Tree of Savior

Secret of the Solstice old players


Well hello I see several names i remember
I played quite a bit on all the servers my main being renjio a holy avenger. Love all the SOS pics and looking forward to possibly enjoying this game like SOS with a few of you!!


Hey all! My name was LINKL0L in SotS, I played on the marian server. I was a level 105 assassin by the time the game ended. I’m super stoked for Tree of Savior because I could never find a replacement for SotS. I tried a lot of other MMOs but nothing really peaked my interest like SotS did.


Hello, everyone! It’s good to see that many of you are still alive and missing this wonderful game.

My twin sister and I played the closed beta back when we were only 8 years old, where we spent a lot of time with a small group of friends, including our very own GM rider. After closed beta, we continued to make memories despite not seeing our friends from closed beta again! My sister and I are now 19, and we still love to reminisce on what was an amazing journey.

Sincerely, Secret from Secret of the Solstice~

Also, a group of old players have been trying to convince Suba to bring the game back. If you would like to support this, then please go here!


I also played the game since closed beta but in all my time playing I only ever managed to get to level 63 v.v;
Most of my time was spent sitting around the Crazy Old Man in arcanius square with my friends and talking all day, it was amazing, I really miss those days but I just feel like if it were brought back it just wouldn’t be the same again since they have probably all moved on.


The fact of the matter is that SoS was pretty bad gameplay-wise and all we got of the story was the opening part about the two sisters that never went anywhere. It ended up a monotonous grind using a terrible AoE system with no channel support. This effectively caused a gap between the guilds who hogged the higher maps indefinitely and the ones who weren’t in their groups.

This is pretty much why the game became a glorified instant messenger. We only really logged in for each other. It’s not like we were logging in for another riveting grind session in Big Apple.

Example: I fell asleep during AoE here. I don’t fall asleep when I’m having fun.


Pretty much this, it was an amazing time but if it were ever brought back I would have no reason to return to it other than the nostalgia since all of my friends have moved on.

The gameplay and story were awful but that being said it was probably one of the most amazing communities out of any game I have ever played and I really do miss it, I don’t want it back I just wish it hadn’t been taken down.


Did you know that this thread is the second link that comes up when you google “secret of the solstice private server”? Actually this is exactly how I found out about ToS a few months ago (sadly, I couldn’t participate in the icbt2 bc of irl reasons).

I remember playing SotS when I was 11 or so. I wasn’t able to get much far at that time but I remember having a lv.6x archer after Reborn happened. My ign was (probably) Tedu or Tedun, though I was never active in the chat/community because I was self conscious about my English :sweat: I feel like I missed out on a lot.

Just reading through this thread filled me with so much nostalgia. If the Solstice community decides to persist within ToS after launch, I’d love to be a part of it :smile:


A somewhat active forum about sots?? awesome!
Any one who played secret of the solstice and visited the forums probably remembers me.

I made sooo many friends from that game, and it was my first mmorpg. I still havn’t put as many hours into any other game like I did with Solstice.


HI guys~ I was so happy when I found this forum. I had no idea there were still people looking for games like SoS. I had a lot of fun reading through all 200+ comments haha.

If anyone remembers me my char name was Iris18 on the Marian server or Lilith after my account got hacked. Sadly I didn’t make it to priest before Reborn closed ;-; made it to lvl 88 though.

But I can’t wait till ToS comes out! I’ve been trying a lot of different mmorpg but none have been able to fill the hole SoS left lol I hope I can re-make some of my friends that I had on SoS and make new ones! I miss everyone xD


I’ve downloaded several other mmorpgs and hasn’t been able to find anything like Solstice either.


I’ve played Secret Of The Solstice and Solstice Reborn as well, for the moment I’m looking for another mmorpg that’s a lot like those but it’s hard to find one. My avatar name was Destroyah. Don’t know if you’d know or remember that name tho. cx


I remember your avatarname o.o don’t know for sure tho, mine was Destroyah.


I remember seeing this on the forums. I actually remember most of names from both the servers.

I was Starrchild in the forums and then I played all the classes. I was mostly known for my Disciple/Templar Starr72 and my priest ~Starr~


WEW, Open beta coming, can’t wait :^)


Deoxys114 from the Adeline Server checking in. Can’t wait to play a game like this again.


Oh wow, I tried this game once.

My inventory got filled up with something.

And then I got lost.

And then I stopped playing >3> I remember though, I wanted to go from Neophyte into something that was all speedy.

Good times


I remember playing this in middle school… Those were the days. :slightly_smiling:
I’ve always wanted to play it again but it was already shutdown when I went back to it years later. :frowning: I’m pretty sure I remember an event where they would make you race after giving you an item that weighed a ton. Damn… That feels like forever ago.


I think I remember that name.


Hi guys. Not sure if anyone recalls this old Adeline warrior but I was known as CKMatthew (107 Warrior) and CKMatthew X (100 Assassin) before reborn and CKMatthew_B (82 Templar) in reborn. Is good to know the memory of the game continues on.


Hello everyone! SotS was the first MMO that I truly enjoyed. I had a lackluster rogue named Hitomi, a wizard named VioletRage and a cleric named Kitteh on the Marian server. Oh how I miss those days!

Super excited for ToS to come out… Looks like it will be the replacement my heart has been yearning for! (Although, let’s be honest, nothing can replace Solstice… EVER!)