Tree of Savior

Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


After talking with Sensitive Owl I took a rushed trip all over to check for anything new.
I tried talking with all NPCs in Kateen forest (including Troubadour), Karolis Springs (including Gloomy Owl) and Grynas maps.
I also talked to Tesla, all NPCs in Klaipeda and all NPCs in Orhsa (if I remember correctly).
Nothing new there.

I’ve talked to Explaining Owl many times whenever I was nearby. I never pestered it for too long at once though.
Explaining Owl always gives me one of three dialogue sequences:

Explaining Owl dialogues link

  • First two dialogues from this link I haven’t seen in ages. I believe the owl says them the moment you unlock his full story.
  • Next three dialogues mentioning Tesla are one of the dialogue sequences he gives me.
  • Other four dialogues mentioning Kupoles are the second sequence he tells me.
  • There’s a third dialogue sequence that he says frequently (just like the other two). It’s not listed in the link above. I believe that Explaining Owl has been saying this even before I met Sensitive Owl, but I’m not sure about that.
Third dialogue sequence

Here’s what I’d bet on Sensitive Owl’s spawning condition:

  1. Possibly, you need to meet Troubadour.
    I think once might be enough. I was able to meet Sensitive Owl twice after meeting Troubadour just once.
    Alternatively, there’s a time limit after meeting Troubadour. That would have to be longer than a day though - I met Sensitive Owl the second time after ~24 hours.
  2. Possibly, you need to spend a lot of time feeding the black stone crystal in Saknis Plains.
  3. There’s a specific time at which you need to talk with Explaining Owl.
    Possibly, he needs to give you a specific dialogue - definitely no other than one of the three sequences I listed above.
  4. Sensitive Owl should show up for 5 minutes after you talked to Explaining Owl.


Kule Peak is also a “owl” map maybe there is a interaction there, I’ll keep looking for the Sensitive Owl, if it’s not troubadour it must be the stone, but I always imagined the stone was a old gimmick for spawning monsters


I’ll try to do the Kule Peak quests sometime. I have never been there so far.

I’d bet on stone gimmick being just that - tiring, tedious way to get even more of the monsters you grew to hate. Saknis Plains’ stone gimmick is extra cruel though and it’s something that I’ve been spending my time on before meeting the Sensitive Owl, that’s why I suggested it.


i’m gonna go through my old screenshots and map the troubadour again since we found new spawns, maybe we can work together to find a pattern for his timing?


here’'s all the spawns I’ve seen plus exact times, the 2 circled are ones I’ve heard of but never got screenshots

edited the pic to include the other times


You might be missing some spawns as it seems (using nonsensical logic) the NPC enter from south, explores the map looking for something and continues north…


here’s the old toscamp info from 2015/2016, I always discounted the Broken Horn rumor as just a hoax, because people have waited days at Orsha and never found anything, theres no trigger on the map for that area, but then again on the maps at tosneet the Troubadour doesn’t have data either so who knows

There’s prob some more spawns on Kateen but I’ve never seen pictures of them


Are the troubadour and Wandering bard the same NPC?_?


ya they’re the same NPC


I’ve been thinking about those Troubadour spawning times.
It may seem like he shows up every 3 hours - 2pm, 5pm, 8pm, 11pm, 7am (close to 8am I guess), 11am.
That’s hard to believe though considering how hard he is to find and the fact that he can stay for up to 1 hour.
Who knows though, maybe those times could work as some estimation for his pattern.
Gotta keep in mind there’s surely some extent of randomness involved in his spawning times though.

Just reminding: if anyone finds Troubadour please do the following:

  1. Invite other players to come over and experiment.
  2. Please record time at which you found Troubadour, as well as time when he disappears.


I’m gonna camp Kateen after the server updates to test the 3 hr idea, cause I was actually looking at them and thinking it seemed like a 3-4 hr spawn too

Something about his spawn time, it does seem like he stays for around a hour, maybe the devs want you to go talk to the owl in Saknis while he’s spawned?


what if been there causes it to not spawn?_?


