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[SEA-Telsiai] young&naive :hi: We're Recruiting


Guild Name: young&naive
Region: South East Asia
Current Guild Level: 18
Guild Leader: DestinedWing

YN was originally a Telsiain guild established in 29th April 2016. It had it’s humble beginnings as a majority chinese guild and has expanded to become an international guild consisting of more than 8 countries together. We gather people to enjoy the game’s content.

Here we are all equal, we play together, have fun together and now we’re recruiting!!


  • Active player
  • New or returned player are welcome
  • No requirement about Gears and items

  • Be able to join guild discord which is our main communication tool. Includes daily chat, news update, market for member, guild event and GvG planning
  • Be able to participate guild events and GvG.

  • Sincere to other members. Here we’re all friends, so we help each other when they need support.

Guild Activities

Here, we have many internal guild events.

  • Card album event
  • Gem Feud
  • CM Party
  • Guild wars
  • Fantasy Library Raid

  • World Boss
  • Velcoffer Raid
  • Team Battle League
  • Uphill Defense Party
  • Guild Raid

[TOS] [TELSIAI] Guild Lv 18 Raid 9 MIN :stopwatch:

Please do not hesitate to join us, we’re looking for you :satisfaction:
Contact us in game or apply here.

  • DestinedWing Guild Leader
  • DeEmperor Human resources department
  • PoetCat Human resources department


Drunk dance!


big guild aha? three ppl wait front of safe zone bully a girl, steal other ppl’s gem so great?


All I can say is, some people like to kill ( like you )
And some people don’t. I myself don’t kill anybody in fued (except you ) , and it varies according to individual.

If you like to brand every single individual In an organisation based on the actions of some individuals , I just think you are extremely narrowed vision .

All varena must be cute and friendly because snow is cute and friendly :wink:


people have right to know whos you are and what you are, ask the same question to vestinel and skolver, they even use cc to force me out from safe zone when i just play this game as newbie


feel hurt? i just doing the thing you did on me


If you are having a problem with them, feel free to deal with them. Sigh, you are alr old yet still act so childish


Oh, and btw, you are free to aim me, i wont get salty. Feud is pvp zone anyway, so I cant dictate ppl.
It’s just that, pls dont aim your anger at our member effort to promote Guild. It’s very unethical thing to do.


lets make it clear
feud pvp are right
you want win kill ppl for gem accept
you chase the ppl just come out with 0 gem also like newbie hmmm accidnet ok
you stand front of safe zone use cc to play ppl just fk sick


stop stand on moral high ground and point ppl , who you think you are, lets see if this ■■■■ happen on you


It happened to me from your guild also, and it’s fine. I mean Feud has no rule after all, so I cant really complain.


so i think forum free open for everone,i can talk w/e i want , unless you show me the policy


gem feud mode is mainly design for pvp.

  1. kill other team to get gem if u not kill them other team get more point and your team lose.
  2. mvp system for who get highest kill and point.
  3. win team get more point.
  4. kill other point 0 = block them to farm

then this mode force to kill ppl for win a game. but why we not kill guildmates ? answer is “it’s agreements in our guild.” I think many guild have this agreements too.

here for full agreements in our guild

Gem Feud Agreements `

  1. If possible, please spare guild members who don’t wanna fight. For someone who don’t want peace, just type in guild.

  2. When boss fight at mid, or some of guild members trying to attack your NPC, feel free to kill them.

  3. Sometimes accident can happen, just say sorry if you don’t intend to kill them.`

and now our master DestinedWing ask our elite group to spare newbie too.(not forcing) some situation we just kill follow the game.


You are free to bitching here, i just ask for your concern not to spoil one of our member effort :slight_smile:


cant you read? i know you only spare your own ppl, and save them from your net even opposite side


:sad: sob :sad: sob :sad: sob :sad: sob


np i will treat the same way to you


one word. “immature”.


is it wrong to help friend ?


lmao help friend !!! good on you