Tree of Savior

Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


holy crap, THAT statue is the hidden trigger i’ve been looking for I think i’ve seen it there but didn’t know what spawned

so we KNOW something spawns there now, wow, I will camp it for a while and see if it spawns more thanks for this info it helps alot


Here’s a summary of my Sensitive Owl facts so far. Maybe it helps.

  • I found it shortly after talking to Explaining Owl. I’m pretty sure I talked to Explaining Owl only once.
    Not sure which line it told me but it wasn’t anything new.
  • I’ve been feeding the stone crystal for a fair while but it’s been long before I found the owl. (I haven’t changed channels though.)
  • I didn’t do anything special in Saknis Plains other than the two above.
  • I met Troubadour earlier.
  • Sensitive Owl stayed for only 5 minutes.
  • I found it two times at similar time, two days in a row.
  • I tried to find it again at a similiar time a few days later but it didn’t appear.
    This was after ToS update, so my guess is that spawning time might’ve changed with server reset.

One more thing that I’ve noticed is that many dormant interactions like in Poslinkis Forest and Grynas Trails have visible health bars.
Sensitive Owl never shows its health bar when deactivated. It can be found using Blessing though.
Perhaps it would be worth it to take the time and investigate Kateen Forest maps using Blessing.


Hmm. There’s something odd about this picture. :hey:

I was AFK popopointing near my good old friend mr. Boulder.


Something also weird about Kateen is that the bonfires turn on randomly, sometimes I’ll see some of them on and sometimes they’ll be off


I’ve never noticed anything peculiar about those bonfires. They usually lit up right away or not long after I see them for the first time. I’m assuming it might be due to server delay. Of course, I can’t be sure about that but that’s my bet.

I’m pretty sure those Tree Root Crystals are important though. This is far too irregular.
So far I had up to 20 of them present at once.


I think the root crystals just have shorter spawn times in the maps around that region. Seems like their respawn timer is 5sec in many maps near there.

While in most other maps the respawn timer is 20-60sec


And why would they spawn only in that one area? Normaly they spawn all over the map. I haven’t seen behavior like this in any other map.


That map is Owl burial ground?(Sorry, I cant recognize it well) If it is, maybe the “1x spawn location” is the reason it only spawns there. Most other maps have anywhere between 10-60+ spawn areas, but it only shows 1 for Owl burial ground and Kateen forest.

But if crystals can spawn anywhere else in those 2 maps, then I really dont know what could be the reason.


Yes. It’s Owls Burial Ground. Near the mysterious boulder at Butterfly’s Tomb.

I just noticed that the link you gave is actually quite interesting.
Tree Root Crystals appear on all ToS maps. That database lists it only for 8 maps though, including all 4 maps of Kateen forest. Are these Tree Root Crystals from link some special type?

One more interesting thing I notice is that link lists Entrance to Kateen Forest as having 1 spot with 20 crystals.
In Entrance to Kateen Forest there is exactly 1 crystal, which respawns very quickly exactly in the same spot.


If you go to the NPC section, and search for Root Crystal, you will get a lot of results. Of all these results, these 8 are the differently colored crystals that spawn in all maps of the game

And I was not aware about this single crystal in Kateen. I always had trouble sprinting through that map because I never found any crystals lol


Ah. Right. I was silly. I didn’t search the database for other crystals.
As you say, crystals differ by colors and different maps have their own.

Butterfly’s Tomb crystals still don’t match this spawning data though.


I’ve been camping the owl statue at Saknis grave practically all day and no sign of anything, nothing at 1:35, perhaps it requires Troubadour trigger first? I saw him a long time ago, unless it’s a timed trigger


Ok so I went to the Butterfly Tomb area to check the spawns of the crystals. Indeed they dont match the spawn timer of 5sec, it took a few minutes for any to start spawning, but now they are spawning quite often.

The location however, does match the database. It says 1 location, but this “1 location” can be quite a large area. One example of this is at Mage Tower 4F. If you check the spawn location for Minivern, it says 1 location and shows 1 dot in the map, but if you go to the map, the Miniverns spawn all over the map. Which means this 1 location covers the entire map.

Also in regards to the whole Kateen mystery(you might already know this though): There’s a map called “Secret Room”, and it has entrances to Tenet Garden, Septiny Glen, Dvasia Peak and Letas Stream. The map layout is also unique. If I had to make a wild guess, I’d say this map has something to do with the Kateen secret.


Have you talked with Explaining Owl regularly? I believe it’s one of the spawning conditions.


The thing about Owls Burial Ground is that Tree Root Crystals don’t just spawn all over the map. They seem to always spawn very close to a player.
If you sit down and wait for ~30 minutes you’re gonna get invaded. (Like I got on my screenshot above.)

I just realised though that I incorrectly assumed that this “invasion” only happens in Butterfly’s Tomb.
It seems that that Tree Root Crystals will surround you if you stay still anywhere in Owls Burial Ground.

I was hoping that this behavior was related to the Boulder but now I’m not so sure anymore. :tired:

The map you linked looks to me like some kind of testing room for the devs.
I’d bet on that seeing that there are all 4 basic class masters in there.


My guess is that room is a test area for GMs


I always assumed this was a bug. Happens in Kateen as well, almost the entire map has no crystals on it except for the northernmost area.


I’m starting to think the owl has to be triggered somehow since the NPC for it is “For summon a owl”, don’t think it’s timebased anymore as in it spawns at some point, besides the 5 min cutoff


I’m going to make a guess that talking to Troubadour is the trigger for Emotional Owl, and that Emotional Owl triggers another NPC, if you see him again try talking to the Gloomy Owl in Karolis Springs



Also when you talked to the emotional owl did you have the full dialogue from foreseeing owl? You gotta talk to foreseeing owl 30 or 40 times before you get his full dialogues