When theorising like that I preffer to make analogies with quests and secrets that are already in game.
I don’t recall any game quest/secret to require you to rush from place to place within a time limit like that.
Anyway, I think we haven’t tried simpler things to do yet. Camping Troubadour and Sensitive Owl at the same time would be hardcore.

Anyway, here’s some fresh info: I’ve met Sensitive Owl again.

  • I was camping right next to it’s spot the entire night.
  • Shortly before seeing the owl I didn’t do anything but sit on the ground.
    I’ve been occasionaly talking with Explaining Owl earlier (not sure, 15 minutes or so).
    I didn’t feed stone crystal this time.
  • Haven’t met Troubadour lately.
  • I suddenly saw Sensitive Owl at 6:39am when I checked the game (I was AFK-ing).
  • Owl disappeared 5 minutes later at 6:44am.
  • I asked on shout chat if any other players were in Saknis Plains. Only one player responded and said he did nothing but pass by killing some mobs and an Elite.

Owl said the same thing it always does.
I tried checking nearby area, talking with Explaining Owl multiple times, killing a few mobs, spamming Sensitive Owl interaction. Nothing new happened.

My guess for now is that either Sensitive Owl spawns relative to server time
or it spawns after a timer triggered (probably relatively to server time) at Explaining Owl.

Unfortunately, tomorrow is game maintenance so I’ll probably be sabotaged but I’ll try camping sensitive owl tomorrow at similar server time.


good info, i’ll be camping too, if he only is there for 5 minutes it sounds like he’s related to something in the map, very strange

Not having to find Troubadour before owl would save alot of work
How many times did you spam conversation with him? I was looking in the quest files and I found his dialogue, but it was nothing more than the stuff we know about, unless there’s a secret interaction.

QUEST_20150317_000293 Sensitive Owl 감성적인 부엉이
QUEST_20150317_000294 The owl howls… 부엉 부엉새가… 감성적인 부엉이
QUEST_20150317_000295 The owl howls… It looks very sad, crying alone. 부엉 부엉새가…흑, 너무 슬퍼요. 부엉 춥다고서 혼자 울다니…


afk’d in saknis for like 5 hours and didn’t see it, I think the times random


How often did you talk with Explaining Owl while camping?

Side note: Lately I’ve been very dedicated to popopoint my way up to maid costume. Every time before I met Sensitive Owl I’ve been sitting in Saknis Plains for 12+ hours.


Met Sensitive Owl again. 11:14am. Disappeared at 11:18am.
This time I did absolutely nothing but sit in that spot for an hour. I did talk with Explaining Owl earlier.
(Maybe some other player did something though. Dunno.)

I tried talking with Owl riding a companion. I tried patting companion.
I had 240 Ellom Bells, 192 Pokubon Leathers, 63 Ridimed Stems, 61 Fishing Rods, 49 High Vubbe Tokens, 44 Meduja Tentacles.
Nothing. I’m running out of ideas.

I’ve also spent hours trying to feed that black crystal in Saknis Plains, including 2 red lucky mobs spawning next to it.

I got nothing out of it. Not even a useless buff or even more Puragis.

I HATE Puragis!!!


did you tried feeding rods to the rock on owl ground map?_?


I’ve done the black crystal a long time, never seen it activate, tho I could swear its for spawning monsters, maybe it has a totally different purpose?

I’ve tried waiting forever for the owl, and talking to the forseeing owl before each time.
I’m thinking its either just on a simple random time spawn, or (unlikely) maybe you need specific items in your inventory. Perhaps your fishing rods or ellom bells are doing it? There is two other hidden quest in the game that requires having specific items to activate, it’s not out of the realm of impossibility thats another req


The rock in owl burial gives a def/mdef buff for 15min, we don’t know what it does beyond that, but the buff dies if you leave map