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[SEA-Telsiai] young&naive :hi: We're Recruiting


did you ever play League of Legends and dota2, do the same thing in there see what happen



seed for lv up extra exp not for you ppl bully other ppl


So sad to see how rude you are, posting such insults against our guild. Gem feud is a PvP area, it’s either kill or be killed; I don’t know which term you don’t understand about it and you whine so much. You also kill all of our members while you’re on stealth right? Did you heard/read any foul words from us? None, because simply we understand how the game works so grow up dude. Be mature enough.

You’re showing how immature you are simply the way you respond to every msg you post. I feel bad for Snow, for having toxic member like you. sob


you are insult the game! which one worse?


diam la . see he copy your build to play hero now

:trumpet: :notes: :sleeping: :slot_machine: -> missile hole lol

nb cb. wkwkwkwkw


try me .


opopop so are you get this by troll?


yes, I have play dota/dota2 but it not same game right? that game is MOBA not MMORPG.


feud is kind of match game like those, your like the game you should put your respect


otherwise why imc put you and your friend in the different side?



but in TBL we still kill each other. We dont boost TBL.

Guess you are implying that you want to see Darkzeer and Lym kill each other to be fair ? :thinking:
Well it did happen for awhile. but you werent around


or just say it feud belong to you, ill stfu


It’s funny how you don’t even know what ‘insult’ really means. You have been labelling us as bullies, called us rat and snake, trash. Isn’t that insulting, degrading? and what did these animals do to you to use them as a metaphor of lowlife?

You just can’t accept the fact you’re being killed and you can’t take avenge to the people who killed you. Well that’s how PvP works, deal with it man.


hehe,Lymsleia alread admit his guilt, is that troll game not = insult the game?




nope it no rule in feud and i want to help my friend that all. dont serious in game to much.


nope it no rule to judge me toxic or actually you are


Just ignore him

He’s like a kid who was beaten in game, and cant accept it.
(This kid alr has a wife though :tired_face:)


it’s funny seeing how childish a person can be ><