Tree of Savior

Secret of the Solstice old players


HMMMM im not liking what im hearing lol… i guess thats my own fault for getting my hopes up, does any one KNOW a game even kind a like SOS?? been playing this one game called ELDEVIN, its ok, but boring after you reach lvl 49 (max cap)


Hello fellow SoS players =) My name is Nero Mystyra and I used to be a Level 135 Shadow Master back when Adeline server wasn’t even called Adeline because it was the one and only server lol It was so nice seeing all of these posts and screenshots! Brings back so many wonderful memories.

I’ve only just heard about Tree of Savior and it looks like I found out at a bad time cause I can’t even play it at this moment in time! Anyone know when the game will officially launch? Or at the very least another Beta or something?


I don’t think anyone knows when anything is. I wish I did cause I didn’t play it as much as I wanted to. I liked what I played of it. Only really had issues with lag.

Pretty sure I didn’t talk to you much at all, but I have this screenshot from when you were only a Neo.


Just guessing but are you kcedwards? If so then yeah I’m not sure if we ever talked but I saw you around a lot and if I’m remembering correctly weren’t you the 1st female Wizard of the entire game? I might be confusing you with someone else.

Oh man so many memories in that screenshot! =D I remember that awesome wolf tail and those cute cat ears that I used to wear as a Neophyte! I remember Toru he was nice a great guy! It kinds of hurts seeing all of these memories because you know it will never be the same again without these guys =/

Here’s hoping the community of this game is a good one!


Well, I am the only Kc in that pic. =P

Definitely not the first Wizard. I took sooooo long getting 96. Only got there because of my guild literally carrying me in the jungle maps. By then aoe was so boring that I legit started falling asleep in maps. But I mean, what Wizard DIDN’T get carried by the end? I know the first female Archmage was carried there since I know them.

And yeah, I still talk to around five people from SoS. I think only one is looking forward to ToS. Definitely none of the ones in that screenshot other than maybe you. Won’t be the same, but maybe this community will turn out to be good.


The game is old that I have forgotten anything that I used to play.
It wasn’t that long however, as far as I can remember I quickly change to another game after failed to find some comrades.

It was a good game.


Whoa Kc! Hi it’s Kagura! =D Oh man, the group in that screenshot was pretty much everyone I hung out with regularly in SoS haha Dang I need to get in touch with you all again…


Wait… don’t I have you on facebook? I know I don’t have your steam.


So yeah the game looks pretty awesome so far, the archers and swordsmen do actually get a spammable ability which is nice though it seems the people have made a really dumb decision with potions where level 1 potions will heal say 140 mana but have a 30 seconds cooldown and level 2 potions will heal 200 mana but have a 60 second cooldown…and cost more than double the amount lol? The cooldown for using potions just goes up by 30 seconds each time making it better (and cheaper) to spam the lowest level potions, combat is so fun and I never really got bored of grinding lel.
Also about questing I can’t remember doing any secret of the solstice quests apart from that one where you have to carry the love letter back and forth and it weighs you down to like 1 walkspeed… that was a pain but yeah it’s nice to have the option to quest instead of grind now though you can also grind your way to max level due to there being rarely spawning glowing blue mobs that can level you up multiple times from just one kill.


I think I’ve seen some of you guys before that are from the Adeline server. I’ve missed this game so much. Always hoping that it’ll get revived at some point. Haha. I’m not sure you guys have heard or seen Meowies before. I was a priest in SotS, healing my friends from Templar Gorge until Amorica Forest(?) XD Also I would sit near a tree in Brynhild when going AFK


KC!!! I was anmbia in SoS, aka the girl sitting beside you in the picture. It would be so awesome to get the group back together to play ToS. (Kag poked me because he was feeling nostalgic)

And my god, the mages were beyond useless at aoe - I straight up ditched my character and started over as a rogue, and named her Tree - because apparently I really suck at naming characters.


Maaaaan. You disappeared one day and I never saw you again. I always assumed it was on a quest to acquire more nanners. I ended up being carried to 101 while falling asleep during aoe. Obviously the pinnacle of mmo combat.


Yeah, I think I stopped playing around the time guilds came out.

Do you remember how long those stupid pets took to get?? I was working on that monkey for at least a month, and one part took a whole team of us farming for days, and I still ended up buying half the items I needed. My favourite thing to do with it was to put it on a noob character and thoroughly confuse everyone.

I wish I could go through my old screen shots, but they’re on my old computer and I don’t have it here :frowning:


There actually is a petition to bring back Solstice, I don’t know if it’ll work, but I think it’s work a try. What else could we lose?

Here’s the link:


The goal was 250…talk about setting the bar low lol, I seriously doubt they would bring back Secret of the Solstice even if 5000 people signed, they would need a way bigger player base to even consider it.


AHH i miss my pet and how he pick up items for you while you kept grinding, my blue cap… making your own shop name… THE SOUND OF A(THE STONE FORGOT THE NAME NOOOO WHAT WAS IT??) DROPPING AND EVERY OEN FREAKING OUT LOL


Xen stones PING :^)


YES thank you, was looking in youtube but could not find a vid that had the sound lol, BUT i did see few links about a game called raganork, looks like SOS, read some comments about it few said it was remake of tree of savior??


It’s pretty interesting that you didn’t know about Ragnarok until today considering SoS was a knock-off of it and ToS is a spiritual successor to it by the same creator.


so was i never once heard of it when wanting to try it but waiting on TOS to open haha, one of you should just get rich and buy SOS and bring it back :smile: