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[SEA-Telsiai] young&naive :hi: We're Recruiting


Lmao it’s interesting to know this guild does have the reputation of being a pain in the a s s in Gemstone. It ruins the session when I see some of them in the opposing team as it’s a pointless effort to leave the safe zone. Sometimes, it’s better to afk than try at all.

I know it’s the rules of the game so it’s not like they’re doing anything against the rules. It just sucks when you want to quietly farm for the first 10 minutes and don’t mind being killed in the last 5 after the boss spawns and yet some of the guild members will kill you the minute the game starts so you’re left with nothing and getting so little medals. But it’s the way of the game, the stronger people will always hold control over the resources and the weaker people will have a hard time competing with them. I guess the solution is to join the guild so you can be safe from them. That’s a good selling point to add for new members, I think. You might want to add that.

Anyway, I just thought it’s interesting since I googled the guild after getting so frustrated with some of them and this is one of the things that popped up. I just thought the reputation is pretty interesting. It’s not everyone in the guild though, just some of them. Some of them are pretty chill. But if I see someone from their guild, you bet I’ll always run the opposite way.



run for your life, Y&N conquer Boruta…LOL



prepare urself for re:build patch…:smirk:



Dear Y & N guild,

I would like to join your guild.

Do you still have space for recruitment?

Thank you.

Best regards,



Thanks for interested in our guild. However, now we’re full and no plan for recruitment. Will keep you updating, if we will open recruitment again.