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Secret of Kateen Forest - continued


The Kateen Flower Decoration is a lie. Just… let it… go…




Last time I saw him was in Feb 7th at 7:38AM


Nice! Could you post which spot exactly is this?
I occasionaly search around Entrance to Kateen Forest but I had never found him so far. He is the #1 suspect in our case so I’m hoping to narrow down his spawning conditions.

  • Do you remember on which channel you found him?
  • I’m a little worried if his timer isn’t reset along with channel when no one is around. (Entrance to Kateen Forest is usualy empty on my server.) Did you spend a long time on the map? Were there other players?
  • I’ve been wondering if anyone has had a chance to meet with the Troubadour multiple times and if that does anything.
  • He might also require hoarding some items from his map. Do you remember how many of these items you had when you talked to him?

Lately I was able to find “Tesla’s Dedication” in “Demon Prison District 2”. It laid right next to a statue of goddess Vakarine. Guess it might suggest that he is also the person who made them.


to the right of where the owls are near the pond in the middle, haven’t seen him in any other spot even though I know for certain there are 5 spawns

pretty sure the channel was empty
it was ch1
I probably had tons of ellom bells anyways

I think once you find him you can’t find him again, I haven’t seen him again, gotta check again at same time


I’ll post all his spawn locations later to help you out


heres his spawns that I know of with the times he was spotted at (going by people’s screenshots)


Sorry for the late reply. I had little spare time lately due to RL so I haven’t investigated much.
Thank you for the map! It’s very useful.

I was trying to look for Troubadour once a while but no luck so far. There’s little chance to meet him unless I camp the map 24/7. Either that or perhaps it’s my mistake that I am switching channels while searching.

I was finally able to complete that Tesla-related quest at Storage Quarter. It turns out that I was just not able to talk to a ghost with mouse control. After switching to keyboard I was able to start the quest and complete it without problems. There seems to be an inconsistency with translation. The quest is called “Freedom (2)” but on quests list it is displayed as “Emancipation”.
There was one more hidden quest where I had to visit Tesla. It’s started with Amanda Grave Robbers at Fortress Battlegrounds. It didn’t seem relevant however.

I’ve been trying to do the Saknis Plains gimmick. It’s a PAIN to do. I spent half a day there and I was not able to complete it.
As I guessed it’s necessary to kill mobs on the entire lower half of them map in order to have them respawn near the gimmick stone.
I have lots of knockbacks on my swordman and that’s been a huge help in dragging monsters around but that was still not enough. I guess the only reliable way to complete this is getting lucky with a red clover mob… which I was. The red mob spawned within knockback-dragging range of the stone. I was SOOO close until I saw it get killed by a random newbie - the ONLY other player who has showed up on this map the entire time I was there! T_T Sorry… I just wanted to share this dramatic story… I was so unlucky it’s unbelievable.
I’m gonna give this gimmick a shot again sometime. I want to make sure what the reward is. If it’s another useless buff or a stamina pill like all the other gimmicks it’s gonna be a clear, definitive proof that ToS devs are plain sadistic.

Recently I completed Grynas area quests. Did some gimmicks there too.
There is one spot that caught my attention:

Grynas Trails Interaction


I haven’t seen it being used by any of this maps’ gimmicks or quests.

One more thing which I’m occasionally checking out are the graves at Karolis’ Springs. Nothing happened there so far though.


i went and saw that spot in grynas, there’s definitely something there, haven’t seen anything spawn though

also the graves in karolis aren’t related to having all 3 karolis books, or doing the karolis quests, it might be doing all the owl maps or doing a bunch of questlines

Today in Kateen


wow he showed up? thats a new spawn point didn’t know about that


also, someone who didn’t have kateen questline completed nor initiated was able to interact with him, so maybe having kateen questline is not a pre-requisite.



I finally found him myself.
He was in a new spot on the road to Crying Place.
I found him at 11:52am Ch1. He disappeared at 12:21.
I’ve been running around for 6+ hours or so without changing maps or channels.

I was able to confirm something useful.
As soon as I saw him I called over another player. He was able to see and interact with the Troubadour as well.
I remember reading somewhere that only one person sees a Troubadour. Guess that rumor is false then.

When you find Troubadour I recommend calling over other players and encouraging them to experiment!
The more people we have interested in this secret and trying to solve it, the better.

While Troubadour was present, together with another player we tried the following:

  • Interacting with NPCs in Entrance to Kateen Forest.
  • Talking to Troubadour while using emots.
  • Playing Pied Piper music and skills.

The more I read into Troubadours dialogue, the more I start to believe that he may be spawning on another map after you trigger him. It’s a guess as good as any, but it’s the best that comes to my mind right now.
I’m planning to try camping for him on Owls Burial Ground (next map in line with Owls) and Saknis Plains (perhaps he is mentioning the Explaining Owl?) now.

I created a chat group dedicated for figuring out Kateen Forest secret. It’s on Fedimian (EU) server.
If anyone is interested, my username is Eillis. Whisper me and I will add you to the group.


I just discovered something new in Saknis Plains!

This owl was in Saknis Plains for a very short time.
I found it at 1:36pm. It disappeared 5 minutes later.
Dialogue on screenshot is all that it said. I had little time to experiment with it.

I was on this map for quite a long while. Dunno how long exactly but it’s been a few hours at least. I talked to Explaining Owl just before I found this one. Unfortunately, I didn’t pay attention to what Explaining Owl said.
As you can read above, I have met the Troubadour a few days earlier.


The owl was there again.
I’ve been camping for it in the channel for a few hours.
I went to talk to Explaining Owl for a moment. When I came back, Sensitive Owl was there. It showed up at exactly 1:13pm.
It disappeared 5 minutes later.

While the owl was around I tried interacting with it with emots and talking with Explaining Owl. No results so far.


I just met Troubadour again. There was no change in his dialogue after meeitng sensitive owl.


He was in one of the known spots. I found him at 5:11pm. He disappeared one hour later.


I was doing the Sorcerer’s level 235 master quest recently, and one part was to go visit the Dievdirby’s master in the Siaulai West Woods. His dialogue is… interesting :slight_smile:


Just a suggestion: try to talk to these npcs that are available for a very limited time more than once, as much as your patience allows, my reasoning is that some quests like the Appraiser/BM/Chaplain/Practonium ones require you to see all the dialogues from specific npcs before advancing and some of these dialogues don’t appear very often.

I believe you’re problably already doing this stuff but I thought I’d better ask, just in case.


I tried spamming the owl many times. It never said anything else but that one message.
I haven’t tried spending whole 5 minutes though.

Besides the new owl I am also wondering about dormant interactions in Poslinkis Forest.
There’s quite a lot of them and they are not used in any quest AFAIK.

Poslinkis Interactions


glad to see people are still hunting, i’ve been looking every day and haven’t found him again since seeing him months ago

it’d help if we could get more updated info on map triggers, theres tons of them around, but never seen them do anything or nothings implimented for them yet
E.G (this is in saknis near the foreseeing owl)


this ones in grynas hills


there’s alotta weird triggers in those maps, like a spider boss you can’t do, the boulder, the rock that gives you a weak 15 min buff

something tells me those triggers in this pic were for a old class advance quest, but who knows