Tree of Savior

Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


if you want to see what the crystal does, best guess I think is to stock up on a ton of red monster orbs and use kabba to clone, i was trying that for a while


this secret stuffs kinda remind me playin harvest moon btn with all secrets i revealed 100% complete and some ppl still talkin bout theres still secrets in the game,thats 1 reason why i play tos
like the old days havin corsair key skill and unlocking treasure afk in spot, or scout scan digging goodies, different pile of diev woods, the freedom to set shop price(they added prompt to reconfirm price, although this can solve they still change the shop price to static, they could still add max prices).
too bad imc wont working on such adventurous, dynamic feature anymore
they are focusing on more static feature. autos autos autos. in the name of very questionable convenience or balance.
popo points, auto stat allocation and soon enough will see auto button to auto kill mobs
now all those fun stuffs has gone, just like how that extreme makeover does
good luck unlocking this mysteries throughout the rest of the day until you quit
just like mystery of magnum opus which might be never revealed until the end of day.maybe when everyone quit.


Found the owl today at 7:12PM, but same thing no lead anywhere


At least now we know that I’m not insane. Confirmed! :haha:

I recently made myself a Priest just to bless Kateen forest all over. It’s possible to detect Sensitive Owl that way. Maybe there are more hidden NPCs.


Hm. Got a reading in Owls Burial Ground.
This is near Throneweaver boss fight quest but it doesn’t seem to be used during it.


I have not had a chance to camp the owl, though I think people here have said that they’ve brought him a number of items like Ellom Bells and such to see if that triggered something.

Made me think of one thing though, a really old collection called Pasleptas which involves the Letas Stream owls and a ghost for one of the pieces.

Are you talking to this hidden owl having completed that collection, or at least the Karolis Springs/Letas Stream chain that also involves owls? Might be possible that that is required…


I think thats where the nak muay ghost appears


no nak muay is in Poslinkis, thats Owl Burial




Omg! After all these years and you are still trying! :scream: I remember on the first year that I would camp for days and go around and around on that zone trying to discover what was hidden there. The fact that you’re all still doing that makes me so excited and sad. I wish they’d released some kind of hint… It’s time already! :tired:


I have searched for more pointless stuff before :smile:

I have finish all the quests in the game except for all hidden ones, so I will give this map my full attention…


EDIT: Going around the map and using my Passive skill aka connecting things that cant connect…

Has anyone notice the presence of this plant near where the NPC spawns?_?



ya i’ve seen those, they look pretty unique but didn’t think past that


I thought of a couple possibilities:

  1. Die in front of the owl that is only up for a couple minutes. They guide souls of the dead, right? :tired:
  2. Get all dialogue options from every pre-rank 8 owl statue in the game. Kind of like the Mishekan pract quest, only, owls. And I suggest only pre rank 8 since if this is some kind of hidden thing, it’s very, very, very old. This would include all the Sirdgela/Dvasia/Sunset Flag owls, Karaolis/Letas owls, but probably not Kule Peak and maybe not even the Grynas ones since those quests were added much later.

Just some thoughts for someone who might have time.


Its just crazy enough to work
Maybe we could collaborate to list every owl location here?



Shouldn’t we have all the dialogue options triggered after having all quests done?

Those flowers are pretty although I’m very sure I’ve seen them in multiple places and not just Kateen forest. I’m assuming they’re just decorations.

Dying in front of an owl could be worth a shot. Dunno if anyone has done that.
It would be rather ironic though if the way to cheer up a crying sensitive owl statue is to let it watch you die in front of it. So very sensitive indeed. :tired:
Anways, it’s gonna be a pain for high-level characters though unless they have someone to duel with.

For now I’m focusing my efforts on checking that spot in Owl Burial Ground (been camping it a lot but no luck so far) and any others I can find.
If Sensitive Owl hasn’t been found for so long then there might be more such NPCs. If they also show up randomly for mere 5 minutes then I’m not even surprised.
I feel like we’re just missing something simple to get this whole secret quest started.

I’m also still wondering about Tree Root Crystals in Owls Burial Ground.
They might be just an odd workaround for a technical difficulty but it still seems rather peculiar.
Can anyone confirm if they behave in that way on any other map?

Let me just say this though: besides dropping suggestions here, please be sure to also take the time to experiment by yourself. What we need the most here are people throwing away their lives to search/camp until something clicks.


as far as can remember and that’s not much, that is the only map where roots spawn on your location…

if anyone wants a dead match in klaipeda server send me a whisper :wink:


Well, some aren’t parts of quests (explaining owl as one example). There are certainly some owls that show up on the map after you talk to them that were never a part of a quest, in my run around last night I actually saw one or two that were then added to the map, but I’d done all the quests in the area ages ago.

I also noticed that a few of the signs in Dvasia show up on the map when you talk to it, maybe it’s like that one hidden quest to talk to every sign in Siauliai/Klai.

I also do think that Sunset Flag might be part of it, given the whole “everyone on the map has actually been dead the entire time” bit… which involves all the characters from the preceding maps that the owls were involved with, doesn’t it?


I’ve been camping that spot in Owls Burial Ground which I detected with Blessing.
Spent 10 hours or so (might be even 12) and I’m very sure nothing has showed up there the entire time.
Guess whatever is in there it probably needs some extra condition (unless it spawns for less than 10 seconds and I missed it in video).

While at it, I came up with a nice trick to help with investigating these secrets.
I used game recording while I left the client overnight and watched it later in fast-forward.
5 hours of game time took 2,5GB of disk space in minimum game resolution (1024x768).
We could use this trick to help us investigate NPC spawning times, including Sensitive Owl.

Recently I found out about a book called “Gambler of Klaipeda”. It tells about a guy called Modestas and origins of Klaipedas goddess statue, which was carved from a boulder (triggered!!!) by a dievdirby who later left to Kateen forest.
Has anyone seen this book somewhere?
Another book that briefly mentions this story can be found in Pyromancers Lab.


I cant find troubadour at all now :confused:


Gambler of Klaipedia it’s in Fantasy Library at the top level (valandis 92) in the spot you need to use teleport to reach