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[SEA-Telsiai] young&naive :hi: We're Recruiting


continue your rage, want to see how far you can go


rat&snake time to go your ■■■■ whole cos you have no word to against me( may be deep your heart you all know you wrong just cant face it)


No need to provoke me

I’m just a farmer in Feud, and I enjoy it :smile:

But, I’ll probably try and find your wife, imagine your angry expression :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just like your justified action


bye bye chop chop…


so you want to make this a witch hunt? tonight we give it to you.


see you tonight!!!


there you go, that’s the spirit of playing games, not whining in guild promotion board, spread your toxic


is it? i heared some ppl report me about seed, i only key word feud,that why lured me here


Soooo much drama :haha:

Why make so much fuss about Gem Feud… it’s PvP, you’re supposed to kill other characters in that event, just like TBL or GTW. If you don’t like that, then don’t participate, there’s plenty of other cooperative content. Otherwise…


obvious you not read the whole story,and you live in dream land this kind thing no happen on you
imagine a story
one newbie see the notice about “Gem Feud” he went to try go to the mid farm the crystal killed by some one they say this pvp area, ok he back off farm the mobs them still killed by people who really “need gem,need win” after he find out even afk safezone still can get coin , then people start blame he afk,in his heart he dont want to but hes pool guy a newbie need BG. then other people like you say dont play gem feud then, cm also blame he say dont join if you dont have transcend weapon…ok wall everywhere why should i stay in this game???


this not MOBA game! MMORPG need new blood, you dont treat nice to the new people who will gonna play with you?


Gem Feud was designed to allow PK, otherwise it’s just another farming simulator. If you don’t like getting killed, do non-PVP content instead like Uphill, etc. until you are ready - it doesn’t matter what the other player’s reasons are for killing you and for not killing others.

If you think any mechanic of this specific content seems off, you can instead go create a suggestion/feedback thread to let IMC know and discuss it with others, and NOT post off-topic responses on other people’s thread unless you’re invited to do so.


All I want to say is there is a man behind the computer, this is not video game. on the internet we can do any thing we want. role playing games- what kind person you want to be?(the control in your hand)
Daredeil argue with punisher kill the bad guy or put them in the jail.
Monkey D luffy is a pirate but he help people.
Goku is earth deffender.
that guy is toxic revenger.


Can people find true romance in this guild? If so where can I sign up?


drop a PM at discord : DW#5299


I know what you feel, I’m also start as newbie and f2p, and now still killed a lot in GemFeud

But it’s a PvP zone, no law, and ppl are free to do what they want, even make a truce or peace, or spam kill at safety area.

New players are free to join but at their own risk :wink:

Also by your logic, pls ask the community to make a Velco party with newbie, helping newbies to grow. You can make one and I’ll join



Trung, I understand you might feel discontent with how Y&Y play their crystal feud. It looks immoral and disgusting. I get killed a lot. Up to this day, the only kill count i did is 2… yes. 2!! Yet, I still do farming, I still engage helping my side. I get killed 147 in 34 matches. My surviving rate is very low. If I saw this one bunny guy from Y&Y i always said to my heart, ‘Well… I’m in ■■■■ situation’. If i saw zerofox, i run away as fast as possible. To be exact, they play by the rule. The map is called lawless area. Lawless like old american wild west. No guildies and no friends helping me. To date, my crystal is 20k+. That’s freaking a lot where I don’t need to play for 10 days just to collect BS. That’s the only reason I play crystal feud anyway. I still play and will keep playing. I never try to AFK, just waiting someone to kill me or work for me.

There is one time where Y&Y entered until one sided heavy, the game end with 3000 point over 200 points where another side just log out. I’m on the losing side, but I don’t think what they are doing is wrong. It may seems unfriendly, immoral but it is not. Heck!! when I shout zaura boss, Y&Y and other guilds just come and swept it without me get any cube! Is that wrong? I don’t think so. In fact I look back what I did wrong, where is my mistake. When one side of football team is overwhelming powerful to another side, they don’t try to score 1 or 2 goals. They score 10 goals without give out anything. Every death and defeat is the opportunity to learn how to improve you gameplay and gamestyle to suit the game.

Your anger did not channel to the right direction, you should be angry with IMC for creating such system that is not friendly to newbies. Player who are able to, just take advantage of the system. There is nothing wrong about it. There is a story about a town about how you will not get punished for killing another people. To outsider it seems immoral but not the town’s people. Moral actually define by people.

Sorry for long post, here’s a potato.


Henlo :dog2::cat2::poodle:


Goodbye good sir :rofl: