want to think of it as an upgraded SoS with new mechanics built on the same basics.


Hey guys. Me and a group of old Secret of the Solstice players created a steam group to hop into ToS together. Please do join us here and hangout.


I would love to join up with old Solstice players. My ign was Pon-Farr (Paladin)Uploading…


Does anybody know the release date of this game?


For founders the release date will be on March 29th 2 am EDT and for non founders I believe it’ll be released on April 28th.


I know for a fact I remember these names. Back in Havoc/Chaos guilds. How could I forget those plvl parties on my apprentice. I really wish now that I had kept in contact with people better, then I wouldn’t feel like such a stranger.


This game really does remind me of SoS.
It has been a while but my main character was an acolyte named Takoto. Well probably Disciple. I forget how far I had gotten exactly.
Really looking forward to playing this! :slight_smile:


Hi guys, if you still remember me I am Santanu from Marian and I miss my guild mates from DTM =)

Guys while we are playing TOS for now, take some time to help contribute our family members in other part of the road, trying to rebuild Solstice Reborn back again.

This is their project page.
Xenian Game

Cheers guys and happy playing tos, add me on game =)


Just for the nostalgic feels.

Miss this game, hope to see it back some day!


so was going to download the game, and notice it said founders server access below to purchase down below, game will be free starting april 28th, so i got to wait till then to play for free?


thank you i forgot what some of the tunes sounded like been so long, some one really needs to bring this game back


Goodness. I am frankly surprised how many miss and treasure the social charm effect Secret of the Solstice had. I recognize quite a few players just by their shared names, yet sadly don’t see any of my closest friends. Ah well.

Being my first MMO, SotS got most of my time and I even became quite the grind demon. Can’t say I was fully proud of it but pioneering 4th class change was fun…remember Murdock telling me to hurry up, ha.

I’ve been playing ToS and its fun, but won’t get heavy play time as MMOs just don’t do it much anymore. Plus times have changed, people aren’t so open towards random encounters since even basic grinding content isn’t hard to accomplish on one. That and I just can’t ditch reality as much like I used to! :stuck_out_tongue:

I enjoyed saving people, partying up, and gaining friends. That was one good charm about SotS’ harsh grinding curve, it got people to open up for those who wished to go further. Now games aim to be a bit too easy, and only gate difficulty behind RNG (Xen Stones and Lucky Balls? Ha!)

Just to name a few characters I used to remember and wonder how they’re doing:

Agha, Angel_Abel, Ayanami-chan, Baten, Bobalitos, Dipple, DJ D-Styles, Endlesss, Grr_Fran, Kaulana25, Katsuragi, lunaheart, Mortelle, OoKaylynoO, Pixis, Rose_Flame, Sacred_Blast, sai guru, Selenity, Teiji, Varn


yes!!! I was just thinking about her! Does anyone have her contact information? I use to always party with her.


OoKaylynoO was one of my good friends back in the day, if you still talk to her tell her MrHadokoa says hello.


My old SOTS Character names were


I had a few others a rarely used but if anyone remembers me feel free to add me on steam or reply with your user name so we can connect in TOS!


(-_-)COOL my ing long time miss all


soon as i seen the name i made a account you used to be my daddy in sos lmao n my mommy was urika i think you even tried to help me fix my old ass comp one time lol good times bruh