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Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


Fantasy Library has almost every book on the game up to that point…


I have it. I received it from Sage Master giving 8 ripped books to him.

It’s a very long book. More than 20 pages.


Oh. Cool! Thanks for the info!

Considering that Kateen forest secret is most probably older than Sage Master I’d assume that this means that the book is not involved in the end.
I’ll probably get it eventualy to be sure though.


Sage master gives books you can find on the overworld, I have read that story before somewhere…

#105 every single page + where to find.


Hm. I’ve read the book contents on but that’s not the whole story.
Can someone confirm if contents of this book in game match those 80 pages from

Another important question is wheter that book can be obtained in some other way than Sage Master or Sauis/Valandis.
My bet is these two sources were added to late to be involved in Kateen secret. (Of course, I might be wrong with that assumption.)

@DrRM Please, be sure to let us know if you recall seeing that book somewhere else.


Today I’ve blessed all the bushes and pebbles in Entrance of Kateen Forest.
With Owls Burial Ground that’s two maps. I’ve got two more to go.

Here are readings that I got today.


I’ll probably be camping these soon
and this time I’ll be using my newfound surveillance cam method!
No owl sculpture sneaks past unnoticed.


Troubadour is mocking me again.

Disappeared at 6:40am
I’ve met him 10 minutes earlier or so.
His location is a new one.
I’ve been on the map for hours camping a “blessspot”.


Does it seem more like he spawns in the mornings?


There’s also an Owl Statue in Guards Graveyard

It is used as a gimmick to get the Watcher set, maybe wearing the set has something to do with the Trombadour/Sensitive Owl?


I think someone has mentioned trying interactions while wearing that set already.
We can never be too sure though so feel free to give it a shot.

Here’s how I feel investigating blessspots with recordings:

Five Nights at Kateen



After completing the quest, these dead soldiers are still waiting for the owl to take their souls away… Maybe there’s a way to actually do that?


wouu tanta dedicacion <3


I’ve been investigating blessspots some more.
It seems that they are often being used for standard quests, especialy for boss fights or cutscenes.
Some of them are clearly not related to any quests though.
(Here I’d like to mention that LeBear is a blessing!)

From the blessspots I posted so far:

  • most probably the blessspot in Owls Burial Ground is related to the Throneweaver boss fight.
  • two of the three blessspots in Entrance of Kateen Forest are related to Saltister fight and rescuing a soldier.
  • third blessspots at Entrance of Kateen Forest, which is near Purple Fountain might not be related with a quest, though I can’t be sure about it.

There are a few interesting blessspots that I found at Karolis Springs.
I have a separate topic about Karolis Springs here.


am wondering it the date has something to do with it…

Also has anyone tried playing flute with pied piper and now that my theory of it having more spawn points was confirmed, maybe one need to interact with Troubadour on all his locations…


I’m gonna try out the Detector item at several spots, I know its basically just a item version of scout’s scan, but worth a shot


I’m happy to see interest around gimmicks and quests, but I’m pretty sure the owl quests were axed, just like Sculptor Hilda…


@DrRM I saw another player trying to play Pied Piper notes and use skills near Troubadour. He was not impressed.

@venetiansnare Using Detector would be nice. Maybe you can find something.
Please be sure to try it at the suspicious interactions (multiple in south-eastern part of Poslinkis Forest - you can detect them with cursor) and blessspots (one in Entrance of Kateen Forest, five at Karolis Springs).
Although I can tell that Blessing doesn’t detect everything, e.g. treasure chests.

@Amber_Rei There’s always the chance that it’s all something unfinished but there’s also a fact that ToS does have hidden quests. There might still be some of those that no one has figured out yet. It’s worth a shot as long as there are ideas which we haven’t tried yet.
Sculptor Hilda quests are clearly disabled according to info on Tosbase. There are also multiple disabled quests related to Owls. However, you can’t say that about Troubadour, Sensitive Owl or Boulder.


Pied piper was added to the game so much later, I doubt he’d have anything to do with this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Has anyone tried OOBing, sorc riding, or kino teleporting to the other side of the boulder?


I’ve tried kino warping it, it warps you back no matter what like a invisible barrier